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South side OF US-50 east Of Eureka NV - About 200m dirt road (we did not go to the road’s end) off of I 50. <br />This is green on the Boondocking apps map so I believe it is BLM. There are many sites / spurs. Some have old (rusty) beer cans at the rear. Absolutely no amenities. Bring it in, take it out. Lots of midday shade for sitting but not to park a vehicle under. Short pines, less than 10m tall, with branches starting at ground level. Class A and C RVs are too big as are all but the smallest trailers. It’s a short walk on a dirt road to scope it out before getting in a pinch. My F-250 FX4 with a 4Wheel pop up Grandby camper had no problems thought we did brush bushes. <br />Editor's note: location appears to be approx.

39.40296, -115.921016
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