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Paved lot

Assuming you are stopping to buy gas at Kwik Trip, this large 2-3 acre well lit paved lot is a good place to stop for a nap/sleep. It’s “free” if you buy gas. You could be sharing with a semi or 3 because of the large size, but for a few hours sleep, you can park in a corner out of the way.<br /><br />Level of confidence the site is free: Certain - Confirmed with a sign or by owner / agency / website.<br />Toilets nearby: None<br />4X4 or high clearance required: No<br />Cell service available: Verizon<br />Park pass or permit required: No<br />Showers nearby: No<br />Potable water nearby: No<br />Type of property: Gas station

44.940386, -92.371861
last modified 2022-03-03 18:01:01Z
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