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Walmart Rutland allows free camping on the garden center side over in front of the train station. We stayed here at least 5 times last summer. Has good cell service and tv reception. We even had our solar panels leaned up against the bumper of our rig. Another time there was a caravan of college students with 4 rigs between them. It was a bit of a party spot that day. Many other shops nearby including Price Chopper grocery and GameStop in the same plaza. <br /> <br />A park pass required: No <br />There is cell service at this location: Yes <br />4X4 or AWD is required to access this location: No <br />Showers nearby: No <br />Potable water nearby: Yes <br />Toilets nearby: Yes <br />Level of confidence the site is free: <br />Certain - Confirmed with a sign or by owner / agency / website. <br />Editor note: As with any store parking lots, ALWAYS check with the manager of the store first.

43.605389, -72.980494
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