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Gunsite Wash BLM

Just outside of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the town of Why, Arizona is the Gunsite Wash BLM. Road noise and lack of natural beauty generally detracts from the appeal. Small and medium size rigs have many more campsite options. There are about six good spots, fairly level, for a big rig with easy access in and out. All of these sites are either to the left or to the right immediately after passing over the cattle guard into the BLM area. Verizon cellular service clocked in at 6.68 Mbps download speed and 5.71 Mbps upload speed. AT&T cell service was 3G and unusable for a speed test. There is a border patrol checkpoint approximately 2.4 miles south of the BLM site entrance on Arizona Route 85. This BLM site does provide easy access to the Organ Pipe National Monument, but the lack of recreation/hiking trails on-site, road noise, and the nothing spectacular setting detract. Tap website for my related YouTube video.

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