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Grates Cove - NL A0A - The town provide a 3 free RV spots right at the ocean about 50 feet up. There are picnic tables. Beautiful spot. There is a very good restaurant in the village. Enjoy if you get out this far. 4,585.65mi View  |  Edit
Crow Head End Of Then Road Past Twillingate Newfoundland - near Crow Head NL A0G - Almost at the end of the road turn left down the gravel road called Sleepy Cove Road. It’s a very short distance at about 200 metres. Lots of space and it’s meant for RVs. There are even picnic tables. The views are absolutely amazing from the spot right on the ocean. 4,710.78mi View  |  Edit
Stephenville - near Stephenville NL A2N - At the end of the airport on the water side there is a huge cement area lots of RVs park there very flat. Good walk area to go to the beach. 4,828.72mi View  |  Edit
Boutte Su Cap - Cape St. George NL - Aug 2019. It is part of Cape St George just north of town. It is a dirt gravel road in, but not far. It is posted for free camping sites. More importantly if you make your way along and to the top of the hill you can overnight with some magnificent views. Editor's note: The pin seems to mark the general area where free camping may be available. 4,854.54mi View  |  Edit
Whitlock Pond - Room for one or two boondockers (small campers). No hookups or utilities. No access in early spring, late fall or winter as road isn’t maintained. Lots of mosquitoes. Boat ramp for shallow large pond. Walking trails around. 4,941.22mi View  |  Edit
Near Kejimkujik Park - near Queens NS - End of road by old concrete wharf covered in rock. Spot for 1 RV maybe 2 if smaller. 50 feet from the water. Reasonably level. You will need to park on side of road as the end leads to a driveway to a house up the hill. Beautiful quiet spot. 4,991.08mi View  |  Edit
Shire Camping near Harvey NB - Couple owns this patch of land. All decorated with an assortment of nicknacks. Owners are very friendly and its a beautiful place to sleep for the night. Donations are accepted. 5,024.19mi View  |  Edit
Lower Kent Public Picnic Area - Public road side park area. Two park tables, one covered. Cooking pit. No services. Room for a couple of RV’s plus a flat grassy area for a few tents. Two pit toilets. Stayed one night without a problem. Stayed 28 September 2019 no problems. There was another motor home there when I arrived. 5,036.92mi View  |  Edit
Miscou Lighthouse Parking Lot - Route 113, Shippagan NB E8T - Near ocean, beautiful sunsets 5,067.09mi View  |  Edit
Peajack Brier Island - July 2019. At the end of Peajack road there is an outlook to the bay in the ocean. As you go left off the ferry there is an information centre a ways down the road. You can get a local map from them. It will show this road. We saw a whale and a seal. It’s a gravel road but easily passable. This site is reasonably flat but we blocked up just the same. We were told you could park just about anywhere and no one will bother you. But this was a great spot as we had a good view of the ocean. There is room for about 3 smaller RVs. Enjoy 5,071.3mi View  |  Edit
Find @thepetiteplantation on social media for permission to park! Free Overnight Parking in the driveway of our Off Grid Tiny House & Homestead // Driveway Parking, Outdoor Washroom, Outdoor Shower, Magnificent Stargazing, Family Friendly, Forest + Campfire, Internet Available 5,085.76mi View  |  Edit
Cutler Preserve Trail - After a long day hike, we decided to stay for the night in my Subaru Outback. Although this is a public reserved land. I'm confident that you would have no problems staying the night. You are practically in the middle of nowhere. We parked in the back lot which is further from the road. Plus there's a composite toilet there which is a bonus. Beware of the killer mosquitoes. There's an insane amount of them here and any bug spray don't work. 5,117.28mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Parking Lot - near Ellsworth ME - Not an ideal place to stay, but a free place to sleep for the night Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,172.51mi View  |  Edit
Plymouth Beach - Great place to stop and make dinner and hang out to enjoy beach time. It's best to go after 6pm. There are no signs that say anything about overnight parking not being allowed I've stayed in my camper van on the beach overnight many times with no issues whatsoever. Police regularly on site patrolling the beach. No sticker required and you don't need to be a resident of Plymouth to use the area. It's a beautiful place to be at night. It can get noisy with cars going in and out from the back end of the beach. No dogs allowed on beach area. As far as we know, there are signs saying no pets but we have seen people walking them as have I. Just be nice and respectful and pick up any trash or mess from pets before taking off. 5,236.94mi View  |  Edit
Parks Canada historic site. Waterfront. Everybody can stay overnight for free. 5,252.12mi View  |  Edit
Lobster Stream Put-In - near Brownville ME - Parking and simple overnight stays here and around this area. This is where Lobster Stream breaks off of the West Branch of the Penobscot River. DIRT or gravel roads in and out via Kokadjo check point. Great easy canoeing on this river and Lobster Stream leads out to Lobster Lake where there are also several canoe-in primitive maintained campsites for tent camping if you need a break from the camper. I've never been in this area and NOT seen a moose, so get the campers ready but keep a safe distance especially in fall. 5,252.42mi View  |  Edit
Quai Ragueneau - near Ragueneau QC G0H - Beautiful place for overnight. Free area. No services. 5,266.16mi View  |  Edit
Quai De Trois Pistoles - Trois-Pistoles QC G0L - Sur le quai. Attention de libérer les espaces où les pêcheurs puissent faire leurs activités. Idéalement là où il y a des grosses pierres. English Google translation: On the dock. Be careful to free the spaces where the fishermen can do their activities. Ideally where there are big stones. 5,276.28mi View  |  Edit
Quai A Mousse - Rest area, one night stays welcome, no tents - near L'Isle-Verte QC. 5,281.09mi View  |  Edit
I found this area when I was on a motorcycle camping trip and Pawtuckaway state park was full. its down a dirt road on top of a hill. Camp fire is in the corner next to an old stone wall. I'm not sure if this is private land but it is secluded with no houses around and I had no problems, on a map its next to Woodman marsh wildlife management area. The site is on woodman rd, if you come from the lower deerfield rd side the road is suitable for just about any car, if you come from the coffeehouse rd side you might need 4x4 because of some puddles and rocks (I went this way and got my bike around the puddles). both roads are off of rt 43 and lower deerfield rd turns into woodman where the site is located. coming from deerfield rd there is a pond and marked hiking trail at the start of woodman, go up the small hill and to your right is a small open field, turn into the field and you will see a little "nook" where there is a small fire place. 5,284.2mi View  |  Edit
Holeg Landing near Jackman, ME - Holeg Landing is a remote boat launch point on Holeg Pond. There were about 10 small boats chained to trees on the beach but none of the owners arrived during the 2 days/nights we were there. It is accessible via an unmaintained road approximately 14 miles from the nearest maintained tarmac road. The road is about 2 miles on the left driving North out of Jackman. It is quite wide and level to start with but gets narrower, lumpier and more rutted. We took our 21ft C-Class down this road comfortably but slowly in day light with no rain for the past 24 hours and none forecast. Larger vehicles could also cope; it's a judgement call on the driver/owner. There are Eco-toilets and fire pits but you need a license (free) to light a fire from the local fire department. There is a list of numbers pinned to the wall by the door at the fire station in Jackman. We called this number (207 827 1800) and obtained a license over the phone. There was no phone signal at Holeg Landing so you need to sort this before hand. It's a really nice sandy beach. The pond is huge. We experienced no under currents in the warm, red-tinged water and it takes ages to get deep. A few couples turned up to fish or kayak but none stayed for more than an hour or so and we had the place to ourselves pretty much... except for the biting insects of which there are swarms and they are relentless. There are also moose, foxes, frogs, toads and a beaver dam just around a cove to the right which accessible through the thick woods or wading through the pond. 5,287.49mi View  |  Edit
Chain-of-Ponds at Lower Pond near Eustis ME - Drive-in, level, grassy sites on Maine Public Reserve land. Off paved Route 27 down a decent gravel road. Primitive- no hookups at all. Picnic tables and one area also has an outhouse. Beautiful peaceful backwoods Maine camping, canoeing, and fishing. Look between Lower and Bag ponds. 5,293.46mi View  |  Edit
Limite St Fabien De Panet - Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard QC - camp free in tent, trailer, RV throughout the Appalachian Park. The nearest dump station is at st juste de breteniere. 5,293.79mi View  |  Edit
Walmart, Sturbridge, Mass - The Center at Hobbs Brook near Sturbridge MA - No Problems - Easy off 395 easy on. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,311.75mi View  |  Edit
Mountain Rd trailhead Pull-off - near Greenfield NH - Pull off on side of road past parking lot. Residential road with very little traffic. Parking lot just up the road suitable as well. 5,314.01mi View  |  Edit
Halte Routière Devant L’église - 1938–1968 Ch des Coudriers, L'Isle-aux-Coudres QC G0A - Grand stationnement face aux fleuves, tables de pick nick, beaucoup d’espace. Don accepté pour l’église. - translated: Large parking facing rivers, picnic tables, lots of space. Donations accepted for the church. 5,317.29mi View  |  Edit
White Mountain National Forest near Lincoln NH - There are roughly 30 free legal camping spots along this road. I asked a park ranger at white mountain national forest and he directed me here. Amazing sites, all free. 5,322.92mi View  |  Edit
Maxi Parking Lot - in Baie-Saint-Paul QC - Safe, grocery store parking lot. Downtown just steps away. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! Original submission: Sécuritaire et épicerie centre ville à quelques pas. 5,323.17mi View  |  Edit
In front of the Ste-Anne-De-Beaupre Shrine, near the river 5,334.82mi View  |  Edit
Wal-Mart 591 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA 01020 We stayed there 2 night when visiting the Big E. There were several big trucks there overnight and another RV. It is marked no trucks overnight, but it does not say no RV overnight. 9/16/19 Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,338.23mi View  |  Edit
Stationnement Du Walmart Parking Walmart - in Lévis QC - Already frequented by several RVs, safe and well lit. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! riginal submission: Déjà fréquenté par plusieurs vr, sécuritaire et bien éclairé. 5,345.87mi View  |  Edit
Great Walmart location (Lebanon, NH) right next to Vermont. Can stay several weeks with no problems. No sales tax on goods. ed note: As always with Walmarts, get explicit permission from the manager to verify you can park there. 5,346.98mi View  |  Edit
Stationnement De L’aquarium De Québec - Québec QC - Plenty of room in the back of the parking lot for several RVs, safe and good lighting. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! Original text: Beaucoup de place dans le fond du stationnement pour plusieurs RV, sécuritaire et éclairé. 5,347.09mi View  |  Edit
Mont Bellevue Ski Resort Parking - near Sherbrooke QC - Big, Flat Gravel Parking Of A Small Ski Resort. The Resort Is Close During The Summer So It’s Very Calm And Quiet. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,353.86mi View  |  Edit
Parking area for hikers in the Hogback Mt. Conservation Area on Rt. 9 east of Wilmington, Vt. We spent a comfortable night there in 34' 5th wheel. Some traffic noise but pretty location, and at a trail head. 5,354.39mi View  |  Edit
Sanctuaire De Beauvoir - near Sherbrooke QC - Parking of a church with a beautiful view of the city and a perfect spot to look at the sunrise/sunset. There are also a few trails that are nice for walking. It is a popular spot so you might not be alone. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,354.47mi View  |  Edit
Centre De Foire Sherbrooke near Sherbrooke QC - Overnight parking allowed to all kind of RV and the city allows you to unhook trailer to go visit the city! Walmart nearby. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,357.01mi View  |  Edit
Walmart superstore near Sherbrooke QC - Nice location! Close to highway! Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,357.01mi View  |  Edit
Campground is up fire Road 71 to the west of Wilmington Vermont on route nine at base of hill on right or down to about the base of the hill on your left after passing route eight traveling from the east on route nine. The campground is approximately 6 1/2 miles in. There is a left hand turn after you've crossed the third bridge at that intersection there will be a sign on your right pointing left that says old air field campground. There are two modern pit toilets at the campground + it's open all year round, but it's quite minimal, No electric hook ups, no picnic tables just rock lined fire pits. Must burn local would do to possible invasive beetle problem. There is wood available for sale back east to the intersection by turning left and then the wood Place is up on the right just as you're rounding a corner. There is also a spring water available up the same road towards Somerset reservoir. The campground is for use up to two weeks at a time. And can fit RV of up to 32 feet possibly a little more. 5,370.02mi View  |  Edit
Wall Mart Parking Lot in Pittsfield MA 555 Hubbard Ave #12, Pittsfield, MA 01201 I have seen some RV's that stay all summer several years in a row. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,373.63mi View  |  Edit
free campground one thousand site belong to "Le geant du motorise" a big motorhome dealer everybody is welcome nice spot to visit Saguenay and Lac St-Jean 5,378.35mi View  |  Edit
Fire Road 25 Mad River - 6 sites on the river for tents or small RV they have been abused lately and people have been leaving garbage and cutting trees. The area is beautiful and on the River. Help keep the area clean! 5,379.32mi View  |  Edit
Church Parking (Stationnement De L’église) - near Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets QC - Beautiful view of the river and quiet. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! Original Submission: Belle vue sur le fleuve et tranquille. 5,385.36mi View  |  Edit
Jerome Park reservoir - This is non residential street parking without any houses around. I see the same RVs parked there for months and big rigs park there too without trouble. This is a very clean area (for NYC) with a small park and outdoor gym. Access to 1 and B train to Manhattan. This is perfect for stopping for the night (don’t come too late or it might be full) and exploring NYC. Pay attention to street sweeping signs and please don’t abuse! Welcome to the neighborhood! 5,387.53mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - A safe place to over night. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up! 5,391.13mi View  |  Edit
Behind the Cap-De-La-Madeleine Shrine, near the river 5,396.73mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - near Old Bridge NJ - Allowed overnight parking. Propane available and filtered water. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,403.21mi View  |  Edit
Walmart parking lot - as always, check with management 5,404.41mi View  |  Edit
Boat Launch St Albans Bay near Saint Albans VT - Parking lot where cars and trailers are parked after launching boats. It’s very nice close to the lake and surrounded by wild grape vines. 5,405.22mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Glenmont Parking lot. Editor's note: as with any Walmart, always check with the manager before settling in! 5,405.25mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Kingston NY - Walmart Super Center people park here all the time Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,406.55mi View  |  Edit
BJ’s Wholesale Parking Lot near Trenton NJ - I have parked here several nights. There are RV’s and 18 wheeler trucks that park here. There are restaurants and a Walmart nearby. I even have a few “neighbors” who also park here. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,417.6mi View  |  Edit
This is the driveway loop in front of my house. So yes, I am 100%confident is legal and free! I live near a wildlife area, a few ski/water parks, a few state forests,and the Appalachian Trail isn't far off either. Please contact me at if you are looking to come by. 5,425.45mi View  |  Edit
Several campsites available on the West River road leading up to the posted coordinates. Coordinates are for the suspension bridge over the river. Vans or tent camping. No room for RV's. State land in the Adirondack Park. At the end of the road, the Northville/Placid trail can be accessed. This area is often used in the summer by locals for swimming. Primitive camping only. Free, first come first serve. 5,436.71mi View  |  Edit
Walmart near Clinton NJ - Google maps has it labeled as a Dunkins but it’s a Walmart with a Dunkins inside. Cracker barrel right next door. Allows overnight parking along the guardrail on the west side of the lot (to the right of the store front). We called ahead to confirm and they were very friendly and welcoming, just specific about where to park. There is a “no overnight parking” sign on the north side of the lot (directly across the lot from the store front), so don’t park there. Pretty quiet for a parking lot with just a little highway noise now and then. We parked with two big rigs, and had a peaceful night. There’s a slight incline but it gets very flat closer to the store. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,437.55mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Northwoods Club Rd, Minerva NY 12857 Name: Huntley Pond Description: Small public camping spot for car or tent. It has been a number of years since I camped there, but there were a few fire places and picnic tables. There is a trail around the Pond that goes to the Hudson River across from Blue Ledge. Good fishing in the river, fair in the Pond. I was visited by a black bear while in my tent, but it ran when I shouted at it. 5,437.63mi View  |  Edit
Furnace Town Parking Lot - This parking lot is for the Furnace Town interpretive center. There are no signs of no overnight parking. Only ATV's are absolutely forbidden. Easy access for RV's of all sizes. No amenities at all. Quiet and shady. Sandy grass, mostly level. Excellent experience. Free parking. 3816 Old Furnace Rd. Snow Hill, MD 21863 Furnace Town heritage center website: 5,438.79mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Chain Lakes Rd, Indian Lake NY 12842 Name: Sand Pit On Roadside Near Public Swimming Beach Description: There may also be a parking spot near the junction of the Indian river and the Hudson River. There is a flat area that was the site of a lumber camp in the 1920s. This area recently became state land and part of the Adirondack Park along with the Fulton Chain Lakes. 5,442.98mi View  |  Edit
Near Beauharnois QC - Hydro quebec Parking - locks parking area - With view of St-Lawrence river and airplanes. No signs prohibiting overnight parking. 5,448.08mi View  |  Edit
Eastern Shore Welcome Center - You can stay here for up to 48 hours. It’s clean, well lit, pet friendly area. This is right before the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 5,454.18mi View  |  Edit
Halte Routière Sainte-Sophie - near Sainte-Sophie QC - Municipal rest stop, asphalt parking, public washroom, dump station with water. 5,454.32mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - near Chesapeake VA - Was told I could stay overnight as long as I was in the far corner and was gone before 7am. Parking lot was very loud as there were a group of locals in their huge trucks that met in that corner of the parking lot and revved their engines for hours (no exaggeration). Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,464.02mi View  |  Edit
North Lake, NY Western Adirondack lake State land that allows camping free at established sites along the shore of North Lake. Various site sizes from small to a big lot that can handle any size. Some spots on the road along the lake are narrow and you can get some tree branches scraping the rig a little but not too much. I know it's free. I've been there. There is no office or buildings of any kind. Great musky fishing! 5,474.46mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: N Lake Rd, Ohio NY 13338 Name: North Lake Rd. Description: Short rough road to small parking area near shore of pond. Good fishing in nearby Black River. 5,476.87mi View  |  Edit
