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Pine Sap Camp

Up in the Humbolt-Taiyobe national forest about and hour out of Las Vegas Nevada on the 95 n towards Tonapah. Take a left AFTER exit 99 on to Lee canyon road then a right on forest road 073 JUST AFTER. The Sawmill trailhead. There’s 4 miles of dispersed camping mostly on the right of the Forest Road. It's Rv friendly ish right at the front and the road can be rough but I got my Prius up pretty far. A few of the sites have established fire rings. I wouldn't build new ones but we didn’t get hassled for using one that had a ring already. <br /> <br />It's pretty secluded. I camped close to the gravel road and every now and then we had people drive by but the sites are pretty spaced out so my neighbors weren't bothered by us or vise versa.

36.356553, -115.648908
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