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Dolores Canyon

Camping all along the east side of Dolores Canyon. Highway 141 travels the bottom of Dolores Canyon from Highway 50 near Grand Junction down to US491 near 4 corners. Dolores Canyon is the real treasure here. I traveled up 141 and found Divide Road winding its way up the canyon wall. The road is dirt/gravel, but was easy to navigate on my fully loaded Harley, so I'm sure anything can make it. The road is wide enough for safe passing and the campsites (firerings) are all over the place up there, and the sites are of varying sizes, with some very large areas for multiple rigs. Great wildlife; I saw a mountain lion on the road going up. Part of the area is the Uncompahgre National Forest. The co-ords are for the start of the road up the canyon wall.

38.8375, -108.575
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