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Wide turn out

This is a level, wide enough turn out, maybe five minutes before the Ashland ski area. On the left heading up- with a clear view of Mount Shasta! It is not a chain up/removal area. Snow park turnouts require a permit from November until the end of April. There is no sign here, thus no snopark permit required. <br /> <br />As of April 9, 2021, the road to Mount Ashland free campground (just past the ski area) is still blocked with snow. So this is a great alternative, as I did not want to risk parking in a snow park turn off. A local skier told me that the park ranger doesn’t come up to check for overnighters on weekdays in the snow park lots, this late in the season, but I will sleep better here. <br /> <br />Level of confidence the site is free: Most likely - Site is on public lands. <br />Toilets nearby: None <br />4X4 or high clearance vehicles: No <br />Cell service available: Verizon <br />Park pass or permit required: No <br />Showers nearby: No <br />Potable water nearby: No <br />Type of property: Other public land

42.070512, -122.656014
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