Called and parked twice in October and November 2018. Overnight parking is allowed. Saw campers and trucks on lot. Close to fast food and other stores. One of my favorite spot when we go biking or hiking in that area(Jim Thorpe in 15 mins away). Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up. 5,481.9mi View  |  Edit
my farm. central ny. 9024 Mill St, Stittville, NY 13469. I have a couple of mowed acres that you can dry camp during summer , fall months. public fishing stream. lots of deer, turkey, geese etc, BUT NO HUNTING. please text or call me if you are planning on stopping by for the night or two. no permission, no camping! thank you 315-796-0243 I can pull in and turn my 5th wheel toy hauler in there. 15 miles north of Utica, NY. 15 east of Rome, NY both exit off interstate 90. 365 east or 219 north. Casino, fort Stanwix, B52 bomber in Rome, Oriskany Battlefield, Utica Club Brewery, great area! 5,487.65mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrell - near Stevensville MD - Closest site to US Naval Academy. A sheriff’s car drove by around 11:00 and didn’t stop so we took that as a green light. Another traveler came in later and left early. We ate in the restaurant next morning and had a pleasant time. CAREFUL as you exit the roadway. Very tight traffic circle! Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,491.82mi View  |  Edit
Cabelas Outfitters - Overnight parking for RV’s is permitted. Have kennels near RV parking. Have a dump facility also. Close to restaurants, Walmart and other stores. Editor note: As with any store parking lots, ALWAYS check with the manager of the store first. 5,492.74mi View  |  Edit
Catfish Lake - Level dirt rd access. Great site at this location and others around this area. Enjoyed many seasons here for a couple days at a time with RV and tents. 5,495.6mi View  |  Edit
Near Emerald Isle NC on the White Oak River. Long Point Landing. Enter from Highway 58 at brown sign FR120 between Maysville and Swansboro N 34.822 W 77.15. Three tent sites with pit toilet. Sites are very close together. good spot for kayaking and canoes. People sometimes fish there so may be crowded. Hard to get a spot in the summer. Narrow dirt road so no large vehicles. Camping also available at Haywood Landing which you access off of this same road then FR146 but better suited for vehicle camping. Also, lots of traffic at the boat launch. Same narrow dirt road. USDA-Forest Service, Croatan National Forest 5,498.96mi View  |  Edit
Stoney Pond State Forest near Erieville NY 13061 - A car park near a trail that looks like vehicles can travel further back into the woods. I didn’t go, just spent the night here. Minimal travel going by on road - quiet. Good for a free spot while traveling. Lots of bugs though. Along this road there were some pull outs (at least as far as I went down it), not at big as this one. Some trails and looks like I saw some walk in camping as well. I got some cell service AT&T. 5,504.9mi View  |  Edit
This parking lot is used by truckers & is for short stays only, less than a week, & is close to many restaurants, grocery stores & auto service centres. No services available. At the junction of Provincial Highway 401 & Highway 29. 5,524.74mi View  |  Edit
Walmart parking lot - near Harrisburg PA - call ahead at (717) 561-8402 to ask for permission. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,529.68mi View  |  Edit
Chapman Mills Marketplace - Walmart Strandherd Dr - Free, they ask us to park on the side of the street closest to the TD bank (far away from the door). Grocery, movie theatre, lcbo, restos all within the same parking lot. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 5,534.85mi View  |  Edit
North East Boondocking at Murray Cemetery - Entrance is to Murray Cemetery on Jack Dale Rd. No facilities. Must email ahead to check availability and get gate opened. Floyd Kelley 5,541.33mi View  |  Edit
Walmart near Ashland Square Shopping Center - Have used several times must park to side of the Walmart. No more than 24 hours per Store Manager. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,541.57mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrel Restaurant - Horseheads NY Cracker Barrel Restaurant. We called in advance about staying the night. Manager was very friendly and said we were welcome to stay and also mentioned that they have RV parking. We had dinner and breakfast, food was meh but the parking was free. Our car and trailer are less than 50ft combined and we barely fit in the length of the RV spot. I don’t think a truck and fifth wheel would fit. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,554.04mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Super Center - near Rouzerville Commons, Waynesboro PA - You can stay there but park to the left side of the lot close to a field. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,564.14mi View  |  Edit
Super Walmart near Shippensburg PA - Called customer service and verified that we can overnight park our camper 717-532-4240. They ask that we park on the Wendy’s side. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,565.58mi View  |  Edit
Charles Town WV - 24 Hour Walmart - This one has little road noise late at night. Very little activity around and a poorly lit corner for if you don’t have blackout curtains like me yet. Pretty little small town Golden Horshoe Club is really a hidden gem only 20 minutes away. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up! 5,575.71mi View  |  Edit
Charles Town Casino - We spent one night here when heading south on a vacation. There was an event going on that weekend in the other lot. Was very busy in what the casino calls the South lot. We were able to fit in but was very noisy with trucks and party people. One week later on the return trip back north to home we spent one night and the lot was just about empty and very quiet. I had emailed the casino before we went there and they have no issues with overnight RV parking and you do not even have to register with them once you arrive. They even have a security car that makes rounds a couple times a night. Would recommend anyone to stay here with anything from a camper van to big class A towing a toad. There is plenty of room to turn around and park. 5,577mi View  |  Edit
The location on the street is 5810 River Rd Renfrew, Ontario Canada. There is only a garbage can there. This is the street view:,-76.6684589,3a,75y,27.28h,82.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1spbH9BwnZea6jboWNiZH7Iw!2e0?hl=en 5,582.47mi View  |  Edit
Privately owned land located in the sand hills of North Carolina. the campground is located 12 miles east of I-95/Fayetteville. The land is being turned into a 55 site campground still under construction. 16 campsites are available for dry camping. Water and dump pipe are available (using honey wagon). Since we are not in business we ask you call ahead to verify availability at 910-486-0085. You can also find us on Facebook at "Cedar Creek Campground at Elease". 5,590.81mi View  |  Edit
Privately owned land being turned into a campground in owners spare time. 16 campsites are cleared but dry camping only as of jan. 2015. Water and dump station are available. Call owner for availability at 910-486-0085. Ask for Mike. Campground is located 12 miles west of I-95 on 17 secluded acres. 5,590.83mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Winchester VA - 7/14/19 Spent a night here. Saw at least 3 other RVs there (they were all mini class Cs, I have a large 5th wheel) Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,592.66mi View  |  Edit
5-6 campsites along river, gravel road, easily accessible. some highway noise. a few homes across the river but nobody bothers you. 5,601.01mi View  |  Edit
Vandermark State Forest - Great quiet location on a dead end forest road. There is a large ash pile in the center of the turnaround where college kids party during the school year. We made camp just off the road to the east. Beautiful. 5,606.79mi View  |  Edit
Halfway Creek Road - near Huger SC - Camped here a lot when I lived in Charleston. Shady live oaks and quiet, especially in winter months. Summer in the low country is difficult with afternoon showers and humidity not to mention the bugs and mosquitoes. Fires welcome. Tent camping mostly but talked to several folks in vans and smaller campers. No hookups or street lights.nice dirt turn around and paved road to access. Palmetto trail also goes through this area, so it’s a nice morning hike or a great trail run. Don’t forget to check out Sewee outpost general store when your on South 17 headed to Charleston on the left. The best cheese biscuits on this earth! See y’all!! 5,628.81mi View  |  Edit
Crabtree falls 4x4 Jeep Trail - Site is located in Tyro, VA in USFS land. Follow Meadows lane off of Crabtree Falls Hwy 56. 4 wheel drive recommended although if your careful you can do it without. It’s a steep narrow dirt road winding up the side of a mountain. About a mile up you'll start seeing multiple campsites located mainly off the left hand side of the road. They are marked with National Forest markers and allow camping up to 14 days. It’s first come first serve. Very secluded and perfectly legal to set up camp. 5,631.62mi View  |  Edit
Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park, Event Lot near Mount Pleasant SC - I’ve parked here about three times now and a few overnights. No signage anywhere about parking or overnight parking. I believe it’s an event lot (overflow area) easy access in and out. I’ve been here with a few police patrol cars with out any issues. Quiet at night other than some light road noise. I stayed here with a 35’ class A and a tow dolly. Nothing to hide. Side note, not sure if it’s a good idea or not but there is an outlet on some of the light posts. I’ve used it for power. I wouldn’t suggest coming here during events but I stayed here a few nights in February. The closest you can be to Charleston for free. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,638.92mi View  |  Edit
Multiple Campsites alongside Panther Falls Road in George Washington National Forest near Monroe VA - Multiple campsites located on Panther Falls Road. All of them are located in the George Washington national Forest, so they are free to camp. Panther Falls Road is a dirt road, that is pretty well maintained. I wouldn’t drive an RV down, but very suitable for a normal passenger vehicle. 5,641.02mi View  |  Edit
Elkhorn Lake - Flat area for trailer. Up to 30ft. Near nfs pit toilets, fishing and hunting. Bunch of other sites along this road. 5,642.78mi View  |  Edit
West Falls NY - Bobs Deli Valero Fuel Stop - Allows over night Boondocking has easy to get to gas diesel propane ice food etc. Boondocking friendly 1045 Davis rd west falls ny 14170. Please ask for where to park. Editor's note: and as with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up. 5,651.94mi View  |  Edit
Port Canaveral Boat Launch Parking near Cape Canaveral FL - Very nice spot. Large RVs can fit. 24 hour bathroom. Gets busy in morning about 5am when people start coming to launch their boats. But many parking spots. No one bothers you. Overnight not a problem. And a plus if you want to throw your line out and catch dinner. Many areas close by. Restaurants bars and stores all around. Once in a while a police officer shows up. If you say you are just waiting for sun to come up to get back on road they won’t bother you. 5,655.81mi View  |  Edit
Merritt Island Florida near Cape Canaveral FL - This is free parking, overnight no problem, police rarely ever come by. You can fit RVs, it’s on the river on the side of a bridge. Normal fishing spot for lots of people. I park here often. There are no signs saying no overnight parking. Throw a fishing pole while you are here. If police stop by just tell them you were doing some fishing and your leaving at sun up and they won’t bother you, that’s if they even stop. Dark, no bathrooms, and 4 different spots on all 4 sides of the bridge. 5,658.68mi View  |  Edit
Birkhead Mountains Wilderness in Uwharrie National Forest (USFS) has multiple trail heads, and this one off of Lassiter Mill Road is far less used than the "nicer" one closer to NC 49. As long as you're 300 feet away from the trail head, or 100 feet off of any marked trail, you can camp without being bothered. Even on busy days, the trails at this end are very sparse in terms of users. The entry road is a little rough, so I wouldn't recommend trying to drive anything too large to the trail head. I have personally driven a sports car into there many times, so it's not that bad, just a decent uphill grade. 5,660.84mi View  |  Edit
Blue Cypress Lake - This is a county park with no fees. Great for Boondocking here. Rest rooms available. 5,661.1mi View  |  Edit
Lake Okeechobee - Beautiful county property with large oak trees overlooking Lake Okeechobee. Turn left at boat ramp off 78 then go to the left. Old campground with no trespassing signs to the right and beautiful field good for Boondocking to the left. We stayed under a big oak tree for 2 days/nights without anyone bothering us. Game warden storage right next door and they never said a word to us. Nice open field to let kids and dog roam free. Paved path along lake within walking distance. Hidden Boat ramp and airboat paths close by. Beware of huge alligators! We will def be back when down that way!! Best nights sleep I’ve gotten in a while. 😊 5,663.51mi View  |  Edit
Walmart parking lot on Military Rd. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,670.06mi View  |  Edit
North Causeway Boat Ramp - New Symrna Beach, FL It offers overnight parking adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway. It is mostly a spot for boaters and their trailers. In total the parking area is approximately 5 acres. 1. 5 acres are paved, and the remainder is grass. Palm trees mostly, so not much shade. We were in our Class C Motorhome, and since boat parking is $10 for 24 hours, we bellied-up and paid the $10. There is an acre that appears to be free parking for cars and vans, maybe travel trailer and motorhomes. Boat ramp restroom facilities are open 24/7. We stayed here on 6-9-2018 for one-night parking in the grass area close to the blacktopped parking lot and restrooms. Yes, this is a free area. Since we had our kayaks, we elected to pay the boat parking fee of $10. This location is approximately 1.5 miles from the beach. Plenty of eateries of all stripes are near. I-95 is about 5 to 6 miles to the west. Easy on and off blacktop highway. The blacktopped parking lot has light fixtures. My iPhone coordinates read 29.153 N and -80.556 W. I had to adjust the coordinates associated with this database because it had the red marker 15 miles out in the ocean. 5,676.35mi View  |  Edit
Lake Moomaw river Side in George Washington & Jefferson National Forests near Hot Springs VA - This is located on national Forest land, there is a driveway that is short that will lead you to the side of the water inlet for lake Moomaw. There is a fireplace already built, and plenty of room for an RV and tents. 5,677.6mi View  |  Edit
Parc Du Belvédère - A beautiful place to spend the night. Park in front of the parking lot with children's activities. Near the lookout point of one of canada's largest open-pit mines. (french: Un très belle endroit pour passer la nuit parc en face du stationnement avec activités pour les enfants près du belvédère d’une des plus grosses mines à ciel ouvert du canada.) 5,679.14mi View  |  Edit
Flying J - If your looking for a place to stay free in the area that has electric, they have 4 electric receptacles at the bottom of the flying j sign. I pulled in with my truck camper plugged and stayed over night with no issues other than occasionally hearing road noise from interstate. It's not the quietest place but it is free. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up. 5,683.72mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrel - near Clemmons NC - Easy place to pull in for a quick shut eye and very safe area with shopping nearby for groceries. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,688.31mi View  |  Edit
Private land - campsite on working hobby farm. You must contact us for availability. (you must call or email ahead) or 724.445.2244 This site is available for you to use for free if you use a self-contained RV. Overnight stays are limited to two nights. What the campsite looks like - More info at 5,691.16mi View  |  Edit
Bluffton Oyster factory Park - Very quiet and secluded parking lot. Used for boat parking. Sign says Cars left more than 24 hours may be towed. I’ve slept here twice in Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 and had no issues. Not very bright and very quiet. 5,691.56mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - near Mocksville NC - Easy place to pull in and rest up and recharge Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,698.79mi View  |  Edit
FREE Congaree National Park, 100 National Park Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061-9118 Tel: 803-776-4396 Getting there: From Charlotte (Approx. 110 miles) Take Interstate 77 South for approximately 95 miles to Exit 5. Follow directions below from I 77, Exit 5. From Interstate 77, Exit 5 At Exit 5 turn off onto SC Hwy 48 East (Bluff Rd.), following the brown and white Congaree National Park directional signs. Travel southeast approximately fourteen miles on SC Hwy 48 (Bluff Rd.) toward Gadsden and turn right onto Mt. View Rd. Follow Mt. View Rd. for 0.8 miles. Turn right onto Old Bluff Rd. and travel 0.6 miles. At the large park entrance sign, turn left onto the park entrance road and proceed one mile to the Harry Hampton Visitor Center. Parking lots will be on the right. Watch for Bluff Road, it veers to the right and can be missed. Congaree National Forest is about 20 miles from the Capital (Columbia SC) Primitive camping is free and allowed in the park by permit only. Permits may be obtained at the Harry Hampton Visitor Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (and until 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Daylight Savings Time). State or government issued identification is needed to obtain a camping permit. Permits are available on a first come first served basis on the day of your stay. Maximum length of stay is 14 consecutive days and no more than 28 days in any 6 month period. Restrooms at the Harry Hampton Visitor portables toilets are available at the After Hours Campground. Potable water is available from the spigot on the south side of the Harry Hampton Visitor Center. Please ask a ranger for the spigot key. Fires are permitted in designated fire rings only. No campfires are permitted in the backcountry. External wood sources are prohibited from entering the park. Only dead and down wood found within the park may be used. Glass bottles and kegs are prohibited in the park. You may camp in your car, pop-up trailer, or RV with a valid camping permit. The After Hours Campground is located beside the After Hours parking lot. There are 8 sites. Each site is limited to 8 campers. Portable toilets are available. Congaree National Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5,698.9mi View  |  Edit
Horns Truck Stop - near Mocksville NC - Safe area to pull over and get some rest. They also have some showers available for the travelers to use as well. Good find! Editor's note: Showers are probably pay showers. As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,699.07mi View  |  Edit
My Farm, NW Pa. Half way between Erie and Pittsburgh. If you are passing through and need to over night or a day or two call 814-673-8460 and ask. Can supply water and possibly a hot shower. Safe Travels! 5,700.96mi View  |  Edit
Target Parking Lot - Orlando FL - We frequent a target near a large closed furniture store. Having seen semi’s parked there we spent a night in our hi-lo. We can see the Florida mall from the parking lot but they didn’t allow overnight stays. We’ve had security for this parking lot pass by twice with no issues. The parking lot does get some traffic but around 11 pm it’s quiet until morning. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,702.01mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - near Lake Wales FL - Great apparently safe place, just a bit noisy due to the highway. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,709.27mi View  |  Edit
When I mapped the coordinates and it gave me a location about 20 miles from where the site is. Driving there: go to the little town of Tillman, SC then head west from the gas station down the 2 lane hwy. maybe 8 mils or so you will see a road going off to the left with a sign saying boat launch. At the end of that road is the campground. Enjoy UPDATE: June 1, 2010. Campsite is still intact and functional. Overall quality of the campsite is moderately poor. The local police came by a few times and did not seem to be bothered that we were camping there. Do not go to this campsite if you get bothered by bugs easy. COORDINATES ARE NOT CORRECT - campsite is at the end of State Rd. S-27-201 Note: Site admin has updated the coordinates to 32.485082, -81.217679. 5,713.39mi View  |  Edit
