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POIID: 667
Description: Lake Chinabee - Used to be a park run campground, but they no longer officially run the camping side of it due to funding. A local favorite when it was open. All the campsites are still there and in good shape. Easy access to drive up, shaded, and flat. Vault toilets, no water, Devil’s Den Waterfall (swimming hole) is located on the Chinnabee Silent trail about .5 mile from the parking area. Camped there multiple times for the last two years. You will probably get some locals swimming there on the summer weekends.
* Latitude: 33.462118
* Longitude: -85.872313
Site Width (ft):
Site Length (ft):
Flat: No
FireRing: No
Grill: No
PicnicTable: No
PitToilet: No
FlushToilet: No
PotableWater: No
NonPotableWater: No
RegistrationRequired: No
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