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POIID: 622
Description: Fort Defiance State Park, IA - State park. Free to camp there. Can get there from Route 9. There are spigots and outhouse-type bathrooms. Pretty quiet there on a Monday night. There are a few campsites there. I pitched my tent on a grassy area, and nobody bothered me, although a few people drove by. It's 20 miles or so east of lakes in Iowa that supposedly have fairly good fishing. It's a little further west and a bit north to Sioux Falls.
* Latitude: 43.391148
* Longitude: -94.86851
Site Width (ft):
Site Length (ft):
Flat: No
FireRing: No
Grill: No
PicnicTable: No
PitToilet: No
FlushToilet: No
PotableWater: No
NonPotableWater: No
RegistrationRequired: No
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