Pilot - near Haines City FL 33844 - can stay 24 hrs only Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,715.55mi View  |  Edit
Ron Paul Drive in Ocala National Forest near Paisley FL - National Forest Dispersed Camping. 5,717.71mi View  |  Edit
Pilot near Punta Gorda FL - As long as you are not bothering any one. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,732.62mi View  |  Edit
Local camping spot about 1 mile from the mountaineer casino on top of a gas right off way. 4wd required or camp in the grass in the bottom all the way back away from the road. This area is the beginning of Several hundred acres owned by the casino and used buy locals (including me) for dirtbike riding for over 40 years Couple fire rings at the top of the hill and spots cleared out in the woods. Looking at a satellite image you can't miss it. Also a completely free Ice cold mountain spring with pipe for filling jugs that's always running is 1 mile south of the casino long rt2. Look for a small dirt road that makes a circle on the left going south. People come from miles away to get drinking water.. Sometimes there's cars lined up waiting in line. Tomlinson run state park is just a few miles away with great hiking and a nice lake. 5,734.04mi View  |  Edit
Deep creek Preserve near Arcadia FL - Free dispersed camping. You do need a code to get in the gate. Go to ( to get the code. Fire rings and picnic tables available no portable water but there is a porta potty. 5,734.26mi View  |  Edit
Exotic Car Service will let rv folks boondock 1-2 nights behind their location. This is a large level grass area. If you look it up on google, you will see the grass area behind their shop. This is a 5 minute walk to many restaurants and coffee shops. You will need to access the lot from east magnolia street if you are longer than 31 feet. The owner has said if someone needs some free water for your tank he will try and help out. If you have any questions call their location at 863-808-3101 ask for Mark. 5,734.39mi View  |  Edit
Walmart/mall Parking Lot - Fort Steuben Mall near Steubenville OH - Stayed in the parking lot. Parking lot is owned by the mall. Walmart staff said they “could not tell me no”. It was a quiet evening. Lot was well lit. Mall security never stopped. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,734.42mi View  |  Edit
FREE Sumter National Forest Enoree District in Fairfield, Newberry, Laurens, Chester, and Union counties. Free dispersed camping in this area on public properties. This area is adminstrated by the USFS. This area is in the foothills and has numerous large hills to camp and drive around, good for hiking. There are sites right next to I-26 which aren't private at all due to traffic and there are sites abutting towns. But if you venture down the Forest Service Roads and the logging roads, you'll find areas with no people around for miles. Make sure to pick a MVUM so you'll know where private and public properties are and you'll know if your car can handle a road. Most Forest Service Roads can be done in a family car, but an unmapped, unsigned logging road will probably require 4WD. These roads often have grassy cul-de-sacs which are perfect for camping, turning around, and parking an RV. Directions: From Columbia: Get on Main Street, heading north from the state house and stay on this road until you reach the SC-215 junction. Stay on 215 and when you reach the intersection at SC-215 and SC-34, you will have the National Forest on your left. From Charlotte: Get on I-77 south and take Exit 65 to SC-9 west. Stay on this road until it becomes SC-72/SC-121. Just before you reach the junction with SC-215, the National Forest will be on your right. From Charlotte: Get on I-77 south and take Exit 65 to SC-9 west. Stay on this road until it becomes SC-72/SC-121. Just before you reach the junction with SC-215, the National Forest will be on your right. From Charleston: Get on I-26 west, and take Exit 108 to I-126. Once the freeway ends, follow Elmwood avenue to Main Street and turn left. Split left on 215 and when you reach the intersection at SC-215 and SC-34, you will have the National Forest on your left. From Atlanta: Get on I-20 east, and take South Carolina Exit 68 to SC-215 North. When you reach the intersection at SC-215 and SC-34, you will have the National Forest on your left. 5,734.9mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrel near Punta Gorda FL - Only over night. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,735.62mi View  |  Edit
77 Truckers Lot near Beckley WV - Gravel lot between Comfort Inn Parking and Italian Restaurant lot. Level and lit and safe. Many truckers park here for the night and no one minded the addition of a camper or two. Constant low level noise from the freeway, no water or electric. Good free pit stop immediately off 77. 5,746mi View  |  Edit
Lake Panasoffkee Wildlife Management Area - 10+ campsites with fire rings and picnic tables. Nice open spaces, great hiking, easily accessible. Register online for free camping @ - Editor's note: This does appear to be free, but REQUIRES A RESERVATION. 5,749mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Brandon - near Brandon FL - Only for one night. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,752.88mi View  |  Edit
TA Travel Center - Seffner FL - Parking good for for 24 hours Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,755.35mi View  |  Edit
Flying J - near Seffner FL - can stay 24 hrs only Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,755.52mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrel - near Seffner FL - 24 hours Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,755.63mi View  |  Edit
Church - near Seffner FL - Huge parking lot in front of a church with a basketball court. Very nice and quiet. From a walking distance from restaurant, grocery and a 24h walgreen. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,755.65mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Brandon - near Brandon FL - Free parking, only if you buy stuff. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,756.5mi View  |  Edit
Westfield Brandon - near Brandon FL - Only if you shop there, and stay outside of the valet area. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,756.52mi View  |  Edit
Costco - near Brandon FL - Only for 1 night Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,756.84mi View  |  Edit
Boggy Campground near Saluda, SC - FREE - in Sumter National Forest, past Saluda, SC, I call it Boggy Campground, because it was under half an inch of water when I found it. It's down an unmarked, unmapped fire trail and requires a 4WD vehicle to access, a normal car probably won't make it down the muddy, bumpy road. The site is pretty obvious, for it is a small clearing beneath trees, large enough for a vehicle, a tent, and some people. There is a pile of charcoal where you can have a fire if you're careful. The campsite abuts private property and the fire trail ends at a gate. Don't block the road, don't trespass, and don't harass the owners and theoretically, you should be safe. The place is free to camp at when you get a free permit at the Long Cane Ranger Office in Edgefield, SC, make sure you have the hours. You can camp there for 2 weeks at most. The land is managed by the USFS. It's a piedmont forest with lots of rain. There are several small mondadocks nearby, you'll need a topo map to find them. Saluda is the nearest town with services. It does back up to private property, but there is a chance you might not see the owner since he has multiple driveways. If not, then this place is pretty private, there will be no traffic unless the owner or firefighters come down that way. Low light and noise pollution. Directions from Columbia: Get on I-126 westbound, Take exit 108 to I-20 westbound. Take Exit 33 to SC-39 northbound. Turn left onto US-378. Turn right onto Running Wild Road WARNING: Road is rough may not be passable to a non-4WD car during when wet. Eventually, on your right, you'll see an ungated primitive road, turn right onto it. You will need 4WD. Drive a few dozen feet and you'll find the campground. If you are on Running Wild Road and reach May Branch Road, you have gone too far. From: Charlotte: Get on I-77 southbound. Take exit 77 to US-21 to Rock Hill, split from it to SC-121 and follow it southbound. Eventually, you'll come to Saluda, and turn right onto US-378. Turn right onto Running Wild Road WARNING: Road is rough may not be passable to a non-4WD car when wet. Eventually, on your right, you'll see an ungated primitive road, turn right onto it. You will need 4WD. Drive a few dozen feet and you'll find the campground. If you are on Running Wild Road and reach May Branch Road, you have gone too far. From Charleston: Get on I-26 westbound. Take exit 108 to I-20 westbound. Take Exit 33 to SC-39 northbound. Turn left onto US-378. Turn right onto Running Wild Road WARNING: Road is rough may not be passable to a non-4WD car during when wet. Eventually, on your right, you'll see an ungated primitive road, turn right onto it. You will need 4WD. Drive a few dozen feet and you'll find the campground. If you are on Running Wild Road and reach May Branch Road, you have gone too far. From: Greenville: Start down on US-25 southbound. Eventually, you'll go through Greenwood, SC, when the time comes, split from US-25 and onto US-178 eastbound. Turn right onto May Road. Turn right on May Branch Road. Turn left onto Running Wild Road. Turn left onto the first fire trail you see. You will need a 4WD vehicle, I can not stress that enough. An RV WILL NOT FIT in the campground, it would probably get stuck on the road anyway. Since it is so hard to find, I shall include the geocoordinates for the start of the fire trail. 33.997126, -81.916865 Boggy Campground Fire Trail Names are unofficial, coordinates are official 5,762.14mi View  |  Edit
FREE Sumter National Forest Long Cane District, includes Saluda, Greenwood, Edgefield, Abbeville, McCormick counties. With a free permit available from the District HQ in Edgefield, you can camp for free for 2 weeks at a time anywhere in the forest. Most roads are rough but I've driven on them in a small family car just fine and the dead end roads have grassy cul-de-sacs at the end, perfect for pitching a tent or turning around. Just be careful of possible criminal activity, this land can range from being adjacent to towns, villages, and trailer parks, with a few stores and cell service to places that are isolated from everything but small service roads. Just remember: if you camp on the side of US 378, it won't be private, the deeper you go into the forest, and the more service roads you go down, the more private it will be. If you have a Jeep, you can go down the logging roads which are perfectly isolated. I strongly recommend bringing a 2-Way radio with you. This is USFS land, just pick a MVUM at the office so you know which land is public and which is private. But if you don't do that, then look out for the brown FSR shields or the yellow USFS signs. Directions: From Columbia, take I-126 to I-20 (or just one of the I-20 exits). On I-20, drive to Exit 33 to SC 39. Merge with US 178 in Saluda, you'll want to pick up supplies here. At the intersection with US 378, take 378 west out of Saluda. Once you cross May Road, the National Forest will be on your right side. You'll have to venture down the County Highways to find the service roads and campgrounds. From Charlotte, take I-77 south to Exit 16, take I-20 west. On I-20, drive to Exit 33 to SC 39. Merge with US 178 in Saluda, you'll want to pick up supplies here. At the intersection with US 378, take 378 west out of Saluda. Once you cross May Road, the National Forest will be on your right side. You'll have to venture down the County Highways to find the service roads and campgrounds. From Charleston, take I-26 west to Exit 107, then take I-20 west.On I-20, drive to Exit 33 to SC 39. Merge with US 178 in Saluda, you'll want to pick up supplies here. At the intersection with US 378, take 378 west out of Saluda. Once you cross May Road, the National Forest will be on your right side. You'll have to venture down the County Highways to find the service roads and campgrounds. From Atlanta, take I-20 east to South Carolina Exit 33 to SC 39. Merge with US 178 in Saluda, you'll want to pick up supplies here. At the intersection with US 378, take 378 west out of Saluda. Once you cross May Road, the National Forest will be on your right side. You'll have to venture down the County Highways to find the service roads and campgrounds. 5,767.27mi View  |  Edit
Trailhead parking area at end of dirt road used mostly by climbers. Rangers won't bother you for any reason. Large area south end for tents. Water is available at Outward Bound right near the parking area. N 35.8836 W 81.8843 5,770.93mi View  |  Edit
I-275 Rest Area / Fishing Pier - The rest area is closed but you can park near the fishing pier. No water or anything else. No signs for no overnight parking. Highway noise died down at night. 5,773.4mi View  |  Edit
Pond - Osceola National Forest near Sanderson FL - A right off the main road into the woods. Trail goes straight and curves to the right. Straight was too muddy for a two wheel drive. The right area comes to a clearing with a pond on the left. It looks like there are trails for hiking here but access roads are very muddy. Two vehicles came in, saw we were here and left. Very quiet... very free. Lots of dragonflies, butterflies and those horrible lovebugs. 5,774.53mi View  |  Edit
Osceola National Forest USFS - near Lake City, FL - tons of boondocking possibilities for vehicles of all sizes. Completely flat, the area is riddled with roads, and some aren't on any maps. Easy to find very private sites. Heavily used by hunters in the winter. Easy to get lost! Be sure to use a map/GPS. Fires are likely prohibited due to high fire danger. Close to I-10 and I-75 junction in Florida. When the water is up, sometimes finding camping can be more difficult though. This site was better during high water. 5,774.72mi View  |  Edit
Osceola National Forest USFS - near Lake City, FL - tons of boondocking possibilities for vehicles of all sizes. Completely flat, the area is riddled with roads, and some aren't on any maps. Easy to find very private sites. Heavily used by hunters in the winter. Easy to get lost! Be sure to use a map/GPS. Fires are likely prohibited due to high fire danger. Close to I-10 and I-75 junction in Florida. This particular location was off of a unmarked unmapped 4wd road and is hardly a pulloff (but there wasn't any traffic either!) Not a good site during high water. 5,775.07mi View  |  Edit
Tarpon Springs Youth Soccer - We parked here for a couple nights in our van without any problems. There are no signs anywhere about overnight parking so we figured we would be ok. The 2nd night there were a few soccer games but they were over early and really no problem for us. The ground crew came in Monday morning about 7am so they made a little noise but again, no bother to us. The park is away from the busy streets and right next to a cemetery so it was very quiet. I don’t think bringing a big rv or camper would work, but definitely good for vans and such. Editor's note: might be best to contact the establishment to ensure camping is legal here. 5,782.36mi View  |  Edit
St Albans Roadside Park - City park along river with 3 free RV spaces. Includes free power and water/dump station available. A little noisy from street traffic but right on Kanawha River. 5,782.57mi View  |  Edit
Wild Fitness/Primal Diner - 35700 Lakeland Blvd, Eastlake OH 44095 - Parking lot of fitness facility. Dry camp site. Located right off freeway. Couple minutes drive from exit of 305 or Vine street. Stay for a day or two. Parking is available at the front of the lot. Couple minutes drive from shopping, restaurants, hospital, Walmart and gas stations. Perfect spot to regroup! Restrooms available during business hours M-Saturday. No showers. Please call and let us know. No advance notice needed. Opportunities to take a fitness class or workout. Lake County Captains baseball stadium fireworks some Fridays and Saturdays during the summer at 10 pm. Contact 440-622-1747 Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,783.13mi View  |  Edit
Old reclaimed strip mines. With many, many small lakes and ponds you can camp right next to the water. It is soo large and very few use this beautiful place. No guns or alcohol allowed. They provide very large half round pieces of firewood for free. 5,784.14mi View  |  Edit
Cherokee National Forest USFS near Elizabethton, TN off of Panhandle Rd, flat parking spot in a pushoff just off of Panhandle Rd. Privacy behind parking spot, but road lies in front of the pushoff. Road sees light use (1 car every 20-40 min) as a forest service road. I accessed it off of TN 91 north east of Elizabethton. There was no road sign for Panhandle Rd as the road was under construction. 5,785.69mi View  |  Edit
Pisgah National Forest - Pisgah National Forest near Brevard NC - Gravel road off 276 near ranger station outside Brevard. Parked along Davidson River. About 10 offshoots to park. Free, no trouble from anyone. Exercise trail crosses over so a bit of foot traffic, some bikes and fly fishers. 5,814.73mi View  |  Edit
McDonalds - Big rig parking and trucks. 24 hour restaurant. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 5,821.2mi View  |  Edit
I-75 Rest Stop Lenox, GA - 75 I Rest Area South Bon, Lenox GA 31637 - This is a rest stop just off the highway. Some rest stops don’t allow overnight parking but this one welcomes it. They even have a FREE dump station for RVs. There is enough space to extend slide outs, as well. This area is not private, with the highway directly in front of you and trucks coming and going. If this doesn’t bother you, then this is a great stop. With that it mind, it is really safe with a lot of traffic coming through, plenty of lighting, and nighttime security patrolling the area. The restrooms are newly remodeled and very clean. There is also a long grass section around the building for dog walking which is nice, just beware of the fire anthills; leave them alone. All in all this is not a long term stop, but an overnight is ok. I don’t think you’d want to stay more than a night at such a busy spot regardless. 5,839.44mi View  |  Edit
Wal Mart near Clayton GA - I see other campers parked along edge of parking lot. We did not stay ourselves but there are always campers here. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,851.2mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Supercenter Marion OH - All vehicles (rv included) allowed. Easily accessible. They prefer you use the farthest part of the parking lot but you are allowed to stay here. There is a 24 hr McDonald’s right beside it as well as other restaurants during the daytime. This is a 24 hr Walmart at 1546 Marion Mount Gilead Rd, Marion, OH 43302 Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,862.52mi View  |  Edit
Wildcat Forest Service road USFS 26, outside Moccasin Creek State Park in Georgia. If memory serves, not accessible to RVs or large trailers. 5,864.71mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Parking Lot - near Fremont OH - Walmart parking lot. Well lit. Manager had me park in the back of the lot between the McDonald’s and car wash. There was also a big rig parked there overnight. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,868.39mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Super Center - London OH - The manager said they allowed overnight parking on the side of the garden center. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,876.85mi View  |  Edit
Access road to the Fontana Lake Dam (Dirt road right next to small waterfall). Drive a mile up on the road (stop right before the road gate). Awesome place for a night on the middle of the woods. 5,878.38mi View  |  Edit
Big Snowbird Road Forest Service Campground - Free USFS Campground at the end of Big Snowbird Rd. 14 days for free. From Hwy 143 turn onto Snowbird Rd. After you cross the river, you will eventually make a left to stay on Snowbird Rd (straight is Dick Branch). Cross the river again, make a right onto Big Snowbird Rd. Campground is on the gravel road at the end of Big Snowbird Rd, after passing two spectacular large houses on the right. We stayed at B5, a gorgeous creekside site away from the other sites. Pit toilet at B3/B4 about 1/3mile away. 3, 4 & 6 big enough for a big rig. 1 and 5 slightly smaller. Not sure how many sites since we didn’t trek beyond B6. No cell service. Only water source is the creek. Listened to the babbling water all night long! Be bear aware! A bear crossed through our campsite during the night but left us alone. 5,882.37mi View  |  Edit
Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area Campground - Year-round free primitive campground available for anyone to use. No marked sites. It is a mowed wooded field with a gravel road meandering through it. Well marked sign designating campground. Could hold maybe 10 rigs. I have only ever seen one or two campers during hunting season. I have confirmed this information with the Park superintendent as recently as this spring. (This was written 8/25/2018.) Located just a half mile or so before the entrance to Chuck Swan on Sharps Chapel Road 10-12 miles off of Highway 33 in Union County TN. Chuck Swan has miles and miles of ATV and horse trails on wooded gravel roads many going down to the shores of Norris Lake where you can Kayak or swim or mountain bike. Norris Lake is a beautiful clean lake with blue water. 5,884.83mi View  |  Edit
AT hiking nearby, Cooper/Hightower rds, pulloff near a rock that drips during wet weather. 5,889.13mi View  |  Edit
Chatahoochee National Forest, off of FS 80, camp spot w tent pad. Near Camp Wasegah and Camp Merril I think. Inbetween and North of a line between Dahlonegah and Amicalola State Park. 5,889.32mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Suches GA 30572 Name: Description: Small pull off to site with fire ring small space for tent. 5,889.38mi View  |  Edit
AT hiking nerby, Cooper/Hightower/Knob Pulloff, 4wd rd beyond to private knob camping spot 5,889.49mi View  |  Edit
AT crosses right near this free campspot near Cooper/Hightower and Horse Gap. There is a pulloff w/fire ring. 5,890.14mi View  |  Edit
Cooper/Hightower/Camping spot. North Georgia Mountains near AT, Springer Mtn, Three Forks. Huge camping area, loop rd pulloff. 5,890.71mi View  |  Edit
TVN Public Land - Jacksboro TN - This is public land west of Chuck Swan State Forest. Primitive or car camping only, it’s an in and out on a tight road with few places to turnaround. 5,892.26mi View  |  Edit
Jones Creek in Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests near Dahlonega GA - Primitive camping, good mountain biking nearby. 5,892.45mi View  |  Edit
Cabelas in Dundee MI - Designated RV parking area in Cabelas parking lot. There is a dump station and water available. The road noise from the expressway was not too excessive. The location was very convenient for an overnight rest before getting back on the road. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,900.41mi View  |  Edit
Hidden Hood Gem - This a parking lot not owned by the hospital and used by employees of the surrounding medical offices. I worked a medical contract there and was told to dock there as it wasn't Hospital property. It's a rough area, but didn't have any trouble. There is a street light at the corner of the lot I was under. No amenities, but there isn't much else free in the area. Lock up and keep your stuff out of sight and you'll be fine. 5,904.51mi View  |  Edit
Walmart - near Marietta GA - General Walmart parking. Pretty quiet and seems to be relatively safe. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,913.33mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Super Store - OK to overnight here, 3-4 rvs a night! Close to I-75 travels, many places to eat within walking distance! Editor's note - as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 5,914.08mi View  |  Edit
This small campground is located in Cherokee National Forest just northeast of Benton TN. Site number one is usually spoken for but there are 7 others to choose from. There is about a mile between most sites. Traffic was minimal. I saw about 6 cars in the 2 days I was there. Also there is a modern campground a couple miles away where I was able to shower and replenish my water supply. Some sites are more secluced than others, some have pullthrus others don't. The site I stayed at (two) was against a river and a creek. Directions: Take US 441 north from Benton TN for about 8 miles then turn right on Spring Creek Rd. It runs along the Hiwassee River to the right. At about 1.75 miles the road sharply curves to the left into Gee Creek Rd 2. There will be another left curve just before site one. The camping is unmarked other than site numbers. 5,914.71mi View  |  Edit
Cabelas - Ackworth, GA - Overnight parking plus a dump station. (Editor's note: as always, check with management before setting up!) 5,918.95mi View  |  Edit
Hickey Gap Campground Chattahoochee National Forest 5,923.48mi View  |  Edit
Rood Creek - near Omaha GA - Nice Campground for tents or RVs. No power or potable water. Toilet is out house. My Scouts loved it as well as the other folks staying there. 5,934.28mi View  |  Edit
Rhea Springs Campground near Spring City TN - Very nice free campground, Picnic Tables, fire rings, bathrooms, Sites on the lake 5,934.69mi View  |  Edit
Jackson's Island near Spring City TN - Small free campsite beautiful lake views not well-maintained only has garbage cans, and fire rings. No picnic tables, no bathrooms. 5,935.71mi View  |  Edit
Provincial Highway Public Rest Area - near Batchawana Bay Provincial Park, ON - When entering from highway - beach access park is to right, rest area is to the left. Large open paved parking area, 24 hour heated restrooms, potable water available. Sufficient room for semi to turn around. No signs posted restricting overnight parking when I stayed overnight in early May, 2019. Beautiful beach accessible from rest area parking, picnic tables, elevated grills, no fees required for rest area. Beach access areas are fee areas. 5,968.04mi View  |  Edit
Tuskegee National forest, Bartram Trail Parking Lot near Auburn AL - Small paling lot. Drive past the ranger station and follow sign for trail parking. Some other campers parked here. Gravel road to lot. Only about 30’ long so not big RV friendly. Good for van. 5,969.18mi View  |  Edit
Interstate 75 Rest Area - near Saint Ignace MI - Large paved parking area, picnic area, elevated grills. 24 hour heated restrooms. Room for semi to turn around. There were no signs restricting overnight parking when I stayed overnight in late April 2019. 5,972.38mi View  |  Edit
French Farm Lake - near Mackinaw City MI 49701 - Dispersed camp sites not managed. There are at least 5 good spots to camp near the lake. Good fishing and sites are accessible by car, SUV, van, and small RVs. No electric or water. 5,972.83mi View  |  Edit
Super Walmart (open 24hrs) - near Panama City Beach FL - Super Walmart, pulled in at 8pm to join 4 other Class C and C RVs in the lot. Parked outside the "Outdoors" side of the building. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 5,978.22mi View  |  Edit
Lake Chinabee - Used to be a park run campground, but they no longer officially run the camping side of it due to funding. A local favorite when it was open. All the campsites are still there and in good shape. Easy access to drive up, shaded, and flat. Vault toilets, no water, Devil’s Den Waterfall (swimming hole) is located on the Chinnabee Silent trail about .5 mile from the parking area. Camped there multiple times for the last two years. You will probably get some locals swimming there on the summer weekends. 5,987.1mi View  |  Edit
One possible two nights in my driveway. Very rural 20 acres to roam. Coordinates listed are for nearest town. Paved state highway. Any size RV, tents welcome. No sleeping in cars. NO facilities available. Well behaved quiet pets welcome. This is a quiet,safe place to park in your travels. You MUST contact me at least 24 hrs ahead of time for availability and directions. Email to with in the subject line. Or text to 260 224 4320 5,995.21mi View  |  Edit
Overnight Parking At Indiana Grand Racing & Casino near Shelbyville IN - Off I-74 Overnight parking at Indiana Grand casino. Shuttle bus will pick you up and take you over to the casino for free. Drop off and pickup. Nice food buffet, restrooms, free live concerts on weekends, slots plus now live casino games. Safe lighted parking lot with plenty of space to be away from others most nights. If you don't want to go over to the casino just wave the shuttle bus on when they come by. Have stayed here many times with no issues or questions. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,002.51mi View  |  Edit
Huron-Manistee National Forest, MI - Manistee River Trail Clearing - Great spot down accessible forest service road river sweeps around the clearing creating nice sandy shallow banks perfect for camping. high and dry lots of room. 6,019.35mi View  |  Edit
Pratt Lake near Newberry MI - This site is found on the north side of Pratt Lake off the Poplar Camp Road which is approximately 1 1/4 miles past the rustic Holland Lake Camp Ground. Heading west on the Holland Lake road, Poplar Camp road splits off at an angle heading south west. Camping permit is free but must being posted prior to setting up camp. Permits can be downloaded from (search for dispersed camping permit). There is lake access for small non motorized boats. The lake is a designated trout lake. No water or toilets on site. Potable water can be pumped at the Holland lake campground site. Site best for small campers or vans. Generally low traffic, but an occasional local fisherman or orv riding by is possible. 6,020.54mi View  |  Edit
Love’s Travel Stop near Moody AL 35004 - Stopped for propane. Did not overnight. But we would have if we had known it was here. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,022.22mi View  |  Edit
Several Spots On combs Rd - Hoosier National Forest near Norman IN - Several primitive pull off spots along combs rd south of the hickory ridge firetower. Great hiking to the north. Some spots big enough for full size RV and others smaller. 6,027.38mi View  |  Edit
Chilton Rest Area I65 Northbound MM213 - near Clanton AL - Lots of spaces for big rigs, RVs, etc. Easy ramp access from highway 65. Lovely treed dog walk and picnic area. Bathrooms clean and plenty of light at night. Big rigs setting up for the night and have not seen any signs to not stay so we are parking for the night! 6,029.76mi View  |  Edit
Blackwell Horse Camp - Hoosier National Forest near Heltonville IN - Equestrian camp @ Lake Monroe, IN. Free camping. Primitive, no hook ups. Pit Toilets. Plenty of level grass sites. Seldom used. Half full on Labor day weekend. 6,031.25mi View  |  Edit
Blackwater State Forest Campsite - not very level, near a great walk-in river tent site. Off of a sand road near Blackwater River State Park, Milton, FL. 6,038.52mi View  |  Edit
Rural, country, rustic, primitive, abandoned buildings/houses, neglected property. No facilities. Donations accepted if allowed in order to develop campground. 5963 Hillandale 5997 Hillandale Sodus, MI 49126 call: 2six9 3six3 86six6 2six9 5one9 for099 for verification/permission 11acres much wooded. aricstreet @ hot mail. Com township ordnance cordinator (David Dent) may whine if notices frequent or vehicles visible from road. 6,041.37mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed Site In Hiawatha NF - Nice clearing down a bumpy dirt road with fire rings in place. No facilities. Totally free and legal as it is in the Hiawatha National Forest. Looks like the locals may use it but I was not bothered the two nights I stayed. Nothing but the sounds of the forest! 6,050.11mi View  |  Edit
Mystic Springs Boat Ramp - near Mc David FL - Small campground (7 camp sites) with fire ring, grill, picnic table, and well kept porta John. This site is completely free just have to make a reservation at and register on the website. Reservations can be made day of- that’s what we did. Road is accessible to small non 4x4 as well as a larger van. Would recommend. Can make multiple day reservations. 6,065.7mi View  |  Edit
Paradise Point In Hiawatha National Forest - near Munising MI - Camp for free right on Lake Superior in this beautiful location. Exact coordinates are 46.479325, -86.766776. You can walk out onto the huge flat rocks to watch the surf. Site overlooks Grand Island and Pictured Rocks. There were spaces for about 7 vehicles. Last mile of dirt road is very rough and requires high clearance vehicle. 4WD not required. No cell service. No facilities of any kind. Water available from nature. 6,071.26mi View  |  Edit
Peninsula Point Campsite - Hiawatha National Forest near Rapid River MI - This great site is only 0.6 miles north of the Peninsula Point Light on Little Bay de Noc as it meets Lake Michigan. The site is big enough for 3-4 units, has a gravel drive up to a large flat grassy area ringed with trees, and a stone’s throw of the bay. There is a fire ring and sufficient downed trees for firewood. The site is private, being shielded from the dirt road by trees. It’s located in the Hiawatha National Forest so according to their rules, is a free site. Despite its remoteness, there was LTE cell service (Verizon). The exact coordinates for the site are 45.676003/-86.966352 or 45*40’33.61”N/86*57’58.87”W. There is another smaller site 0.1 miles north from this, also with a fire ring. We saw white pelicans on the water and hundreds of monarch butterflies as they stopped on the peninsula to rest before continuing their migration to Mexico. 6,078.64mi View  |  Edit
Meriwether Lewis Camp Site: Milepost 385.9 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. This is a free 32-site NPS campground with a pioneer cemetery, picnic tables, ranger station, exhibits, restrooms, and trails. The site is wooded with RV pull throughs and back-ins, but there are no hookups or dump stations. Clay soil gets muddy when it rains. Maximum continuous stay is 14 days. Southwest from Columbia, TN, on US 412, then south on the Trace from US 412; or north on the Trace from TN 20 between Howenwald and Summertown, TN. As a courtesy, check in with the campground host. Other free camp sites are Jeff Busby at milepost 193.1 and Rocky Springs at milepost 54.8. More infomation at: 6,082mi View  |  Edit
Park and ride with free overnight parking allowed (five days maximum) No trucks over 8,000 lbs. No detached trailers No vehicles for sale More information found here: 6,132.59mi View  |  Edit
I&M Canal State Trail Parking Lot - About 10 spaces in this lot. No "no camping" signs, and really out in the middle of nowhere. NO bathroom. 6,146.3mi View  |  Edit
Nipigon Husky Travel Center - near Nipigon ON - Truck stop, 24 hour fuel. Restaurant, quick stop store. Overnight parking allowed, 24 hour heated restrooms, showers available (free with meal receipt from restaurant). Parking area is quite brightly light, typical truck stop traffic at all hours. 6,148.34mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Meridian N - Large Walmart parking lot with adjacent Murphy Gas Station. Overnight parking permitted. Relatively quiet. Stayed in the left side of the parking area between Murphy’s and the store. April 24 2019. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up! 6,152.11mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Neighborhood Market - Starkville MS - Walmart neighborhood market. Just outside of MSU. Editor's note: with any commercial establishment, always check with management before setting up! 6,155.64mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrell near Mount Vernon IL - Stopped for an overnight on the way to Tennessee. Once the cars got out of the RV spots we were the only ones. Some road noise but otherwise nice. TMobile and Verizon full bars. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,168.52mi View  |  Edit
Moody's Landing - Small 4 spot campsite right beside the river. It's also right on the right of the road. Very easy to spot. You can camp here for 14 consecutive days. first come first serve. 6,172.91mi View  |  Edit
NPS Natchez Trace Parkway totally free, hiking trail to top of Little Mountain, a great place to stay for one night or several days busy in the spring and late fall with snow birds passing through no electrical hook ups, Mile Marker 194, nearest town Eupora to the north and Ackerman to the aouth 6,183.05mi View  |  Edit
The Iron Pig is a restaurant and tavern that has a hand full of spots for overnight boondocking. The owners are big RV people and allow travelers to spend the night in one of there 2 parking lots. The lower lot is flat but can get full with customers so you will want to park as far away from the front entrance as possible. There is a very nice wooded shady area in the far end of the lot just on the other side of the fence that is nice but not as level. The upper lot is not very level but if your not impatient and you can level your RV it is a little quieter and not right next to the road. They did have a shower room and a toilet that I was able to use for a small fee. The restaurant has incredible food and drinks and has a great music seen with bands and karaoke. Also a great place to watch sports. The location is great and it's just a couple miles off of I90/39 I 94 interchange!! You can only stay one night since the county and township frown on longer stays. It is hard to find good boondocking areas in this part of Wisconsin so this is a little gem. The restaurant and bar are open till 2am and serve incredible food up till they close!! The hours of operation are 11am-2am 7 days a week except they don't open till 3pm on Mondays. Please make sure to contact one of the workers or the owners themselves and ask if you can stay. You can text and ask 4023600537 or call the Iron Pig at 608-742-1098 and ask if you can park for the night. Owners names are Andrea and CJ. 6,195.55mi View  |  Edit
The location is the lobby of the Wabash Avenue Post Office. This is a legitimate place to crash, as the homeless guy who stays there when we shared the place says he's been there for years. There's plenty of parking and it's well lit. It's to the south of Hardee's on the map. There's no toilets, water or electrical use, but there's heat in the winter and A/C in the summer! The 24-hour fitness place next door might let you use their facilities. Good place to throw down a sleeping bag in a pinch! 6,208.43mi View  |  Edit
Esther Lake Minnesota State Forest - This is a very remote site on a small lake. Three campsites with fire pits. First come first serve. Incredibly beautiful spot. Level site for tent or van or RV. Last 5 miles on road is narrow single track. Google maps did get us here fine but one fork in the road about 3 miles from campgrounds was confusing. Follow the water access sign at the fork. 6,230.17mi View  |  Edit
8183 Heggelund Rd Marshfield WI 54449 360 acres of cross Country Ski and hiking trails.. This 360-acre parcel has 5 miles of developed cross country ski trails, wilderness camping and a parking lot on gently rolling lands, divided by Puff Creek. Richfield 360 is located 7 miles north of STH 13 & 80 on CTH A. The area has 8 miles of cross-country ski/nature trails and 7 primitive campsites. Richfield 360 is open year round. 6,235.31mi View  |  Edit
Superior National Forest Campsite near Grand Marias and Boundary Waters Canoe Area MN (Minnesota) 6,235.94mi View  |  Edit
Pat Bayle State Forest in Minnesota at Eagle Mountain Trailhead, not sure if legal, near Grand Marais, MN. 6,250.53mi View  |  Edit
River Bend Park - Saint Charles MO - Large parking area and boat ramp on Mississippi River (Dardenne Slough). No hookups but does have porta potty. 2 miles from entertainment area, fuel, and 6 miles from dump station at Loves. 6,254.07mi View  |  Edit
This is at the Coahoma County Tourism Office. There are no hookups available but it’s a level site in the middle of old downtown Clarksdale, close to all of the blues museums and clubs. We met the director or tourism in one of the shops and he offered the parking lot for a couple of days stay. Please check in with the office before settling in. We kept a very low profile so as to not make competition for the nearby official campground. We are in a camper van fully self contained. It really was nice to be able to walk to all of the places we were interested in visiting. 6,257.91mi View  |  Edit
I-80 Iowa Truck stop - near Walcott IA - Giant truck stop with rv and bus area 6,265.66mi View  |  Edit
Safe Haven Camp - near Schroeder MN - Large area of dispersed camping. Gravel surface 300 by 300 with secluded places. Suitable for RV, tent and trailer. May be state forest land. Near boat launch with porta potty and Lake Superior. 6,268.44mi View  |  Edit
Lindsay Mtn Trailhead near Bell Mtn Wilderness. 6,270.73mi View  |  Edit
Cracker Barrel - At least 4-5 bus/RV parking spots. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, verify with management before setting up! 6,282.09mi View  |  Edit
