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Big Bend National Park

TX 188, on the way from Alpine, TX to Big Bend National Park. Near Elephant Mountain State Wildlife Management Area (which charges for camping). Nice picnic spot area that allows overnight parking, but no "structures" are allowed (tents?). Texas allows overnight stays (36 hours if memory serves). Of course, many of their picnic/rest areas have no toilets and this one was no exception. Accessible to most vehicle types. <br /> <br />Note: While camping there, I did have a cop pull into the picnic grounds, shine a bright light on my vehicle, and then, after seeing movement in the vehicle, leave... probably just making sure the vehicle wasn't abandoned. <br /> <br />Update from user 5/8/2019: It clearly states on a sign at this location that you cannot stay here for more than 24 hours and you may not a erect tent, shelter, booth or structure of any kind. This is a rest area ONLY.

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