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The Iron Pig

A restaurant and tavern that has a hand full of spots for overnight boondocking. The owners are big RV people and allow travelers to spend the night in one of there 2 parking lots. The lower lot is flat but can get full with customers so you will want to park as far away from the front entrance as possible. There is a very nice wooded shady area in the far end of the lot just on the other side of the fence that is nice but not as level. The upper lot is not very level but if your not impatient and you can level your RV it is a little quieter and not right next to the road. They did have a shower room and a toilet that I was able to use for a small fee. The restaurant has incredible food and drinks and has a great music seen with bands and karaoke. Also a great place to watch sports. The location is great and it's just a couple miles off of I90/39 I 94 interchange!! You can only stay one night since the county and township frown on longer stays. It is hard to find good boondocking areas in this part of Wisconsin so this is a little gem. The restaurant and bar are open till 2am and serve incredible food up till they close!! The hours of operation are 11am-2am 7 days a week except they don't open till 3pm on Mondays. Please make sure to contact one of the workers or the owners themselves and ask if you can stay. You can text and ask 4023600537 or call the Iron Pig at 608-742-1098 and ask if you can park for the night. Owners names are Andrea and CJ.

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