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Abandoned Coastal Campground

This is a large area with multiple areas sprinkled among grassy patches just north of the north jetty. Roads are graveled but not maintained for travel. Dodging puddles and potholes gets you into several areas suitable for overnight use. There is easy beach trail access from the area. Note that this area appears to have been closed as a formal campground following storm damage several years ago. Use with discretion when severe storms are active or predicted. A few abandoned RVs have been noted in the past suggesting it has occasionally been used by homeless individuals. <br /> <br />Is a park pass required? No <br />Is there any cell service at this location? No <br />Is 4X4 or AWD required to access this location? No <br />Any showers nearby? No <br />Any potable water nearby? No <br />Any toilets nearby? No <br />Level of confidence the site is free: <br />Most likely - Site is on public lands.

42.426551, -124.430039
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