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Shea Rd

It is a true boondocking site with hundreds 400+ to 1,000 sites. No facilities at all, I’m in a 40’ Teton, there are 50’ + 1/4 million dollar motor homes...the Parker, AZ 425 off road races are this weekend, I’m camped across Shea Road from the main pit area <br /> <br />It can be dusty, but what a view of the stars at nite...There is phone connectivity about mile marker 4.5, or go back towards the cattle guard crossing near the only visible “farm” on Shea road. The cell tower’s are about 1.5 miles south of the farm. <br /> <br />It’s a BLM site, designated as Dispersed Camping, no charge.. <br /> <br />Parker is the closest town for services, Gas, Diesel & propane... <br />The best Restaurant in the whole area is Lilly’s Family Mexican..

34.121951, -114.149814
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