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Gravel Lot On Ocean

Near Castaway Motel near Port Orford OR - This is a gravel lot that has a suggested donation of $20 a night. We arrived around 8:30 PM and it was still light out. Got a great spot with some other campers. No water, hook ups, etc., but full signal with Verizon. Primitive camper/trailer camping. Feels safe! Dogs here. Right around the corner from the Castaway Motel in Port ORFORD. If you’re coming from the north on the 101, you’ll see ocean, you’ll see ocean view posted on the road. Take that road. Take that road and you’ll find it! Address to Castaway Motel is 545 5th St, Port Orford, OR 97465. Have fun! <br />Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up!

42.742502, -124.495597
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