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Buffalo Creek Area In Pine National Forest

Public - Forest Service (USDA) (Unofficial) The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. You may stay 14 Days at Buffalo Creek Area in Pike National Forest <br /> <br />3.5 miles south of the small town of Buffalo Creek on County Road 126 (also known as Deckers Rd.)is a turn off west on Forest Road 550 into Pike National Forest. For about 5 miles on Forest Road 550, there are various dispersed free camping sites along both sides of the road until you reach the official National Forest Campground called Buffalo. <br /> <br />This area is great for hiking and mountain biking. The Colorado Trail cuts through this area, and nearby Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Area has 40 miles of biking trails. The best campsites are near rock outcroppings on right side of road. Sunsets from these locations are ridiculous. <br /> <br />Continue roughly 11 miles down this road and follow signs for Wellington lake. This lake is a pay day use/camping area, but a short drive from the free camping and hosts amazing views and fun lake activities.

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