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Rest Stop / Overnight

This is a large dirt lot directly across from the lower level parking to cliff castle casino. The casino staff says it city land and it’s a known rest stop. Anyone can park and sleep in there vehicles. <br /> <br />Oct 2021: This site now has a sign that says semis only/no RV or car parking. Across the road is a parking lot below the casino that belongs to them. Overnight parking is allowed there. There were a couple of large rigs, car and our small rig last night with plenty of room left for others. <br /> <br />This is the large parking lot just below the Cliff Castle Casino. It is mostly level. We didn’t need to adjust but I saw a larger rig did use leveling blocks. It was quiet and felt safe. There is a gas station just across the road for restrooms or the casino up the hill. <br />Bonus, there is a fry bread stand on the corner across the street that had great frybread and a food stand in the parking lot where we ordered great breakfast burritos so large we had half leftover for lunch. <br />Phone: +1 (800) 381-7568

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