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Near Amargosa Sand Dunes

Off the beaten path near some HUGE sand dunes..very beautiful spot in all directions. Can get windy at times 25-30 mph winds. Road is hard packed sand..there are multiple roads that parallel each other. Satellite imagery reveals what I’m describing. when I passed thru, 2/21, there were 2 spots that looked sketchy (one at entrance and 2nd about 1/4 mile in) where the sand wasn’t as firm. Road ends about 300 yds from dunes. I did see a van make it thru there. 4x4s piece of cake. <br />Is a park pass required? No <br />Is there any cell service at this location? Yes <br />Is 4X4 or AWD required to access this location? No <br />Any showers nearby? No <br />Any potable water nearby? No <br />Any toilets nearby? No <br />Your level of confidence the site is free: <br />Certain - Confirmed with a sign or by owner / agency / website.

36.647635, -116.556918
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