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Laura's Overlook

Head south on Hwy 285 from Fairplay, CO, 3.65 miles from the stoplight. Turn west (right) on CR 20. Go 2.15 miles to a right turn onto a gravel road. It will do a 90 degree turn to left. Follow it 1.1 miles (from the pavement) to a "Y". The right leg will go to Brown's Pass. The left leg crosses a creek <br />(If creek is too full, don't cross creek. Follow other leg (towards Brown's Pass), and find a spot along that road. Many to choose from.), and heads up the hill. Go .3 mile from the "Y", to the top of the meadow. Go south just to the edge of the meadow. Great view! <br /> <br />Not flat, but easy to shim trailer wheels. You can also camp in the woods, if you are tenting.

39.169921, -106.065662
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