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Lake Meredith Recreational Area

Near Fritch TX - Completely free. Easy access with a 2wd vehicle. Just follow the road until it turns to dirt and continue on. It opens up into probably 10-15 acres of open field with free camping right on the water. No water available but there is a bathroom. Easy dry dirt road, But we went when it hadn’t rained in a while so the ground was solid. Getting in is easy. Large Rv friendly. The road In/out has a pretty steep and tight switchback. But my wife and I have walkie talkies, so I had her head up to the top and make sure no one came down until I made it. Decent fishing, kayaking was fun but the water there is choppy coming off the main portion of the lake. Water stays shallow for like 100 yards so the kids had a blast fishing and the majority of the lake bottom is either grass or mud. Weekend was pretty busy but the weekday was nice and quiet. Probably 10 cars across 1/2 mile of waterfront.

35.721918, -101.590646
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