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Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

Event Lot near Mount Pleasant SC - I’ve parked here about three times now and a few overnights. No signage anywhere about parking or overnight parking. I believe it’s an event lot (overflow area) easy access in and out. I’ve been here with a few police patrol cars with out any issues. Quiet at night other than some light road noise. <br /> <br />I stayed here with a 35’ class A and a tow dolly. Nothing to hide. <br /> <br />Side note, not sure if it’s a good idea or not but there is an outlet on some of the light posts. I’ve used it for power. I wouldn’t suggest coming here during events but I stayed here a few nights in February. The closest you can be to Charleston for free. <br />Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up!

32.801846, -79.900239
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