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White River National Forest USFS

Land with lots of spots off the right and left of County Road 48. Tons of small dirt road offshoots tucked into the forest below the Turquoise Lake Dam. I was there on 4th of July with a sedan and a tent and it was crowded (20+ groups) but still found a secluded spot after trying several turnoffs. Some parts of the dirt road would not be real accessible in an RV because of tight turns, narrow roads, and some dips and bumps in the road. Excellent base for exploring Turquoise Lake and Leadville. Some nice mountain views (Mt. Massive!) depending on the spot, and lots of lovely fresh air and STARS! Wow. No toilet or water options that I saw. Fairly private with all the trees - I could hear neighbors but not see them at my spot.

39.244647, -106.374799
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