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Pike National Forest USFS

Rampart Range Rd. We parked at this pulloff overnight in the winter (down to 10 degrees!). There may be different regulations in the summer. If memory serves, there was a pit toilet. <br /> <br />staging / parking for OHV area at hwy 67 and Rampart range rd. <br /> <br />OHV riding area south.... with lots of camping. <br /> <br />Rampart range road south closes in winter. <br /> <br />open to street legal vehicles in summer. <br /> <br />comment from email: I would only add that, at least in June the private parking spaces get filled quickly and that there is a lot of OHV traffic into the evening. Continuing on down 67 and taking a right provides a quitter setting along the South and North Platte River. I would say the latter is more scenic and you can open your doors with a view of the river with a mountain behind. You can also access the Colorado trail from that road.

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