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Multiple dispersed camping areas

Along Baldy Mountain Road. Suitable for trucks, campers, vans and I've even seen class C RV's in there, though access would be tight. All of these little logging roads that branch off of Baldy Mountain Rd have potential camp sites on public land - no shortage of options. Gravel roads surrounded by miles of forest and mountains. <br /> <br />No services, though some sites are in proximity to small streams. <br /> <br />Access is recommended from the west (Eastside Rd or Peninsula Rd+Eastriver Rd), headed up towards Priest Lake). Take Big Creek Rd, which turns into Baldy Mountain Rd. Baldy Mountain Road goes all the way over the mountains and down into the city of Sandpoint, but the road gets narrower and tighter the further you go and requires 4x4 and high clearance up at the top of the pass where it's been largely washed out and has large rocks protruding. This washed out section may be repaired in 2020, discussions ongoing with govt agencies (I'm involved in those discussions). The road is closed by snow in the winter. <br /> <br />Most of the land up here is owned by the State of Idaho (Idaho Dept of Lands). <br /> <br />Nearby points of interest are Priest Lake, snowmobiling, hiking, xc skiing and snowshoeing, hunting. Nothing is particularly close to this area though - you're a ways out there. October is the busiest time of year as all of these sites have hunting groups camped out in them.

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