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Ron Paul Drive

In Ocala National Forest near Paisley FL - National Forest Dispersed Camping. <br /> <br />9/5/2020 - road very unsafe at this time due to too much rain this time of year. We were almost bogged down in a mud hole coming in from the south in my SUV. Also, quite a few deep ruts in the road make it very unstable driving conditions. <br /> <br />3/10/21: Despite any time of season It’s not ok if you have a all in one motor home or a trailer or anything other than your car or tent to stay overnight here. It is of my opinion the side of the forest toward the Gulf is Off Road motorcycle 4 wheels ORV and Hunter Haven and favored as such🙃Rangers come up with all kinds of reasons🥱the one about mobile campers is the funniest😂 <br />They have had problems with mobile crack and meth labs coming to the forest👏🏻👏🏻🤪 <br />The other was some kind of Fairy Woodstock Hippies. I say, stop stereo typing and being so indifferent because of the BaD apples, I am sure you can tell the difference Rangers

29.000848, -81.603747
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