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Roosevelt National Forest Camping Sites

Allenspark, CO - Go to downtown Allenspark and take the right that’s right past the post office called ski road. The sign is literally made of old skiis. Hard to miss. Take that road until you’ve reached the Roosevelt National Forest (there will be a sign telling you you’ve made it). This is where the camping spots start. Most are marked with either a used fire pit or rock markers to show camping spots. The farther you go in the tougher the road is going to get so just start taking it low and slow. I did just fine with my FWD rav4 in September. There are some big rocks so be careful. <br /> <br />BE DISCREET! If there’s an address on the pull off road most likely it leads to someone’s house. Don’t camp in someone’s driveway. They won’t appreciate it. If a lot of the beginning sites are taken go left when you reach the fork which takes you downhill. There are plenty more spots down there with a nice creek running along the road as well. <br /> <br />I was brave and set up my tent under a path that water takes down to the stream in hopes of somehow having a dry day. Don’t be me. Set up your site away from the slope. There are plenty of flattened out camp areas. <br /> <br />June 2021: Beautiful place for tent camping or car camping but definitely can not pull a 30 foot airstream. No place to turn a RV around road wash out and narrow with sharp curves.Has a little gas station before ski road and convenient store for quick items.

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