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National Grassland Car Camping

Fort Pierre National Grassland near Vivian SD - This location is on the Fort Pierre National Grassland just north of 90. There is a dirt road with a sign labeled Monument Dam that goes quite a way into the grassland. This road is accessible by most vehicles, but not large RV’s. We have a 4Runner pulling a small pop up camper and made it just fine. Part of the road had multiple lanes and some pullouts. We chose one of those on 7/2/20. We were on the top of a hill and experienced beautiful views and a phenomenal sunset. In the evening we walked down to a small pond and watched frogs hop around. There were 2 other vehicles that used the same road to camp on the night we were there. One of them popped up a tent for the night. Overall, we were pleased with the spot on our cross country drive. <br />Editor's note: based on satellite maps, location may be approximate, but the general area is correct.

44.011775, -100.338072
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