Berryman Trailhead & Campgrounds No fees, No trash service. You'll find 8 campsites, each with table, lantern post and fire ring. Centralized vault toilet, but no drinking water Can accommodated up to 34' RVs. No hookups available at this location Closest towns are Potosi, Steelville This small, remote campground and picnic area located at the site of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp of 1937 provides a quiet setting for escaping from your normal routine. With just 8 individual campsites and a picnic shelter, it is enjoyed by campers, picnickers, mountain bikers, equestrians, and hikers. The Berryman Trail leaves from this recreation area, and traverses 24 miles of scenic Ozark countryside and winding through timbered stands and fields. The hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding offer one a pleasant measure of solitude and quiet. more info at: 6,283.16mi View  |  Edit
Silver Bay MN - This is the location of seven 60' long camp sites on hard top, close to level. There is a constant quiet drone of a nearby plant that is more like white noise. There is a dump station near by. Cell reception. Town near. Very little to no traffic. 6,284.65mi View  |  Edit
City of Silver Bay MN offers a municipal dump station and RV parking area adjacent to a public scenic overlook. There is a donation box but no charge to use the dump station or designated RV parking area. The area is quiet and unlit and located within easy walking distance of the city which offers a nice shopping center, public library with free wifi, 2 service stations etc. Located less than 1 mile off Hwy 61 in downtown Silver Bay, follow the signs for the RV dump station. 6,284.83mi View  |  Edit
Ravenden Rest Area - near Black Rock AR 72415 - Road side rest area with rest rooms. 6,289.61mi View  |  Edit
Forest Service Rd 410 - Silver Bay MN - Pick any place along FS Rd 410. We stayed 4 nights, our truck and trailer are 52 feet. Even had FS Ranger truck and MN State truck drive by but they just waved. Free and easy to find but bring bug spray. 6,295.51mi View  |  Edit
Little Scotia Campground The campground and picnic area have been closed and abandoned. But that doesn't mean you can't stay there! No facilities, but the campsites are still marked, the street is paved. A little hard to find because the signs have been removed, but if you get here, it's a great secluded spot. 6,298.2mi View  |  Edit
Brule River - Brule River State Forest near Brule WI 54820 - Two small sites next to river down a long steep gravel hill at the end of Town Park Rd. Looks like locals use them but we didn’t have any issues. Stayed one night as we were traveling through our truck and trailer are 52 feet. Free and easy to find. 6,300.86mi View  |  Edit
Visitor Center - Nice FREE. Electric outlet everywhere. FREE. Excellent visitor center with tons of info. FREE. did i mention FREE with electricity and water (not potable) and dump and FREE! Yes merci thank you. Editor's note: always best to check in with staff before setting up. 6,308.49mi View  |  Edit
Canaan Conservation Area near Bland MO - Go north on HWY A from Bland Missouri. Turn right onto Boettcher RD. Follow Boettcher road to the fork continue straight onto Bock road. You will have your pick of 3 sites. No water electric or dump on site. This area is popular for hiking mountain biking horse back riding and bird watching. Road is accessible for all vehicles. 14 day maximum stay. Very little to no cell service. This is one of 3 camp grounds. I would advise to check local hunting seasons as some archery hunting is allowed here. 6,311.34mi View  |  Edit
Canaan Conservation Area near Bland MO - Hidden location. From highway 28 in Bland Missouri go north on highway A. Take highway approximately 2 miles and on the right hand side (east) you will turn on an unmarked road at a well maintained mobile home. Road will look like you are taking a private drive. About a half a mile in it will open up and you will start to see conservation signage. Go to the bottom of the hill turn right and you will have your choice of 5 campsites. 14 day max stay. No water electric or dump on site. Road is accessible for all vehicles. Watch for low hanging limbs if you have a high profile vehicle. This location is great for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Little to no cell service. Check with local hunting seasons and regulations as some archery hunting is allowed. 6,312.55mi View  |  Edit
City of Wabasha MN has posted 72 Hour parking for no charge. Across from Schells Super Value at 221 Hiawatha Dr W 55981 Just off Hwy 61, this is a large flat secure place to park for up to 3 days at no charge. Wabasha also has a City campground(fee) which may offer dump station for a small fee. Wabasha is Minnesota's oldest river town with great shopping and dining nearby (walkable). 6,325.91mi View  |  Edit
Bucksnort County Park. If camping here call there is a sign to call the sheriffs office to let them know you are there, they do patrol the area and if no notification is given they may knock on your vehicle/tent. Parking area is pretty flat. This is a moderate traffic area, it is a park, designated catch and release trout stream. Hwy 30 is moderately busy, this is right along the highway. room for 1 or 2 RV's depending on size. No toilets, bring a shovel and TP. No running water so bring that to. A few garbage cans are around. Dam and picnic area is nice, relaxing, watch the trout try and jump the dam, sometimes they do! City of Lanesboro and Preston both have free dump stations, both about 10 miles away. Parking area is about 60' x 60' triangle. Grassy tent area is about 60' x 90' 6,327.58mi View  |  Edit
Sherburne Wildlife Management Area. Tent and R/V camping are free, at the southern campsite in the WMA with a self clearing permit that can be obtained at any of the area's Information Centers (an Information Center is located at the campsite). The site is secluded though you may a couple of neighbors during peak hunting and fishing seasons. A few of the WMA's activities include camping, hiking, sightseeing, boating, horseback riding trails and ATV trails. With proper license hunting, trapping and fishing is possible. The site is down a dirt road and over the top of a levee so access to the site may be difficult if the weather is or has been bad (this is a Louisiana swamp), 4wd vehicle may be needed. From I-10 take the Whiskey Bay Exit on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. Head north on 975 for approximately 9 miles. 6,328.31mi View  |  Edit
Walmart In New iberia - Classic Walmart parking for boondocking on the edge, safe and not too noisy. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,333.98mi View  |  Edit
Paddy Creek Campground Mark Twain National Forest Can accommodated up to 34' RVs. No hookups available at this location. No fees, but donations accepted. This recreation area is nestled in a hollow along Paddy Creek, a major tributary to the Big Piney River, 1/2 mile away. It provides a picnic area and 23 campsites. It is located adjacent to the east boundary of the Paddy Creek Wilderness and is one of the 3 trailheads for the Big Piney Trail.Paddy Creek flows year-round and is a crystal clear wading creek. 6,337.22mi View  |  Edit
Camping World - Located Right off interstate. A little noisy, completely FREE. Overnight only After store hours 5pm- 8am. Regular 120v outlets located at building. Bring your cords / adapters. No other services. Large RV, 5th wheel, TT accommodated. No tents. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 6,346.8mi View  |  Edit
Flying J - Roberts WI - Truck stop, diesel, overnight parking. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,350.49mi View  |  Edit
Camping near International Falls, MN (Minnesota) near Voyageurs National Park 6,373.28mi View  |  Edit
Mall Of America. In the North Parking Lot they allow free overnight stays. Bathrooms inside during normal business hours. 6,384.15mi View  |  Edit
I am local and have camped at the trailheads(there are three) and in the over 12,000 acres of Hercules Glades. You can only access the wilderness area itself by horse or foot, but the camping at the trailhead is fine and FREE. Two of the trailheads(at the lookout tower and coy bald) have picnic tables and fire rings, one(Blair Ridge Road) is just a place to park(3 maybe 4 vehicles)but around it there is PLENTY of room to set up and camp. I would NOT try to get an RV to coy bald, but the lookout tower trailhead is used by horse trailers and is a short gravel road off Hwy 125. For full info including downloadable PDF go to HAPPY CAMPING!!! 6,385.04mi View  |  Edit
Cabelas in Owatonna MN - Cabelas Store. $5 dump station and free drinkable water. Called and they said to park in the South lot (Which is where the dump station is). Said stay as long as we wanted, although we just stayed one night. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,386.61mi View  |  Edit
Name: Woolum Campground - Part of the Buffalo National River/NPS. Considered a backcountry site so there’s no fee. There’s a large grassy lot that can accommodate at least a dozen tents; if you’d like to you can drive further down the road and camp along the river bank. There are guidelines to follow for backcountry camping (eg. Leave no Trace policies and such), so be sure to read the webpage on backcountry camping on the NPS website for more information. One important thing to note, the road here no longer crosses the river; or can take a little while to drive to the more popular sections of the Buffalo River (45 minutes-1 hour). Still a cool place to camp! 6,386.65mi View  |  Edit
Cabelas near Rogers, MN - June, 2019 - overnight IS allowed but only behind the building in a parking lot shared by tractor trailers. I asked one clerk if policy was due to town ordinance and they said no. Cabelas is supposed to welcome RV’s. Not sure why this one requires them to be in the back with big rigs. Of course they come and go during the night and I had one rig pull up near me and ran the engine all night. Between the noise and exhaust, you’re likely in for a short night as I was. There’s plenty of perimeter parking out in front with large spacious parking area. No surprise that I was disappointed in this store’s policy. Still, if you need a place to stop, this offers something. 6,397.57mi View  |  Edit
Flying J - near Russellville AR - A ok place to overnight. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,399.69mi View  |  Edit
Lowes - near Russellville AR - A good place to overnight. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,400.07mi View  |  Edit
Lenox-Marcus Recreation Area - near Amity AR - This is a free camping facility monitored by the Army Corps Of Engineers. Choose a spot with a BBQ table and fire ring. There is a boat launch and parking lot and vault toilets with water available. Lots of spaces on and near the lake. 2 weeks max. The ranger will usually come by once a day to “register” your stay. 6,409.46mi View  |  Edit
Lenox-Marcus Corps Of Engineers Recreation Area - Beautiful campground right on the water! Has vault toilets, potable water, a boat ramp, picnic tables and grills. 2 week limit. The ranger came by my site to get my name and register me. 6,409.57mi View  |  Edit
Montissippi County Park - Canoe or free camping. Has DNR sign stating camping is legal. It is right off the road to the boat landing. 6,411.05mi View  |  Edit
Rutherford Beach - Nice boondocking site next to Gulf Coast. Free. Ok for 2x4, and big rig. 6,412.93mi View  |  Edit
Buckville Area - near Jessieville AR - Single camping spot. Can park small motor home. It’s free and overlooks the lake. Just down the road they have composting toilets. 6,415.67mi View  |  Edit
Avant AR - Ouachita National Forest near Avant AR - Great tent camping. Can drive 2wd truck to location. Can launch small boat with 4wd dr truck or great for kayaks. 6,416.48mi View  |  Edit
Sartell, MN Walmart - Extremely boondock friendly. Many people have used this place with all manor and sizes of vehicles. Ed note: As always with retail establishments, please verify with the store manager as policies can and do change. 6,427.81mi View  |  Edit
St. Cloud Walmart - This Walmart has been extremely welcoming of boondockers. Several people have used this long term. Be respectful. It’s in a busier part of town but never heard of 'dockers having any issues. Ed note: As always with retail establishments, please verify with the store manager as policies can and do change. 6,428.67mi View  |  Edit
South Toledo Bend State Park near Florien LA - Camped here many times. Showers close by. Flowing river, very safe. 6,436.44mi View  |  Edit
Walmart and Target allow overnight stays in their parking lot at this location. I have called and confirmed with the Walmart. We are heading there tonight. Lots of shopping and restaurants in the area. Editor's note: ALWAYS check with store management before setting up at a commercial establishment. 6,437.01mi View  |  Edit
Montrose Lake Conservation Area, no designated campsites, but camping up to 14 days is allowed. The coordinates are for the North Camping area, the south camping area is smaller, but has a boat ramp. South area is closed during duck hunting season to NON-licensed people. There are several fire rings. The is some camping along the lake. Kayaking dream. Well maintained by the county and is FREE and easy to access. Nearest real town is Clinton, stock up before arriving. No power or water, no dump station. Pack in, pack out! Sites are located just of local highway. Exit I-49 at Adrian, MO, follow 18 east, turn right on RA Follow 18 west from Clinton, MO, turn left at RA 6,440.46mi View  |  Edit
Walter Umphrey State Park was a godsend when my friends and I went to Houston to assist in the relief efforts. We were following leads to free camping areas in the area and found nothing but at my recommendation, checked this site out, and to my surprise! Free camping up to 2 weeks, no fire pits or rings, but great fishing, soft grass, stone picnic tables and RIGHT on the water! 6,459.3mi View  |  Edit
Fort Defiance State Park, IA - State park. Free to camp there. Can get there from Route 9. There are spigots and outhouse-type bathrooms. Pretty quiet there on a Monday night. There are a few campsites there. I pitched my tent on a grassy area, and nobody bothered me, although a few people drove by. It's 20 miles or so east of lakes in Iowa that supposedly have fairly good fishing. It's a little further west and a bit north to Sioux Falls. 6,469.79mi View  |  Edit
La Cygne KS - 399th St - Right Off The Road - There are two locations here. Just down the path from each other. Very close to the road so not much privacy as cars are driving by. The road is a dirt road but manageable in most vehicles. No hooks ups, no electricity, fire pit there and able to fish. 6,477.39mi View  |  Edit
Ouachita National Forest, Kiamichi Ranger District, 6 miles east of Big Cedar, OK (junction of US 259 and OK 63) on OK 63. Turn left onto NF 6032. There a several places to pull in and park a car (even a small RV), between the road and the Kiamichi River. The river is always running so you could filter water. It's also very scenic. Haven't camped here myself but parked here for backpacking. Nearest town with amenities is Mena, AR, another 20 miles east. 6,483.63mi View  |  Edit
Pashubbe Trailhead at the end of NF 6032 2.85 miles from U.S. 259 in the Ouachita National Forest, Kiamichi Ranger District. Site at the end of the road contains several places to park car(s) and place tent(s). There are several fire rings and although large the 2 times we've camped there, we had it to ourselves. The Ouachita Trail passes through as well. Before the end of the road are several places to park RVs as well. The 2nd time we were there, there were a few but were gone in the morning before we were. Nearest cities with amenities are Mena, AR and Talihina, OK. 6,486.93mi View  |  Edit
Primitive camping at Bluffwoods Conservation Area There's a gravel road with a little local traffic. No hookups for RV. This is a gravel parking area and a field with a couple of fire rings. The conversation area has some short trails with views overlooking the river valley. Belongs to the Missouri Department of Conservation. 6,488.44mi View  |  Edit
High Island Beach - This is old hwy 87. The hwy runs for miles just feet from Gulf. Beach is narrow but firm with pebbles. There are some turn outs. 6,488.92mi View  |  Edit
Rest Stop near Muldrow OK - Formal rest stop. Clean bathrooms. No showers. Picnic tables. Walking path. Area for pets. Big parking spots, overnight parking permitted. 6,489.04mi View  |  Edit
Miami, O Municipal RV Park - Free Park, water, Demo, station, no electric, behind the fire station close to a river, 3 days maximum. 6,495.1mi View  |  Edit
Horseshoe Bend near Park Hill OK - Free camping, pit toilets. Paved roads until the park entrance. Gravel roads maintained by county road crews. No specific campsites, just find a spot and setup. Be aware that from March through June it may be somewhat crowded, especially on weekends. At the bottom of the hill before entering the area is a sharp, steep turn that requires power and a narrow turn radius to make in one attempt. Vehicles over 35’ in total length may want to avoid this area, or have a spotter go ahead to watch for oncoming traffic when leaving. 6,500.13mi View  |  Edit
Atchison Co, fishing lake. have camped here many times. has a hydrant at the entrance for potable water. signs say for vehicles to stay off the grass but have some parking along roadways. and as long as folks are not leaving ruts i have not seen it enforced by rangers 6,500.68mi View  |  Edit
Bolivar Flats - near Port Bolivar TX - Bolivar Flats Free Beach is open year round. The maximum RV length is unlimited. You may stay 3 days at Bolivar Flats Free Beach. This is one of two free beaches in Galveston County. This is the free beach on the east side of the Bolivar Peninsula. Here the free beach is only 1/4 mile long. It stars at Rettilon Road and goes NE to the wash. The beach is very wide and there are no houses. This area is called "the flats", reached by taking Rettilon Road off Hwy 87 (approx 3.7 miles from ferry landing). Trash receptacles are located on the beach. They are the only thing that is provided. If you need water or a toilet, you'll have to bring it with you. Parking and camping on the beach SW of this section, requires a $10 beach permit. It is good from the date of purchase until December 31st of the same year. You can purchase them at any gas station or “The Big Store” on the island. Everything closes down around 8-9pm so make sure to do so earlier. The beach is only patrolled during the day time so if you plan on arriving at night time just park anywhere and you won’t be bothered until the following morning if you’re in the paid area. Easiest way to understand free/paid is at the end of Rettilon Rd it turns to the sandy beach and if you take a left you’re on the free section and if you take a right it is the paid/permit portion. There are no port-o-potties on this beach and no free/public showers or running water. Make sure to bring everything you need or stop at The Big Store for supplies. I will note that since that’s the only “grocery” store on the island you will be paying a premium. I suggest stopping off in Galveston Island to pickup everything you need prior. Camp fires are allowed, just dig a hole anywhere and you’re good to go. It is windy so you may need gas/lighter fluid initially. The sand is hard packed and easy to drive on. Park as close to the small dunes as possible and check the bolivar tide chart and weather to ensure your safety. The beach has lots of washed up litter, so be kind and pick up a little as appreciation for our free beach! 6,509.74mi View  |  Edit
Route 44 Rest Stop - I-44 W, Vinita OK - A big truck/ car rest area with plenty of parking, 24 hour bathrooms, gas, and food. A great place to crash for the night: no one bothers you and it’s right off the major road. Easy access and easy to find, just look for the rest area sign and pull right in. Would definitely recommend for 1 night on the road. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,510.85mi View  |  Edit
Atchison Co. lake nice quite place out of the way. we always took water with us so im not sure if there is access to potable water here or not. 6,515.07mi View  |  Edit
Woodridge Public Use Area - Woodridge Public Use Area near Berryton KS - Free camping. Plenty of room in parking lot for my 25’ rig. Easy access, signs will lead you straight to camping area. Primitive sites with fire rings. Primitive bathroom facilities. 6,516.94mi View  |  Edit
This area is part of the Davy Crockett National Forest, managed jointly with the State of Texas, as a Texas Wildlife Management Area. There are oodles of b'docking spots here. You'll absolutely love it, unless you make the mistake of trying to camp during hunting season... Level of confidence: extremely high. See: 02/28/2012 - UPDATE - We just passed through and found just about all of Davy Crockett closed due to storm damage from last April (2011). Because of this we found Angelina National Forest pay sites open for free. 6,519.11mi View  |  Edit
NW Of Apple Spring, Tx On NF Land - At intersection of hwy 357 and ft road 527 west (or east) to throw down camping on NF. This is REMOTE camping with associated pro and con. Pine forest with clear under story. 6,526.55mi View  |  Edit
