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Kirby Storter Roadside Park

In Big Cypress National Preserve. Spot has 30 car parking spaces and 2-3 RV size spaces. Animal viewing area and non-powered latrine. Florida panther, Florida sloth and Gator viewing area. Great for seeing the milky way on no moon nights. No night security so bring your own protection. Car camping and Boondocking appear to be ok. 4 picnic tables but no grills or fires allowed. Refuse for small bags of car garbage. <br /> <br />Dec 2021: Parked in the designated R/V spot on 12/13/21 and at around 5pm a Park Ranger came by and told me there’s no overnight camping allowed. There is a sign indicating no camping, but no sign indicating no overnight parking. I’m in a 33ft rv, no slides, levelers or awning out - just parked. Maybe it was just too obvious and a smaller, covert van might have been ok. Ended up going 1/2 mile down the road to monument lake campsite -$24 for the night. No ticket by ranger, though, so that was good

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