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Description: Osceola National Forest USFS - near Lake City, FL - tons of boondocking possibilities for vehicles of all sizes. Completely flat, the area is riddled with roads, and some aren't on any maps. Easy to find very private sites. Heavily used by hunters in the winter. Easy to get lost! Be sure to use a map/GPS. Fires are likely prohibited due to high fire danger. Close to I-10 and I-75 junction in Florida. This particular location was off of a unmarked unmapped 4wd road and is hardly a pulloff (but there wasn't any traffic either!) Not a good site during high water.
* Latitude: 30.24895
* Longitude: -82.46065
Site Width (ft): 0
Site Length (ft): 0
Flat: Yes
FireRing: No
Grill: No
PicnicTable: No
PitToilet: No
FlushToilet: No
PotableWater: No
NonPotableWater: No
RegistrationRequired: No
Last modified: 5/30/2006 8:50 PM

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