USFS. This is the Neches Bluff Overlook area just off of highway 21 in Davy Crockett National Forest. It is the Northern trailhead for the 20 mile 4C trail, which ends in Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area on highway 7. Ratcliff is a paid recreation area, but this northern site is completely free for camping and day use and includes at least one geocache. There's a decent view of the Neches River bottom from a platform near the restroom. This area is also very popular with hunters during deer season, so be aware if you're not there to hunt at that time. Some nearby towns are Crockett, Lufkin, and Ratcliff, where the Ranger Station is located. 6,529.41mi View  |  Edit
Fish Hawk Point on Lake Hawkins. Directions: West of Hawkins on US 80 turn right (North) on County Road 3440. Follow CR 3440 along the West side of the lake for several miles until you reach a public boat ramp next to a small Italian Restuarant. To the right just before the restuarant turn into Fish Hawk Point. This park has no sign but does have two signs, one stating "tents only" and the other indicating a public restroom. The road follows the ridge of a penninsula. It is a little steep but many tent locations are available. The bathroom (men's and women's) have flush toilets nut no sinks. The men's bathroom has a faucet on the supply to the toilet. This is an unsupervised coounty park. The bathrooms were dated but clean because the county has someone come out once or twice a week to pick up trash and keep the bathrooms presentable. The lake has really clean water and a couple of areas to swim with sandy bottoms. The road ends in a circle and the park gets a lot of traffic all night long. Probably beer drinking and whoopie. This would be a good stop if you were traveling between Dallas and Shreveport. It is not far off of US 80 (the old highway between Dallas and Shreveport before Interstate Highways) and can be reached in Terrel and Longview. If you are in a hurry don't bother. 6,531.07mi View  |  Edit
Petromart Truck Stop - Free dump site and water on west side of lot. Large parking lot. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 6,531.54mi View  |  Edit
Wal-mart - Multiple trucks parked in the lot. 12-28-18. There are no signs that say no overnight or truck parking. Editor's note: With any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,541.37mi View  |  Edit
US 271, just north of Arthur City (near Texas-Oklahoma line). TXDOT rest area. 36 hour limit - no "structures". Small rest area with picnic tables. No water or toilets. Watch for it or you will miss it. Busy divided highway! 6,541.45mi View  |  Edit
Swan Lake Boat Launch - Brazoria TX - Quiet boat launch that has plenty of room to park and rest. You can park your camper and rest for the night. Safe area. Only boat and kayak traffic. 6,543.9mi View  |  Edit
Several Boondocking Spots - near Sam Houston National Forest, Montgomery TX - Several camping spots along the lake. Easy access, beautiful vegetation even a gravesite from 1931 along the way. Be warned people leave trash, I saw a tv, vehicle car seat and other needless trash. Very shady. 6,560.66mi View  |  Edit
Nichols Park - near Henryetta OK - Free camping area. No hookups. Picnic table, grill, and fire pit. 7 sites available. Lake with small beach. Website provides a little information. 6,562.19mi View  |  Edit
Sam Houston National Forest. Multiple spots along Kelly's Pond Road. Free for up to 14 days. $5/day fee to use surrounding trails. Trail information at end of road. I-45 to FM1375W. Cross Lake Conroe. Look for sharp left on 204. Kelly's Pond Rd ahead on right. Camped here 2/28/15. Good road condition. VW Jetta handled it no problem. Others camping in pulloffs along road too. 6,562.5mi View  |  Edit
Pot 1 state park camped there a few times over the years good fishing 6,567.08mi View  |  Edit
Pot 2 state lake normally quite place. last there ranger no longer lived on park property think sheriff patrolled 6,574.83mi View  |  Edit
Marysville City Park in Marysville KS - Free 7 days camping w/hookups per 30 days. City of Marysville has 8 to 10 spots with electricity and potable water. There is a dump station next to the park restrooms. Nice small town with good food available. Nice theater, the owner Alex Schultz refurbished it with upgraded seating. 6,577.9mi View  |  Edit
Carnahan Creek park, out in the open very few trees. trails along lake. no potable water last i was there. 6,579.54mi View  |  Edit
LCRA Matagorda bay Nature Center - near Bay City TX - Free overnight parking 24 hours in a paved parking lot directly on the bay. Beautiful nature center facility with an RV Park for those who prefer hookups. $6 dump fee if that’s all you need. Great pier and beaches. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,588.16mi View  |  Edit
Magnolia Beach: Well known boondocking on the beach. There’s usually several other RVs here but you can almost always find a spot. There are bathrooms and showers here as well. Very clean. There’s very little tide here. The road is sand and crushed shells so it’s very hard. I see some class A and larger 5th wheels here too. Near Port Lavaca TX. 6,621.78mi View  |  Edit
Washita Casino - Fuel station with huge parking lot. Well lit and cameras of course. There is also a truck parking lot directly across the road for semis. The sign says no trucks but that because they don't know what truckers have so that's why it's posted. The security guard gave us full permission to park anywhere along the fence of next to a light pole. Easy in and out with anything plus you can get fuel coffee or even buy things if you want. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,639.74mi View  |  Edit
Cedar Creek park - near Whitney TX - Army Corps of Engineers campground. Free. 14 day limit. Great fishing sites. Tents ok. Large vehicles ok but not too many sites. 6,657.43mi View  |  Edit
Soldiers Bluff Park Campground - near Clifton TX - Army Corps of Engineers campground right next to the dam. Free. 14 day limit. Busy in the summer. More picnic sites than campsites. 3 sites have hookups but must be reserved for camp hosts or left over from when it was a pay campground. Fishing nearby. Any size vehicle. No pull throughs. 6,658.21mi View  |  Edit
Beach Camping near Corpus Christi TX - Although you can camp for free, a year pass can be bought for $12 from the local IGA to drive on beach. Go to access 1 A, Beach is hard packed easy for 2x4, TAKE A RIGHT, And drive to marker 33, EPIC, Trash cans, porta johns throughout. 6,658.75mi View  |  Edit
Walling Bend Park - near Clifton TX - Army Corp of Engineers campground - Some sites right on the water. Accessible to any vehicle. Porta potties. Group pavilion available. Boat launch. Similar to other COE parks in this lake. Not as many sites but some secluded. Free-14 day limit 6,659.2mi View  |  Edit
Steele Creek Park - Steele Creek Park, Morgan TX - Free camping at Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Park - Lakefront camping 6,661.59mi View  |  Edit
"The Slab" at Boca Chica State Park East of Brownsville, TX, on route 4, 1/2 mile to Gulf of Mexico. Free camping, swimming, and fishing. No services! LAN at air port. A large concrete slab and two palm trees left by the hurricanes. Road noise from route 4. Safe, as Border Patrol comes often. Free camping also on 6 miles of beach for experienced sand drivers. 6,669.98mi View  |  Edit
Padre Island Dispersed Camping - Lots of places to tuck in all along this beach - 60 miles of it! Beware of soft sand. High clearance 4wd recommended. 6,678.46mi View  |  Edit
Dude Ranch near Oacoma SD - Boat ramp, bathroom, waterfront, quiet. 6,694.92mi View  |  Edit
Valero Truck Stop - Round Mountain TX - Large gently sloped parking lot. Stayed here for a few days, nice and peaceful occasional road noise, and sheep for neighbors. If you ask nicely, the store manager will let you fill your water tank from a faucet at the rear corner of the building. Open 24 hours with decent restrooms. Overall a good place to spend a few nights when passing through. We parked behind the VFD building in the SW corner of the lot. Free. Editor's note: always check with the manager to verify. 6,722.68mi View  |  Edit
Kiowa State Fishing Lake near Greensburg KS - Free. Just a block or so north of town. Signage. Playground. Pack it out. Train but not bad during the night. Dispersed camping. Lovely lake. 6,733.94mi View  |  Edit
Vivian Rest Area - Vivian SD - This appears to be an old rest stop. Oval driveway. Overhead lighting. Room to park with room for another to pass by. Much quieter than truck stop near by. Very flat cement. 6,738.14mi View  |  Edit
Dam Road in Fort Pierre National Grassland near Murdo SD - Beautiful rolling hills. No amenities, but total seclusion. 6,740.42mi View  |  Edit
Pierre Natl Grasslands. I believe there are various area in here where you can free camp. No campgrounds though. This one is by a pond at Richland Dam. This is one of the areas specifically designated as ok to camp on their map (as of when we were here on 09/10). Nice spot if your willing to travel down a few dirt roads. This is boondocking. Only amenity I saw was a porta potty some distance away. 6,740.45mi View  |  Edit
Nelson Lake Recreation Area - Center ND - Several free campsites with fire rings, trash and one port-o-potty by the boat launch/fishing pier. Gravel roads and most spots are not level. Limited sites. First come first camp - sign says partnership between Federal Land, ND forestry and Minnkota power company - huge power plant on other side of lake. Arrived Saturday afternoon and was packed with ND license plates- lots of RVs - some huge - cars and trucks. Was empty by Sunday night so must be a local weekend spot - ND is the least visited state after all which I like as Monday and Tuesday we had the whole park to ourselves which was awesome! We stayed in a truck and tent through Tuesday. This place was so great I wanted to selfishly keep to self but there are no ND boondocking spots so I thought I'd share. Enjoy! 6,751.19mi View  |  Edit
Nelson Carlson Lake—Free Camping near Douglas ND - Close to Minot and a nice spot between two small lakes. Only about 5 spots for camper/travel trailers but more spaces for tents along the lake shore. We went late April so there was only day company and we had the place to ourselves at night. When it’s later in the season and more campers stay the night, it will be a little crowded I’m sure, but it was an awesome little place for a weekend getaway. Has bathrooms but not very well up kept, bring your own TP. Fire pits are at every site, charcoal grills and some concrete picnic tables as well. Lake beaches are actually pretty nice. 6,754.91mi View  |  Edit
White River City Park - The city park in White River has 6 spots to park RVs, and plenty of space for tents. There are trees for shade, and there are bushes that conceal tents from the street. Unclear if crime is a problem here, but everyone seems nice enough. A good stop for a night on a road trip. If you came into town on 44 east, then keep going straight. There will be two baseball fields on the right, then the park will be after that. 6,762.08mi View  |  Edit
Black Kettle National Grassland at Dead Indian Lake. A beautiful spot with about a dozen camp sites. A few of which have full sun all day and great access to the lake. The others, closer to the entrance, are very well shaded with great hammock spots. Both locations have large, flat, grassy areas perfect to pitch a tent, with restrooms close by. Free, legal, and public year around with a 14 day limit on all stays. 6,769.7mi View  |  Edit
Mill Park near Curtis NE 69025 - This is a little rodeo arena park just west of Curtis, Nebraska. The first three days are free. There are 5 hard stands with electric and water. Curtis is the Easter City and home of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Curtis is a quiet community of about 700 people. It is easily accessible with 2wheel drive vehicles. The roads are paved. I live in the community and find it very peaceful. 6,776.4mi View  |  Edit
On the shore of Merritt Reservoir. Samuel R. McKelvie National forest, "trading post" within 5 miles. 4x4 helpful but not required. Good fishing. Free camping, no registration, pack in and pack out, no garbage cans. About 25 miles from town of Valentine Ne. (hospital and full services) BESSEY RANGER DISTRICT, NEBRASKA NATIONAL FOREST & SAMUEL R. McKELVIE NATIONAL FOREST & CHARLES E. BESSEY TREE NURSERY District Ranger: Terry T. Baker Nursery Manager: Richard Gilbert Bessey Ranger District Office PO Box 39 Halsey, NE 69142 308-533-2257 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-5:00 CT 6,778.28mi View  |  Edit
Karrer Park, NE - 7 free campsites (donation option available). Electric hookups, water on site, dump, restrooms and showers. 6,784.1mi View  |  Edit
Steak House - Large open parking area between Steak House and Chevron - appears to be heavily used by trucks. 6,787.36mi View  |  Edit
Haskell City park - Haskell TX - Great stop. In a city park next to a river. Has water, electricity, and septic if needed. FREE for first night only. 6,787.94mi View  |  Edit
Falcon Heights County Park Has hot shower some sites have grills, some have picnic tables has water to each site, no sewer hookups, no electricity electricity available in Pavillion for charging electronics No limit on length of stay, sites mwed once a year, campers must keep site cut 6,789.37mi View  |  Edit
US 83/84, 6 miles south of Abilene TXDOT Rest area. 36 hour limit - cannot erect "structures" (tents). Busy highway 6,795.15mi View  |  Edit
Truck Stop - We camped here overnight, after Badlands park was washed out due to flooding, very well lit truck stop, will camp here again if camping in Badlands national Park is inaccessible. 6,798.27mi View  |  Edit
near Kadoka SD - Large parking area for trucks can be noisy. Parked in a corner and had privacy. 6,798.31mi View  |  Edit
Schreiner City Park near Junction TX - Dispersed sites Central water No toilets Tent & RV camping: Free No bathrooms in winter Stay limit: 3 days Elev: 1696ft ~ 517m Tel: 325-446-2622 Nearest town: Junction Address: N 1st St, Junction TX 76849 Coordinates: , Activities: Swimming. Bigger rigs not a problem. 6,806.27mi View  |  Edit
Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge South Dakota, Martin South Dakota is probably the closest town. In the middle of farmland if I recall. Not great. 6,810.49mi View  |  Edit
Paterson Lake State Park - 8Th Street Southwest, Dickinson ND - This is a free dispersed campsite. First come -> First Camped. Reservations not accepted. Parking next to the lake. Dirt road /washboard. Clean and quiet. Very friendly people. 6,830mi View  |  Edit
Beautiful View at Buffalo Gap National Grassland near Wall SD - We noticed many RV’s parked and drove out to check it out. Great area. Lots of room! 6,832.48mi View  |  Edit
Canyon rim camping - Buffalo Gap National Grassland near Wall SD - Super sweet spot. Just past the edge of the Badlands into the Buffalo Gap Grasslands, as you are leaving the Badlands headed north, on your left is a cell tower and on your right is a dirt road and more cell towers. Camping and RV friendly. Amazing views. Terrible when wet so beware. Editor's note: location may not be exact, but there appear to be a number of dirt roads in the area. 6,832.95mi View  |  Edit
Buffalo Gap National Grassland, South Dakota, near Badlands National Park. 6,848.82mi View  |  Edit
Smokey Gardens - This used to be a small lake but it went dry. The community is working on getting water back in it. There are lots of free campsites along with two restrooms, a disc golf course, a playground, and lots of fire rings. Here is their Facebook page 6,854.02mi View  |  Edit
Custer GALLATIN NATIONAL FOREST - Reva Gap Campground - Free camping by a landmark called "The castles" a must see! 6,860.84mi View  |  Edit
Lake Side Concrete Pad at Hamilton County State Park near Syracuse KS - At the sign near 38.034626 -101.817114., take the two track south toward the lake. There is a 12x10' concrete pad. Accessible up to small RV. No fires or other amenities, short grass prairie, dark, quiet, and except for coyotes. This is Hamilton County state park. Lake may be down. 6,867.35mi View  |  Edit
Hamilton wildlife Refuge - Hamilton County State Park, Syracuse KS - Very small reservoir with a gravel road running around the perimeter. Camping allowed per the signs. Not scenic, but legal. 6,867.38mi View  |  Edit
Cimarron Trail Head - Cimarron National Grasslands, near Rolla KS - This is the start of the Cimarron Trail. Great spot for an overnight. Woke up to birds signing and butterflies all over the place. Have not seen another person while I was here. Editor's note: Shows as the "Conestoga Trailhead". 6,869.26mi View  |  Edit
Very nice camping spot located in the Cimarron National Grasslands, KS. Easily accessible any time of the year. Camping allowed most anywhere throughout park. This campsite is in a small basin, which shelters you somewhat from the winds. 6,873.82mi View  |  Edit
Fritch Fortress - Lake Meredith - One of the many areas at Lake Meredith to be able to camp for 100% free. Only a few minutes from a bait shop or the town of Fritch where there's gas, groceries and restaurants and other stores, or a few minutes more into Borger where there's a super Walmart open 24 hrs. This particular location has a free shower house, picnic tables with awnings and grills and newly installed rv hookups with electric and possibly water by now. Has beautiful views, cliffs and hiking, if in summer look out for rattlesnakes, copperheads and yellow belly moccasins, over the lake and not far from water for fishing, you will need a fishing license unless using cane pole with bobber. 6,875.32mi View  |  Edit
Kmart Parking Lot - near Alliance NE - Kmart is closed and out of business, the parking lot is not maintained, and it is noisy from McDonalds across the street while it is open. That being said it had plenty of room and easy access for a 40’ class a with tow. Good for an overnight stay when the truck stop next door is full. There are no other options on this part of Rte 385. This is a really small town and I could hear the train depot from miles away. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 6,884.53mi View  |  Edit
Boulder Hill Road, Rockerville, South Dakota: There is a nice, easy hike to some scrambling rocks called Boulder Hill. Fire rings are available from the Black Hills National Forest office, when permitted. We chose propane. Ranger drove by due to false alarm hiker injury, talked to us, while standing next to our tent and had no problem with us being there. Camping along this road is allowed, anywhere, up to 330 ft from center-line of the road and 1/2 mile from any house or established campground. We set our tent up in the flat area right off the road and had no issues. There are more flat areas further into the trees, off the road. Given there's a trail across the road, it is well traveled. Most hikers were discrete, or would come back when we were not 'home.' The road to get there is packed gravel/dirt. It was a bit bumpy, washed in some areas, but not too bad for my Mitsubishi Mirage. It had just poured torrential rain and was still passable on the main roadway. 6,889.52mi View  |  Edit
Culbertson Park - near Culbertson MT 59218 - It’s a city park, that allows RV parking over night up to 5 night, free dumping station. Don’t be deceived by the google directions; take the 4th st (dead end, you will see parking lot on your right). They also have bathrooms, picnic area, playground and grills. There is room for 5 rigs. 6,891mi View  |  Edit
By The River near Culbertson MT - Certainly need 4wd to get to it, free, very secluded. About 10 min off a main road. 6,892.74mi View  |  Edit
Whitewood Creek Deadwood - Stayed here numerous times while visiting Deadwood and Sturgis. Longest I stayed was 4 days. Stayed there in my truck camper. Could accommodate up to 22ft trailer. Very quiet. Surprisingly there is little to no traffic. Very nice creek. Great brown trout fishing! Nice walks. Off grid. Verizon worked LTE. If there ever was a more private boondocking spot that keeps you close to the Black Hills.. this is it. 6,899.1mi View  |  Edit
Only free sites at Angostura state park. The other two hundred sites charge $18.00 a day plus entrance fee. The free sites are located on the WEST side of Angostura lake. Go approximately five miles south of Hot Springs, SD on Hwy 71. Turn left on Sheps canyon road (gravel), go approximately four miles, turn RIGHT just past the trailer court and proceed approximately three miles. There are around four sites. They are typically used on the weekend by walleye fisherman who may be noisy late at night. I have never seen all the spaces taken on a weekday. The sites are very close to the lake. Pit toilet. Primitive. Boat dock. These are not graded sites so it may take a while to level the vehicle. Okay for motor homes but a full size bus might be too big. Fishing, swimming, and boat dock. Nearest store is in Hot Springs. Fairly secluded sites for being near a fishing, swimming, skiing, and recreational lake. I verified with State Game Fish & Parks on 11/9/12 that these sites were still free. During dry summers no fires are allowed. 6,899.21mi View  |  Edit
