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Snowbird Mesa

Sandmine Road (unmarked). The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. Overton Wildlife Management Area located 2 miles S of town. Unlimited RV size, 14-day limit. This area is managed by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Restrooms,Hiking Trails. <br /> <br />Feb 22, 2021: There is no time limit or services available on snowbird Mesa. It is 100% unmonitored boondocking. Water is available in Overton,about 5 miles away. RV dump station and potable water is available at valley of fire state park subject to payment of an $8 entry fee. There is no additional fee for dumping or water fill. The 14-day limit and other information only applies to the overton wildlife management area.

36.48497, -114.444626
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