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217A Random Boondocking

In Sam Houston National Forest near Cleveland TX - Keep in mind that I travel in a Prius. From the 69 take 2025 in what I guess would be a north west direction. As long as loves truck stop is on your left while passing, you’re headed the correct direction. Turn right at 2167 (scenic drive) and continue until you get to 217A (not far..1-2 miles down the road tops) and make a right. Keep heading straight, there is another campground listed on other sites(which would be taking the first left but it dead ends and only has 2 large camp sites, you will pass that up by a mile or two. It’s a random entrance with no street name/sign which you will take a right into. A little forward down what seems to be a 4 wheeler track and there is a large clearing for tent or car camping. Note: this would be best suited for car/truck/suv/tent camping. Once you pass the initial camping grounds on the first left, the path narrows and is lined with trees/shrubs. Anything larger than a standard automobile may get scratched or tear down small trees/shrubs. The entrance into the area is fine for an RV if you’re willing to take the chance down this road. Just a heads up!

30.463236, -95.099326
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