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Tillman, SC

When I mapped the coordinates and it gave me a location about 20 miles from where the site is. <br />Driving there: go to the little town of Tillman, SC then head west from the gas station down the 2 lane hwy. maybe 8 mils or so you will see a road going off to the left with a sign saying boat launch. At the end of that road is the campground. <br /> <br />Enjoy <br /> <br />UPDATE: June 1, 2010. Campsite is still intact and functional. Overall quality of the campsite is moderately poor. The local police came by a few times and did not seem to be bothered that we were camping there. Do not go to this campsite if you get bothered by bugs easy. <br /> <br />COORDINATES ARE NOT CORRECT - campsite is at the end of State Rd. S-27-201 <br /> <br />Note: Site admin has updated the coordinates to 32.485082, -81.217679.

32.485082, -81.217679
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