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Apache-Sitgreacves National Forests

Near Heber AZ - Easily accessible and secluded. Not sure how it would do in the rain. We were able to take a small RV off the gravel a bit and find the perfect spot. <br /> <br />May, 2021: We camped here on our way south from petrified Forest national Park on or about April 24, 2021. We had trouble finding the entrance to this location and passed it originally. The coordinates that I uploaded above is the exact location of the gate. From Google maps you can see that there is an inlet or a road right at this location. There is a closed gate in this area and it was not locked however it was latched with a wire. Because of this we weren’t actually sure if we were allowed to enter the area. However, we did enter the area and then closed the gate behind us and camped not too far in from the road. It was very secluded. There were no other incidents. We were pulling a 19 foot Airstream and had no issues.

34.513878, -110.440445
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