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Bucksnort County Park

If camping here call there is a sign to call the sheriffs office to let them know you are there, they do patrol the area and if no notification is given they may knock on your vehicle/tent. Parking area is pretty flat. This is a moderate traffic area, it is a park, designated catch and release trout stream. Hwy 30 is moderately busy, this is right along the highway. room for 1 or 2 RV's depending on size. No toilets, bring a shovel and TP. No running water so bring that to. A few garbage cans are around. Dam and picnic area is nice, relaxing, watch the trout try and jump the dam, sometimes they do! City of Lanesboro and Preston both have free dump stations, both about 10 miles away. Parking area is about 60' x 60' triangle. Grassy tent area is about 60' x 90'

43.817952, -92.051166
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