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olivar Flats

Near Port Bolivar TX - Bolivar Flats Free Beach is open year round. The maximum RV length is unlimited. You may stay 3 days at Bolivar Flats Free Beach. <br /> <br />This is one of two free beaches in Galveston County. This is the free beach on the east side of the Bolivar Peninsula. Here the free beach is only 1/4 mile long. It stars at Rettilon Road and goes NE to the wash. The beach is very wide and there are no houses. This area is called "the flats", reached by taking Rettilon Road off Hwy 87 (approx 3.7 miles from ferry landing). <br /> <br />Trash receptacles are located on the beach. They are the only thing that is provided. If you need water or a toilet, you'll have to bring it with you. <br /> <br />Parking and camping on the beach SW of this section, requires a $10 beach permit. It is good from the date of purchase until December 31st of the same year. You can purchase them at any gas station or “The Big Store” on the island. Everything closes down around 8-9pm so make sure to do so earlier. The beach is only patrolled during the day time so if you plan on arriving at night time just park anywhere and you won’t be bothered until the following morning if you’re in the paid area. <br /> <br />Easiest way to understand free/paid is at the end of Rettilon Rd it turns to the sandy beach and if you take a left you’re on the free section and if you take a right it is the paid/permit portion. <br /> <br />There are no port-o-potties on this beach and no free/public showers or running water. Make sure to bring everything you need or stop at The Big Store for supplies. I will note that since that’s the only “grocery” store on the island you will be paying a premium. I suggest stopping off in Galveston Island to pickup everything you need prior. Camp fires are allowed, just dig a hole anywhere and you’re good to go. It is windy so you may need gas/lighter fluid initially. <br /> <br />The sand is hard packed and easy to drive on. Park as close to the small dunes as possible and check the bolivar tide chart and weather to ensure your safety. <br /> <br />The beach has lots of washed up litter, so be kind and pick up a little as appreciation for our free beach!

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