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Private free camping

Fat Bear Ranch, Estancia Osito Gordo off Mountain View Rd (CR 11) near Blanca CO - 5 acres on County Rd 11, Mountain View Rd, just wear of Blanca Colorado. Close to Mt Blanca massif (three 14ers), Great Sand Dunes National Park. There is a poorly-maintained gravel driveway just before reaching an abandoned irrigation ditch. There is also an small old stone foundation just in this area. Feel free to camp here for up to 7 days. Gravel driveway is not well-maintained, but is accessible by 4wd vehicles and possibly pickup trucks. Use your best judgement!!! Land owner is NOT responsible for any stuck vehicles. Cars can be parked on the edge of CR 11 - Mountain View Rd for a few nights without ticketing. Clean up after leaving so that the property owner continues allowing access. <br /> <br />Land owner info:

37.4463798, -105.5785026
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