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Whitney Pocket Small Beige Rock Formation

Whitney packet is in gold Butte, Nevada. Exit 112 / Bunkerville. Head South, and just after passing over the river, there is a turn off to the right. From there, follow the signs. The road is rough, but mostly old asphalt. Few potholes, but it isn’t much worse than a regularly graded dirt road. Be prepared to take an extra 45 min to an hour from Bunkerville turn-off to get there. You will pass several turn out spots that look more dramatic, with red rock and sandstone, and some of those have large spots for groups. Keep following the road past these and there is a small sandstone rock formation on the left, marked with posts around the area to keep vehicles from disturbing the vegetation. This spot is perfect for shade in the evening. It is a cove-like formation on the East side, with a campfire ring. Spot is large enough to use the turn out for probably 4-5 other smaller camper trailers, just won’t be shaded. Mid October 2020, the weather was cool at night, but not cold. <br /> <br />Enjoy! SO MANY STARS!!

36.523473, -114.127525
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