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Glass butte

Christmas Valley OR - 4x4 or high ground clearance needed to access this free BLM site. Drive on dirt 4x4 road and take available side roads to camp. Remote with hundreds if not thousands of yards between different sites. Very scenic and remote. No artificial light so star gazing is a 10. Road can be very rough with cantaloupe size rocks. Storms can develop rapidly. Accessible from hwy 20. Approximately 15 miles east of Hampton Or. look for dirt roads. Both sides of hwy 20. South side of hwy 20 accesses side of glass butte. North side of hwy 20 leads into sagebrush desert. BLM barbed wire fences must be taken down and then put back up after you drive through. We have accessed the site for many years with everything from a old beat up station wagon to a Toyota Tundra pulling a Jayco Baja trailer. Station wagon took undercarriage damage on every trip. Baja trailer had great ground clearance but the extreme angles of road, large rocks, and ruts requires everything to be stowed securely. Site may or may not have any other people around to help. Make sure you are prepared to be off grid to stay in this unbelievably amazing place. <br /> <br />Comment from June, 2019: <br />Glass Butte - near Christmas Valley OR - Surrounded by wilderness study areas, this is a beautiful little spot off of Highway 20. <br /> <br />Along highway 20, approximately 35 miles east of Brothers and/or 30 miles west of Riley, you will find a dirt road on the south side of the highway. The gate is in need or repair but you can get it open. Just be sure to close it back up and use the rope that is currently (June 2019) helping it stay closed. <br /> <br />There are several off shoots/forks and you may want 4wheel drive as the road is rough in spots. It was dry weather when we were here but there were still a few mud spots. Our Toyota Tacoma with a heavy XP Camper on it did just fine. <br /> <br />Once you are through the thick sagebrush there are several dispersed camping areas- some with fire rings even (though we rarely bother with that). It is a beautiful spot with obsidian scattered about. Loads of junipers, sagebrush, and wildflowers. <br /> <br />If you continue along the road it will loop you back to the hwy closer to Riley (so you can come in that way as well).

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