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Site MUST be accessible by a street vehicle (IE car, RV, 4wd truck, etc...), allow for overnight parking/camping, and be completely free. NO EXCEPTIONS!

* Description will be most useful to others if you:

  • Describe your level of confidence regarding whether the camping is legal and free in this area. When was the last time you visited this location? Could the status have changed?
  • Use acronyms to describe locations on federal lands (USFS, BLM, NPS).
  • Use the full name of the federal land (IE Chattahoochee National Forest). Ranger district, field office, or nearest ranger station would be helpful too.
  • Give a general idea of the location. What is nearby that would be of interest? Mention any nearby roads, landmarks, or cities.
  • Mention how private the site is.
  • Directions from major roads or how to gain entry to the area might be helpful.
  • Mention 4wd if 4wd vehicle is required. If the site isn't RV friendly, please say so.
  • Your entry will be DELETED if a proper description isn't included.


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