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I-75 Rest Stop

Lenox, GA - 75 I Rest Area South Bon, Lenox GA 31637 - This is a rest stop just off the highway. Some rest stops don’t allow overnight parking but this one welcomes it. They even have a FREE dump station for RVs. There is enough space to extend slide outs, as well. <br /> <br />This area is not private, with the highway directly in front of you and trucks coming and going. If this doesn’t bother you, then this is a great stop. With that it mind, it is really safe with a lot of traffic coming through, plenty of lighting, and nighttime security patrolling the area. <br /> <br />The restrooms are newly remodeled and very clean. There is also a long grass section around the building for dog walking which is nice, just beware of the fire anthills; leave them alone. <br /> <br />All in all this is not a long term stop, but an overnight is ok. I don’t think you’d want to stay more than a night at such a busy spot regardless.

31.260884, -83.471417
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