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Exit 12, I-15 and hwy 161. 30 Miles south of Las Vegas. My NV atlas says there is a Rest Area / Visitor's center in Jean. Apparently, this is it. <br /> <br />This is a large, maintained, gravel, semi-official parking area across from the Shell station. Semi trucks park in the lot nightly and it's large enough to hold 50 semis, although most of the trucks park at the nearby casino. <br /> <br />Great Verizon 3G signal, a couple TV channels, and safe enough for city folks, with the Sheriffs stopping by the Shell station for coffee every few hours. <br /> <br />You can also park at the Gold Strike without being harassed, although I feel obligated to partake of their decent $5 lunch buffet (M-F) if I use their space. <br /> <br />This not a "camping" area but, if you need a place to park the RV for a day or two, it's fine. if you want to camp, head over to the dry lake bed spot off 95, just north of 165 turn. <br /> <br />Nov 2021: The shell station is no longer there and there is a very large Chevron where the large parking lot was. Oh, and the Gold Strike is close and will be torn down, you can stay in the part of the parking lot that is not closed off.

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