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Silver City Campground

You must have a high ground clearance vehicle to make it here. No fuel or water along the way or at the destination. The drive is challenging, should not be done at night, and is well worth the effort. The camping is free, 4-6 small spots suitable for a van or tear drop. You wont get anything larger down the roads, and you may slip off the roads. 4x4 recommended. Roads closed in winter. <br />The town is absolutely amazing. Like stepping back 200 years. You have to see it. <br />Do not drink the water, it is poisonous from all of the mining that happened here. It is also illegal to mine/pan/slurry etc for minerals (gold, silver, etc) but there is no doubt there is more gold here! <br />There are 3 public restrooms, just vault toilets. No water in town. No stores to shop at. Again, No fuel, no water. <br />Fire rings at the camp sites and tables. And be careful, every word you say and noise you make can be heard by the townspeople... sound travels very easy there, and you will notice it first thing in the AM when everyone is waking up.

43.017126, -116.732223
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