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Oak forest and grassland

On BLM land. Oak forest and grassland. Just a few miles from I-5 north of Red Bluff. Exit at Jelly's Ferry. Turn on Bend Road. Follow signs to Payne's Creek Recreation Area. <br /> <br />Town of Bend is a general store and a few scattered ranches. <br /> <br />There are only a few locations in this parcel of BLM land open to camping. Vehicles are not allowed off the roads. This spot is called Perry Riffle and is a large turnaround at the end of a maintained gravel road. A short trail leads to the Sacramento River. Open fires not allowed during summer. No toilets. Must be self contained. <br /> <br />Another location nearby (1 mile) on road to Massacre Flat CG. Gravel road to Massacre Flat changes to rough 4wd road after 1/4 mile. You can self-contained camp at turnaround where gravel changes to 4wd.

40.295, -122.178
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