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Valley of Fire State Park

Located a few miles north of the east entrance to Valley of Fire State Park on 169, this huge mesa is known as "Snowbird Mesa" or "Poverty Flats" depending on your point of view. There is some debate as to whether it is BLM land or belonged to a defunct mining company, but there are no signs limiting stays and there appear to be some long term residents. There are a few stone fire rings and plenty of stones to make more. There can be dozens to hundreds of rigs depending on the season. There are several roads in to the east side which goes back a good ways. There is only room for a few rigs on the west side but some people prefer that view enough to put up with the proximity to the road. The town of Overton is a few miles up the road, with a Mavericks gas station, fast food, supermarkets and bars and so on. I had great ATT 4G service there but no TMobile at all.

36.481223, -114.450734
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