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Saddle over looking the US/Mex border

On BLM land. It has a great view of San Diego 3300 feet below. The east entrance is almost always open, the West entrance MAY be locked but if one waits at gate someone opens it. If no one opens gate, one must back track about 1/2 mile to the "rock pile", a gravel pile, and take a improved road north out of the blm land. If rock pile is not there, back track from gate and take the fist gray surfaced road to the right. Worst case one must back tracks to Otay lake road. Road is passible, but not for fain to heart, in rain it may be difficult. There are several places to camp before this place, such as an obvious place down hill from the BIG Tree that leans over the road before one gets to this place.

32.60012, -116.84232
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