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Description: Alvord Desert A huge desert dry lake about 6 miles by 12 miles. Awesome views. Hot spring nearby. Cold drinking water spring nearby. On BLM land. The road going down to the lakebed from the main road is a bit rough. You can use the driveway that runs by the only house you'll see, it's much smoother.
* Latitude: 42.51182
* Longitude: -118.53002
Site Width (ft): 1000
Site Length (ft): 1000
Flat: Yes
FireRing: No
Grill: No
PicnicTable: No
PitToilet: No
FlushToilet: No
PotableWater: Yes
NonPotableWater: No
RegistrationRequired: No
Last modified: 1/16/2006 7:07 AM

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