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Great Spots Off Trout Lake Rd

Sherman Creek State Wildlife Recreation Area near Kettle Falls WA - There are about four or more locations to set up tents and rvs comfortably off trout lake road. Most spots are easy access off the roads and already have fire pits. Narrow dirt road but RVs fit fine and people can pass by if both vehicles work together. The place we set up has amazing views plenty of space for two or more groups. Right by a cliff and you can hear the river nearby but it’s not accessible. There’s a huge fire pit and the area is leveled for RVs. Light traffic off the road. We had rangers pass us by and they didn’t bother us. Also fires must be completely out and don’t leave unattended. This area has had forest fires before so best to be respectful and careful. <br /> <br />You may need a discover pass if you end up on state land. There is also free camping in a USFS campground further up the road: - nothing larger than a van recommended due to narrow road.

48.610709, -118.217049
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