High clearance, 4wd (some mud), short vehicle reccomended. Cow patties, some highway noise, but not bad. Easy access to wind cave, south of US385. Road name is FS 324.1D. According to our maps, road ends at private property, but we didn't follow it this far. 6,900.87mi View  |  Edit
Song Dog Rd near Black Hills National Forest, Hot Springs SD - Peaceful location south west of Wind Cave National Park. Take a right on to song bird road when approaching from the north. I believe you can set up any where along this road but we took a grass path turn off after the first driveway on the right. Beautiful, quiet, and plenty of flat areas. Turn off road is rough and rocky. Wouldn’t recommend a trailer or large RV. Our passenger van made it just fine. Editor's note: location appears to be approximate, see directions above. 6,901.78mi View  |  Edit
Roosevelt’s Hideout - Want to camp above deadwood with amazing views and trees? This is it. Little speck of NFS land offers 10 min access to Deadwood and is a very nice little campsite. I stayed there for 5 days in my truck camper. U will NOT get a travel trailer in. This site offered phenomenal tent camping and plenty of firewood. No water. Good privacy! Very quiet 6,902.06mi View  |  Edit
Black Hills National Forest South Dakota, not far from Hot Springs (more like "tepid waters") South Dakota. I don't remember this site, but I did mark it as roadside. 6,902.73mi View  |  Edit
Black Hills National Forest, not too far from Custer South Dakota in the heart of the Black Hills. Watch out for free roaming cows! 6,905.11mi View  |  Edit
Forest Service Road FS2841A in Black Hills National Forest near Custer SD - This location was near another reported Boondocking location. I didn’t see a pull out for the other location, so pulled down this FS road to find a good primitive campsite. I camp in my suv, so it worked for me. There are locations one could pitch a small tent if needed. There was even a small established fire ring. Editor's note: probably not suitable for larger vehicles / trailers. 6,905.22mi View  |  Edit
Pecos River over look Amistad National Rec Area. This site is on a bluff over looking the Pecos river near where it dumps into the Rio Grande. There are several areas to camp near beyond this place. It is for the most part level, flat either asphalt or mowed grass over soil. It is easy to find at night, other areas one maybe able to camp are more difficult to find but more secluded. I suspect in the 'season' it is busy and summer HOT. It appears to be derelict. I suspect not much privacy at this place. Mike 6,906.18mi View  |  Edit
Pecos River Amistad National Rec Area This is a large boat trailer parking area in the Rec area. It was mostly abandon when I was here in Feb 2020. I suspect it was off season. The ramp is silted in. Parking is not level on asphalt.There is running water, and toilets, picnic areas, good river view, and numberous places to car camp Mike 6,907.03mi View  |  Edit
Isolated Wilderness - This site is only accessible with a high ground clearance vehicle. May be impassible after heavy rain. However, in July, we found green grass with abundant wild flowers, red raspberries, blueberries, and springs under pine trees. Stayed 3 nights and saw no one. Convenient to Custer and Jewel cave. 6,907.57mi View  |  Edit
Bayard City Campground - Bayard NE - Three sites. First 2 nights are free. $10/night thereafter. Each site has 50/30/20 electric hookups & a water spigot. No dump station. Gravel lot South of city park. 6,909.79mi View  |  Edit
Red Lake Trailhead - Ended up sleeping here a night, gorgeous scenery and wildlife out. 6,913.95mi View  |  Edit
Very nice camping spot. Easy access on narrow but well maintained road (I think it was FS832?). Gorgeous view of surrounding hills and creek below. Near Hulett and Devils Tower. Cows! 6,929.41mi View  |  Edit
Black Hills National Forest in Wyoming. Not too far from Sundance Wyoming (WY) and Devils Tower National Monument (NPS). 6,934mi View  |  Edit
Brownfield Tx Coleman city park - Free camping with electricity. Nice place, friendly other campers, Mostly vehicle camping. There is a donation box. Just off US highway 62 6,934.3mi View  |  Edit
RV Park - Muleshoe TX - Free RV sites with hookups. Up to 3 nights free, then pay per night. No shade so AC needed. 6,952.14mi View  |  Edit
Lake Meredith - Operated by Crowley County. 100% free. No designated spaces—campers park wherever there is space. Very busy some weekends. Boat ramp. No water, no dump. submitter's note: I'm camped here right now, and it’s been a busy weekend—first weekend of June 2018. 6,966.57mi View  |  Edit
Lake Meredith - Free camp area provided by Crowley County on the north shore of a large reservoir. The only FAA designated seaplane area in Colorado as of June 2017. No services except for one pit toilet. No potable water. No dump station. Ground is fairly level. No specific camp sites. Periodically patrolled by local Sheriff. Very popular in the summer, but plenty of room for any size RV. Gravel boat ramp. Easy access. Go east on CO State 96 from Ordway, approximately 3.5 miles. Small sign, turn right onto good gravel road. About a mile to the lake. CAUTION: road is slippery when wet. Sheriff Deputy advised that it can get impassable after several days of hard rain. 6,967.88mi View  |  Edit
Flat Rock Camping - near Fort Peck MT - This is a near a boat launch area. On the lake shore. Great Lake vista, table, fire ring, grass flat and close too level with pit toilet and trash container. Quiet, no trees, nice. No fee as far as I can tell. There are other free or dispersed areas nearby. 6,976.65mi View  |  Edit
More Flat Rock Camping - near Fort Peck MT - Near lake shore. Great Lake vista, flat and close too level. Quiet, no trees, nice. No fee as far as I can tell. It is higher so better view of lake. 6,976.97mi View  |  Edit
San Jon City Park - NM - Nice covered picnic tables with barbecue grills. Bathroom. Walking distance to the gas station. 6,977.33mi View  |  Edit
Pawnee National Grasslands - near Briggsdale CO - Beautiful Grassland Prairie. Most land is open to Boondocking, but make sure you stop by the national forest service and get a map to ensure do you know what is public and what is private. They ask that you stay at 150 feet off the road and no more than 300 feet from the road. Hundreds of acres open to camping most roads are accessible to big/long campers. 6,978.97mi View  |  Edit
Walmart. First night here. Lots of RVs with jacks down and slides out. Walmart staff did not seem to care one way or the other. Ed note: As always, please verify with Walmart manager! 6,991.67mi View  |  Edit
Riverside Park, Douglas, WY - Exit 140 off of I25, take business 25 across river, turn left on Grant, immediately left into park, although there is a 2nd entrance. 2 day max stay, water and dump station available at entrance. Restrooms/shower on site. 7,002.49mi View  |  Edit
Highway 385 Rest Area And Roadside Tables - near Alpine TX - Tables, elevated grills, pit toilet, no potable water noted. Room for several vehicles on paved loop, extra paved parking next to roadside. Did not see any signs restricting overnight parking when I was there in May 2019. 7,018.04mi View  |  Edit
Medicine Bow NF - Medicine Bow National Forest near Laramie WY - Nice large flat area with established rock fire ring. Could fit several cars/campers if you had a group. Nearest potable water is at the Lincoln Memorial rest stop off I80. About half way between Cheyenne and Laramie off Happy Jack Road. 7,019.47mi View  |  Edit
Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest - Happy Jack - Access via forest road 712A. Dirt road. Saw some large 5th wheels making it up here. Great view. Dispersed camping all over this area. 7,021.67mi View  |  Edit
Walmart LARAMIE - Safe and no problems parking here. Well lit. 24hour store. Editor's note: Always check with management before parking at a commercial establishment, as policies can and do change. 7,028.37mi View  |  Edit
Pike National Forest USFS Rampart Range Rd. We parked at this pulloff overnight in the winter (down to 10 degrees!). There may be different regulations in the summer. If memory serves, there was a pit toilet. staging / parking for OHV area at hwy 67 and rampart range rd. OHV riding area south.... with lots of camping. rampart range road south closes in winter. open to street legal vehicles in summer. comment from email: I would only add that, at least in June the private parking spaces get filled quickly and that there is a lot of OHV traffic into the evening. Continuing on down 67 and taking a right provides a quitter setting along the South and North Platte River. I would say the latter is more scenic and you can open your doors with a view of the river with a mountain behind. You can also access the Colorado trail from that road. 7,028.46mi View  |  Edit
Pike National Forest near Sedalia CO - There are 50 plus sites off Rampart Range Road and many have space for more than one camper/tent. However, they do fill up quickly. There are many trails, many of which are ATV/MX and horse friendly. You can easily drive to devils head which is a tough but worth it type of hike (pack water and snacks). The town of Sedalia is 20 minutes away (windy roads). Denver is at least an hour away due of traffic. We’d do this again but bring our dirt bikes!! 7,028.61mi View  |  Edit
Near Woodland Park just off Rampart Range Rd, not far from Pikes Peak and Colorado springs. 7,029.12mi View  |  Edit
Roosevelt National Forest USFS. VERY SMALL. But nice view. Difficult to get your vehicle flat. Veer left at the fork in CR-47 (Larimer County) and it takes you up to a parking area. Jeep road heads north and south from parking area. Head south, and pull off is on your right. Site has little privacy from the jeep road / parking area. Definitely not for RVs. 4wd recommended. If you have a very good 4wd vehicle, you might be able to camp nearby further South (or North) off of the 4wd road. You *might* be able to find another spot closer to the gravel. Great for accessing Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Off of CR 47 (Larimer County). 7,034.77mi View  |  Edit
TX 188, on the way from Alpine, TX to Big Bend National Park. About 7 miles north of Elephant Mountain State Wildlife Management Area (which charges for camping). Picnic spot area that allows overnight parking, but no "structures" are allowed (tents?). Texas allows overnight stays (36 hours if memory serves). Of course, many of their picnic/rest areas have no toilets and this one was no exception. Accessible to most vehicle types. 7,035.66mi View  |  Edit
Small little campsite on National Forest land on Crown Point Road towards the Brown Lake and Zimmerman Lake trailheads. Has a running stream next it to, and is only really suitable for short term camping. Fire ring, but no readily available firewood supply. There are a few campsites just off this side road. Be careful in this vicinity to honor private land marking. Free camping along Pingree Park road is pretty much nil, as it's posted you must camp 1/4 mile from the "highway." Lots of ranger activity, so camp conservatively to avoid tickets. Have traveled passed this campsite several times, and it's usually in use. Small RV's would work, but not suitable for longer monsters. Very comfortable for a VW Westfalia, you could probably fit 3. Doesn't need to be 4wd as the access roads are well maintained. 7,035.92mi View  |  Edit
TX 188, on the way from Alpine, TX to Big Bend National Park. Near Elephant Mountain State Wildlife Management Area (which charges for camping). Nice picnic spot area that allows overnight parking, but no "structures" are allowed (tents?). Texas allows overnight stays (36 hours if memory serves). Of course, many of their picnic/rest areas have no toilets and this one was no exception. Accessible to most vehicle types. Note: While camping there, I did have a cop pull into the picnic grounds, shine a bright light on my vehicle, and then, after seeing movement in the vehicle, leave... probably just making sure the vehicle wasn't abandoned. Update from user 5/8/2019: It clearly states on a sign at this location that you cannot stay here for more than 24 hours and you may not a erect tent, shelter, booth or structure of any kind. This is a rest area ONLY. 7,035.92mi View  |  Edit
Free; two week max stay; rough dirt road; seasonal June through September. Approximately 20 numbered sites with fire rings and a few with picnic tables. Camping is only allowed in numbered sites. The road is medium clearance and not appropriate for nearly all pull behind trailers unless they are also high clearance and short wheel based. The main road leads to a trail head to the reservoir which is privately owned by Denver Electric. You can use small water craft like canoes and paddle boards but there is a "No Bodily Contact" because it is a public water source. Be sure to obey fire restrictions, rangers frequent the area checking fires and issuing tickets if a ban is in effect. The location is very nice but the sites fill up on the weekends by midday Friday. Throughout the week typically isn’t a problem. LTE cell service is decent. 7,036.1mi View  |  Edit
Buffalo Creek Area In Pine National Forest Public - Forest Service (USDA) (Unofficial) The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. You may stay 14 Days at Buffalo Creek Area in Pike National Forest 3.5 miles south of the small town of Buffalo Creek on County Road 126 (also known as Deckers Rd.)is a turn off west on Forest Road 550 into Pike National Forest. For about 5 miles on Forest Road 550, there are various dispersed free camping sites along both sides of the road until you reach the official National Forest Campground called Buffalo. This area is great for hiking and mountain biking. The Colorado Trail cuts through this area, and nearby Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Area has 40 miles of biking trails. The best campsites are near rock outcroppings on right side of road. Sunsets from these locations are ridiculous. Continue roughly 11 miles down this road and follow signs for Wellington lake. This lake is a pay day use/camping area, but a short drive from the free camping and hosts amazing views and fun lake activities. 7,038.19mi View  |  Edit
West Magnolia Campground - near Nederland CO - Beautiful campground! Free 2 week stay. Very safe and monitored. Mountain and forest views. 15 or so campsites, sometimes all full. Highly recommend! 7,043.91mi View  |  Edit
Cenex Zip Trip - Dump station, water, large parking area behind the station. Right next to McDonalds. Take exit 58 off I90, west into Buffalo on US 16, located on North side of the road. (Editor's note: as with any retail establishment, check with the management before setting up!) 7,044.96mi View  |  Edit
Royal Gorge Campground - near Canon City CO - Standard campground, vault toilets and bear proof trash. Well kept with metal fire rings. No fees, first come first served. Dirt road coming in but a 2wd car can navigate them no problem (we camped next to a Yaris). Nice view along the south loop. 7,049.55mi View  |  Edit
Walmart near Sheridan WY 82801 - Large parking near pickup lanes. Many semi’s, we were the only RV. Nice clean store and bathrooms. Wasn’t very quiet due to snow removal activities 2/3/2020. Restaurants within walking, nice coffee shack adjacent. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,050.83mi View  |  Edit
Texas Hwy TX 17. This is a nice picnic area pulloff just outside of Davis Mtns. There is a bit of traffic on TX 17, and you are VERY close to the highway. Not for light sleepers. Texas allows overnight stays (36 hours if memory serves), but no "structures" are allowed (tents?). Of course, many of their picnic/rest areas have no toilets and this one was no exception. Accessible to most vehicle types. NOTE: This is a local party spot. The area is trashed. When we stayed there, three trucks pulled up and were apprently upset that we had parked in "their" party spot, honking their horns as they drove off. 7,051.4mi View  |  Edit
1st St, Kaycee, WY 82639, USA Town park. Has a donation box. 5 day limit. A little unkempt but easy in and out. Estimate 2 acres. Close to a general store, bars, and a restaurant. Lots of local history. The 'Invasion'. Butch Cassidy and friends. 7,051.53mi View  |  Edit
Forest service road in Pike and San Isabel National Forests near Lake George CO - Many sites, no toilets must be self contained. RV friendly - probably up to 30 ft. Short 10 minute drive to 11 mile reservoir. 7,052.35mi View  |  Edit
Arapaho NRA campsite, in the national forest?? 7,055.63mi View  |  Edit
Meadows + Pines - The area all along Forest Road 22 is big open grassy meadows bordered by pine stands. There are numerous free campsites where the meadows meet the pines. Can be reached by any car. 7,057.36mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed camping in Arapaho Natl Forest - Granby CO - Off of route 4, super close to Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. On a dirt road but we made it fine with a small car and 2WD. Probably about 6-7 spots along this road when we went, but more open up in the summer months. Very quiet and some spots have nice view of the mountains. 7,059.77mi View  |  Edit
Antero Reservoir State Wildlife Area. 60 Primitive Campsites right on the water. Pit Toilets, trash cans, fire rings. RV friendly. Great fishing and boating. 5 miles SW of Hartsel, CO on Hwy 24. CR 78 leads to the campsites (bear left at split). (Lat and Long coordinates are of where CR78 hits hwy 24) 7,060.24mi View  |  Edit
Chisholm Travel Center - near Roswell NM - Truck stop, 24 hour fuel. Restaurant, quick stop store. Brightly lit parking area, 24 hour traffic as expected in truck stop. 7,060.52mi View  |  Edit
Texas Hwy TX 166, West of Fort Davis and Davis Mountains State Park. Looked like a nice rest area for boondocking, but I did not stay here. Most Texas Picnic areas allow overnight parking, but no "structures" are allowed (tents?). Texas allows overnight stays (36 hours if memory serves). Accessible to most vehicle types. 7,060.91mi View  |  Edit
BLM Camping Spots - Several spots located along rough gravel access road directly opposite Means Road turnoff. Recommended by park rangers at Guadalupe for overflow camping. A number of small spots along the roadside are accessible by 2WD, but the road gets very rough as it climbs and becomes only accessible for high clearance vehicles before reaching the better spots, which are located further off the road. Camped at one of the higher spots for several days and saw minimal traffic during the day and completely quiet each night. No trees or other shelter from the sun or wind, which can be strong at times. Spots should be identifiable on the satellite view. 7,061.32mi View  |  Edit
Rock Creek Hills Road - Huge meadow with amazing mountain views. Just off Hwy 285 outside of Jefferson. 5 miles to a fork. Right turn 1.5 miles to large meadow on a pass. In Pike National Forest USFS. 2wd no problem. 30’ travel trailer just fine. Verizon 4G LTE 4 bars. Dispersed camping. Free. 7,062.3mi View  |  Edit
Rock Creek Hills Road, Forest Road 39, Pike NF, Jefferson, Colorado, Elevation: 9426' Public - Forest Service (USDA) (Official) The road in is Dirt and 2 miles from a paved road. Rock Creek Hills Road, Pike NF is open All. There are 30 or more campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 40. Beautiful, vast boondocking area East of the town of Jefferson, CO, on the way to Tarryall Reservoir. The road is just fine for larger RVs and you can go pretty far back in the forest safely. Take Hwy 287 to Jefferson (toward Fairplay). Head East on County Road 77, travel about 8 miles past ranches and rocks, then at the top of the crest turn left onto CR 39, which turns into FR 39. National forest begins about 2 miles off CR 77. 7,062.35mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed Site - Routt National Forest near Walden CO - National Forest Dispersed site. Large enough to hold multiple campers and/or tents. Trees help block the road. 7,062.92mi View  |  Edit
Located approximately 62kms east of the Alberta Saskatchewan border this former campground from the 70's is on the TransCanada Hwy at turn off for the town of Piapot. It is 24 kms from the next gas station in either direction. There are 9 treed acres with many excellent level spots to camp on. Either tents or RV's can be accommodated and access is easy for vehicles of any type. Many truckers rest in the front of the property and campers head to the rear. There is a plan for this old campground to be revitalized for campers to stay for the whole summer. Currently we have clean porta potties and we haul potable water that is available at one location. Services will be added in the future but there will always be free spots for short term campers and travelers. See our website at We operate a large concession trailer serving hearty Angus burgers, hand cut fries and ice cream from May to Oct. The location is perfect for exploring South West Saskatchewan including the famous Cypress Hills. 7,063.94mi View  |  Edit
