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Boulder Hill Road

Rockerville, South Dakota: There is a nice, easy hike to some scrambling rocks called Boulder Hill. Fire rings are available from the Black Hills National Forest office, when permitted. We chose propane. <br />Ranger drove by due to false alarm hiker injury, talked to us, while standing next to our tent and had no problem with us being there. Camping along this road is allowed, anywhere, up to 330 ft from center-line of the road and 1/2 mile from any house or established campground. We set our tent up in the flat area right off the road and had no issues. There are more flat areas further into the trees, off the road. <br />Given there's a trail across the road, it is well traveled. Most hikers were discrete, or would come back when we were not 'home.' <br />The road to get there is packed gravel/dirt. It was a bit bumpy, washed in some areas, but not too bad for my Mitsubishi Mirage. It had just poured torrential rain and was still passable on the main roadway. <br /> <br />We concur with the 2018 posting. We camped up here in our truck camper July 2022.

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