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BLM Site Near Sedona

Great spot on the north side of 525. We’ve had a lot better luck with privacy on the north part of 525 vs the south. Plenty of room for more campers, but we’re the only ones here this time of year (Jan 2020). Location very near Sedona. Lots of hiking trail heads nearby but also able to just hike from where we’re parked. Great views. Don’t want to leave! <br /> <br />Also, great cell service. I work remotely and have had no issues connecting to my phones hotspot for calls and video conferences. <br /> <br />It’s a dirt road in overall good condition. But drive slowly and be cautions or washing out from flash floods. Ground is dry while we’re here but I could see some issue if it’s super wet for a long period of time (ha, doesn’t happen in AZ very often).

34.845348, -111.913659
last modified 2020-01-26 19:52:00Z
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