BLM land The exit from Colorado Highway 69 north of Texas Creek is BLM road 6038 at 38.38231 -105.58132 on west side of road. It is a road to a abandon mine. It is accessible by 2 wheel drive high clearance vehicle. I would not recommend a trailer. The road is about a 50% effort for a 2 wheel drive high clearance vehicle. There are alternate campsites toward this site. Bear left ascending and left turn at the rusted out bus body. The camp site is a treeless abandon machinery site on a shelf with a old rickety safety rail. The view is worth the effort, overlooking the creek 500 feet below the Sangre De Cristo mountain in the Wet Mountain valley. I think a sunrise would be worth the trip. This location is private and there should be several minutes warning of a vehicle approaching. 7,066.12mi View  |  Edit
This is site on BLM land north of Texas Creek Colorado on Highway 69. It consists of 3 group camp sites near a creek in pinion scrub with informal fire rings. Each site is 100X100 or greater. Sites are .5 miles from highway. Exit off Hwy 69 is at 38.3806 -105.58234. Road is steep but I was able to get back up the road in an 2 wheel drive Explorer with about 60% effort. Because of roughness of entrance road, there should be good privacy. 7,066.12mi View  |  Edit
BLM land north of Texas Creek on Hwy 69 east side of road. One must open gate (be sure to close it) and drive up hill parallel to the highway. It is near the highway, but there is little traffic on road. Privacy is limited. Informal fire ring. Mike 7,066.18mi View  |  Edit
BLM RD 6037 The entrance to this BLM land site is off Colorado highway 69 north of Texas creek near 38.37148 -105.5684. There are two sites about 100 yards apart on the edge of a creek with informal fire rings in pinion scrub. The location is not level but mostly flat with 2-5 degree slope. Site is known to others but difficult to find. 7,066.41mi View  |  Edit
Near Carlsbad, NM and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, BLM, two camping spots near the Park Ranch Cave Complex, two designated free campsites with fire rings. To access, look for dirt road heading East off US 62 near mile marker 10. Upon heading over cattle grate, head North to a gate (closed last I checked). Pass through gate (close behind you), then head East along the fence. The road will leave the fence and eventually you'll see two fenced in areas where the caves are. Look for the two campsites/fire rings nearby. High clearance recommended. There may be cows in the area. Common BLM practice: if gate was closed, keep it closed. If it was open, keep it open. 7,066.75mi View  |  Edit
close to Jefferson lake, the nearest town is Jefferson, it is in pike national forest, the camping is 100% free, u have to pay to get into the lake, it isnt rv friendly, 4 wheel drive vehicles not needed but advised, there is areas for u to go 4 wheel driving 7,068mi View  |  Edit
Chosa Campground basically a gravel parking lot with a couple of trash cans close to Carlsbad Caverns about 1400 feet off of the main highway 7,068.39mi View  |  Edit
Mount Guyot - Dispersed camping along the road to Michigan Pass in the shadow of Mount Guyot. 7,070.09mi View  |  Edit
4wd accessible. I pulled my popup to this site, but while I didn't need 4wd, I would not recommend a 2wd vehicle, in case it got sloppy. Only one spot, at end of a Forest Service Road spur. Next to a meadow. We didn't see any large animals, but did find bear scratching on tree stumps when we hiked around. Look at this location on a satellite image, and see how to get here from Jefferson, CO. GoogleEarth says CR 54. Take it west, past the Jeffereson Lake camping turnoff. At "Y", bear right. You'll eventually pass another FS campground. About .65 mile after that campground, on a right hairpin turn, go left onto Forest Service Road 136. As I said, best to look at a satellite image. If in GoogleEarth, make a route, and save to your GPS. 7,070.34mi View  |  Edit
Location is approx. US180 mile marker 5 access to BLM land. Carlsbad NM is about 45 min North. Open gate to access, Guadelupe Mountains National Park rangers recommended this as an overflow camping spot (when their campgrounds are full). There might be cows. Some spots are close to highway. Very close to Guadelupe Mountain NP. 7,070.92mi View  |  Edit
Cowdrey Lake - BLM land. Parking available along the lake or on hill overlooking the lake. Vault bathroom is available. Beautiful view of the Rockies and lake. Very quiet. We have a 30ft fifth wheel and had easy access in and out. We stayed 2 nights. We stayed beside the lake. Another RV came in the second night and stayed up on the hill. Only 7.5 miles north of Walden just off Colorado 125 on County Road 39. In Walden, stores and a laundromat can be found. 7,073.75mi View  |  Edit
Just Outside Hot Sulphur Springs - A beautiful campground! Totally free, seldom crowded (except during summer weekends). Great fishing at the nearby stream! Shooting range across the road! 7,075.01mi View  |  Edit
Antero Reservoir - This is a free campground. 35 sites are available with picnic tables and fire pits. Vault toilets on sight. Pets are allowed. Boat ramp close by. Fishing is very good here. Easy access from hwy 24. 7,075.48mi View  |  Edit
Blanca Peak Colorado Lake Como - No real shade but beautiful view of the valley. My stay was peaceful w/little traffic. Allowed 14 days camping no toilets. 30 miles east of Alamosa 3 miles north of 160 on 150 fallow the point of interest sign cannot miss. Verizon 2-3 bars. Zapata falls just 3 miles north on county 150. Is a must see. 7,075.51mi View  |  Edit
The site where your car is parked, in the logo, is at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) free camping zone, halfway between Guadalupe NP and Carlsbad Caverns NP. I took the EXACT same photo about 100 times on a school field trip. BLM camping 24 miles east from Guadalupe NP on US-62, behind the yellow gate at mile marker 5 in New Mexico. Guadalupe is to the SW, Carlsbad is to the NE. BLM zone begins immediately off US highway 62. 4 wheel drive vehicles are not required but safe driving should be exercised, roads are unpaved. If you can live without RV hookups, I suppose you could try that here, too. Pure Primitive Camping. 7,078.43mi View  |  Edit
Carson National Forest, Taos, NM, FS 437. 7,079.31mi View  |  Edit
Williams Fork Reservoir near Parshall CO - Drive in 2wd to main camping. 2wd everywhere else on peninsula except when muddy. Plenty of room for campers large and small. First come first serve. No reservations. Boat launch across lake. 7,079.49mi View  |  Edit
Silverthorne, Dillon campsite. 7,080.73mi View  |  Edit
CR 307/308 Junction - Amazing spot next to the creek. 7,081.71mi View  |  Edit
Camping spot off of CR181 above Salida. Would recommend short vehicles only. You might be able to back a small trailer here too. 7,082.16mi View  |  Edit
Laura's Overlook - Head south on Hwy 285 from Fairplay, CO, 3.65 miles from the stoplight. Turn west (right) on CR 20. Go 2.15 miles to a right turn onto a gravel road. It will do a 90 degree turn to left. Follow it 1.1 miles (from the pavement) to a "Y". The right leg will go to Brown's Pass. The left leg crosses a creek (If creek is too full, don't cross creek. Follow other leg (towards Brown's Pass), and find a spot along that road. Many to choose from.), and heads up the hill. Go .3 mile from the "Y", to the top of the meadow. Go south just to the edge of the meadow. Great view! Not flat, but easy to shim trailer wheels. You can also camp in the woods, if you are tenting. 7,082.16mi View  |  Edit
High camp spot (9000ft), gorgeous mountain views of the Saguache /Collegiate range just outside Salida. Good gravel road. Site has turn around. Would probably work for short trailers with reasonable ground clearance. 7,082.39mi View  |  Edit
Scenic Views in Pike and San Isabel National Forests near Buena Vista CO - Great spot. 360 degree Scenic views. Cell service. 4wd recommend. 7,086.07mi View  |  Edit
County Road 18 - Summit Access - near Hartsel CO - Several free spots before and after public homes. Some light traffic due to access to summit the mountain. Enter off of St Rt 285 just south of Fairplay. Turn onto to County Road 18. Follow it straight till it turns into a dirt access road. Camping Options on both sides. The further up the road you go the rougher the road gets. This is not an RV camping spot. Absolutely beautiful! Cascade mini waterfalls and ponds, huge domed bowl mountain and simple mountain access to summit. 7,086.67mi View  |  Edit
USFS Road 376 - Great camping in San Isabel National Forest. Near Buena Vista and the Arkansas River. Tons of rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, atvs, etc. great for big RVs. Roads can be a bit rough. Verizon 4G LTE 4 bars. 7,089.6mi View  |  Edit
Nathrop Boondocking in Pike and San Isabel National Forests near Nathrop CO - A great site. 7,092.86mi View  |  Edit
National Forest Camping On Road 274 - San Isabel National Forest, near Nathrop CO - National Forest Dispersed Camping along Forest Road 274 several sites along road. 7,092.99mi View  |  Edit
Free camping near the Shirley Site / Marshall Pass road. Plenty of spots, very heavily used on summer weekends by ATVs and mountain bikers. 7,095.26mi View  |  Edit
Plenty of dispersed camping opportunities along FS250A in the San Isabel National Forest, Salida Ranger District. This particular spot has a stream nearby. Cars/trucks/shorter RVs with some ground clearance should have no problems getting to this spot, although taller vehicles might scrape some trees. There are plenty of spots on CR/FS250 as well. 7,095.36mi View  |  Edit
SE of Steamboat Springs, CO, between the summits of Rabbit Ears Pass. On a ridge, with a very nice overlook to the east. While next to the Forest Service road, it is sheltered from the road by trees. About 3.86 miles south of US 40, between the two summits of Rabbit Ears Pass. Easy to get a trailer to, but would recommend a truck as a tow vehicle, as higher clearance is preferred. Can be 2-wheel drive. Site can handle up to 35' trailer, but that will be tight turning into or out of the site. If you want to mtn bike, you can do that on the FSR. Other areas to mtn bike nearby, also off of Hwy 40. Very peaceful all the time. Open after all snow is gone (early June, normally), until after most hunting seasons close (Oct.) Routt National Forest. 7,096.58mi View  |  Edit
Turquoise Lake Dispersed Camping - San Isabel National Forest near Leadville CO - Just before the turn for Turquoise Lake is a dirt road that leads to a free dispersed campground. There are fire rings and clean sites. People who come here are super chill and respectful. I’ve stayed here three times and it’s always quiet and I find a sweet spot with shade with a fire ring in the woods. If you don’t see a spot at first, don’t worry, keep driving around the dirt roads and you’ll find one deeper in. 7,096.93mi View  |  Edit
Dugway Recreation Area - BLM area, has at least 5 dispersed sites and a vault toilet. A couple sites are riverside. Variable cell service here. 7,097.9mi View  |  Edit
Cozy camp spots nestled in a canyon next to a river. There are no amenities or toilets. There are around 10 spots that consist of semi-level ground and a few rock rings for fire pits. Most spots are less than 50 feet from the road, so you'll hear cars during the day (not too many pass by at night). The turn off to the campsite is approx. 9 miles from Highway 285 in Buena Vista. You'll pass Rainbow Lake, and it's the second turn off to the left. If you see a turn off to the right, you've gone too far. Approx. 3.5 miles towards Buena Vista is Cottonwood Hot Springs, a very relaxing paid hot springs resort. The campsite is within a quarter mile of the Colorado Trial, so there are great hiking opportunities nearby. Check out Cottonwood Lake off of Highway 343 for fishing, camping, kayaking, hiking and 4-wheeling in the summer, and snowmobiling, cross-county skiing, ice skating and ice fishing in the winter. 7,098.02mi View  |  Edit
Nice, large campsite located on Buff Pass in the Medicine Bow-Routte National Forrest. Road was quite rough in spots, 4x4 would be nice, but not required. Campsite is beautiful. Two, rock fire rings about 200 feet into the trees at this parking location. Top ring is surrounded by aspen trees, providing afternoon and evening shade. Lower ring opens up into the sunset view over north Steamboat Springs. 7,101.37mi View  |  Edit
Russell Lakes Nature Trail - Posted sign reads "Camping permitting in this parking lot in self contained units - Colorado Division of Wildlife". Some highway noise. Some bugs being a marshy area. Pit toilet. 1/3 mile nature trail. 7,101.43mi View  |  Edit
Boreggo Mesa Campground, Santa Fe NF. "Great Boondocking site." Established campground with vault toilet and trash, forest road is a little rough but take it easy. We took a 45 ft toyhauler up there. Lots of trails and roads. 7,104.13mi View  |  Edit
Tractor Supply, Rawlins WY - Parking lot with lots of space and a few big rigs. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,106.82mi View  |  Edit
Located in the Santa Fe National Forest (USFS), Big Tesuque is a walk in campground not conducive to trailer or RV camping. It's a 30 minute drive from downtown Santa Fe. There are 10 units, Picnic tables and grills, and vaulted toilets in the parking lot. There is no potable water, but there are two rushing streams, and no campground host. For potable water, you can stop at the Black Rock campground located in Hyde Park (the first campground you come to on NM 475) -- there is a water spigot next to the vault toilet. There is a maximum stay of 14 days. The entire area is very scenic, and NM 475 is also designated as the Santa Fe Scenic Byway. Because of the large stands of aspen trees, the area is very busy, especially in the fall aspen viewing season. There are additional recreation opportunities along NM 475, both above and below Big Tesuque Campground, including hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and in the winter both nordic and alpine skiing and snow shoeing. Tesuque is pronounced "Teh-soo-key". 7,108.52mi View  |  Edit
BLM Land south of U.S.160 in Colorado. A nice place for an overnighter. I parked and hungout untill the next morning, no fee, no facilities , no people, no problem. 7,112.95mi View  |  Edit
This is one of the many dispersed camping sites in area. This site is flat easy to find just off the highway. It is abit exposed. Mike 7,113.12mi View  |  Edit
Rob Jaggers Campground near Lincoln NM - Free to dry camp / boondock but has a few water and electric sites $5 a night for water and $5 a night for electric. 30amp only. Great place to overnight. Also has a dump station for those needing to dump and keep going. 7,116.3mi View  |  Edit
Free Campsites Down Rugged Dirt/rock Road - Off road to the right. Roughly 6-7 designated campsites with fire rings. AWD/4x4 recommended. 7,123.14mi View  |  Edit
Colorado River Road - Description: Gravel pull off that my wife and I stayed at in our Yukon in January 2018. Woke up to a great view, and grilled breakfast without being bothered by authorities. In fact most of the few people that passed us waved. Tight fit for an RV, but accessible to any other vehicle. 7,126.77mi View  |  Edit
Known as Cathedral Campground and it is one of the only free campgrounds in the area! It is sponsored by a private entity but is located on national forest land. There are approximately 20 campsites and a central area to hold group gatherings. The only drawback is not much fishing in the area. 7,127.44mi View  |  Edit
Gebo - near Thermopolis WY - Ghost town on BLM land. Designated routes are single lane and accessible to most vehicles and higher clearance recreation vehicles. 7,128.17mi View  |  Edit
Colorado River Road - near Gypsum CO - There are several places along the Colorado River Road that you can pull over and park. Some are small and others quite large. It appears that it is all BLM land. This part of the river is a popular spot for locals to raft and tube so during the Day there might be quite a few cars. I stayed overnight in July 2019 and had no troubles. As I was leaving I also saw one other RVer there in a different spot as I was heading back to I 70. It is best to stop at an exit before you get there if you need gas or supplies as there isn’t really a town at that exit, just houses. Editor's note: there seem to be a number of pulloff areas up this road. 7,128.4mi View  |  Edit
Lake Side Camping On Cumbres Pass In The Rio Grande National Forest - near Antonito CO - Off hwy 17 just north of the cumbres-toltec train station turn down the forest road toward the signs for Trujillo meadows the first left takes you behind the cumbres-Toltec train station on a dirt road. 4wd is not necessary although there are pot holes and other obstructions related to a dirt road. There are a few spots to pull off the road and camp. They are big enough for a small camper, van, or tent. Just down the hill from the camp site pads is sizable pond. No hookups/amenities. Attractions in the area: the camp site is a short walk from the famous continental divide trail. The train is an old steam train that you can ride for a fee. I’ve seen loads of folks just taking pictures of/with it. Trujillo meadows lake was drained in 2018-2019 so fishing is likely better suited for the many streams and rivers in the area. Tons of wildlife in the area. Cowboys can be seen tending to cattle or sheep on horseback. Elk, mule deer and bighorn sheep are a common site. Starting in September the area will be occupied with hunters so be mindful when in the woods. 7,129.1mi View  |  Edit
Eagle Creek, Trailhead road in Lincoln National Forest near Alto NM - No cell service but nice place to stay over 7000 feet elevation. 7,129.75mi View  |  Edit
Deep Creek Road - From Hwy 70 take the Dostero exit, follow road 301, take the National Forest Access road and drive almost to the top of the mountain. It’s easy to miss, but it’s on the right side driving upward as you near the top. Great views all around. If you miss it, no worries there are plenty other spots as well. 7,130.66mi View  |  Edit
Rio Grande National Forest near Antonito, FR 100 - Very remote, no facilities, no water, 45 minute rough gravel road- no 4x4 needed but would be rough on a sedan or mini-van, lots of hiking, very quiet, almost no wind, so many stars to see and the Milky Way is very easy to see because there is no light of any kind. RV would probably not be recommended due to soft soil not being driven on much but the roads are wide and hard, Conejos is in the area and a great hike accessible from FR 105, absolutely no cell service, town of Platoro is about an hours drive, awesome place to get away for sure. 7,131.26mi View  |  Edit
Free Camping - Lincoln National Forest near La Luz NM - Lots of space, enough for a RV. 14 day limit no utilities straight up primitive camping surrounded with tall pine trees. 7,134.88mi View  |  Edit
Lincoln Forest Boondock - Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft NM - Awesome little place to camp. Need 4x4 to get down to it. Plenty of shade from the giant pine trees. Boondocking. There is a mountain bike road that runs along side your spot but it many passers by. Remote. Great area in the Lincoln forest. 7,135.07mi View  |  Edit
Lake Cameahwait near Shoshoni WY - The last mile or so is graveled road but the rest of the way is good and there are even signs to the place. There are several Group areas and a pit toilet. The lake is beautiful but the shore isn’t in a good shape. And we found lot of trash. But the site is still beautiful and we’d absolutely recommend it! It’s close to the Boysen State Park. 7,135.47mi View  |  Edit
Lake Cameahwait - near Shoshoni WY - Beautiful site right on the water, more frequented camping site further down gravel road (shore dr.) with restrooms. Anywhere around the lake is free game for camping. Dog friendly and easy to find using gps. Picnic tables under roofs with concrete base though do not seem to be well kept (grass is high). We chose this spot on the other side of the lake for privacy and very happy we did. 7,136.55mi View  |  Edit
Moriarty NM - Torrance County Park - Free dispersed camping. No toilets, no water, no electricity. Roads are a little rough, but manageable. We were in 32 foot 5th wheel. We saw an even bigger one come in. Numerous sites for tent and rv camping among the juniper trees. Slight hill incline coming into park, little bumpie, again manageable. Just in between Edgewood and Moriarty NM off I-40 (old Route 66). 7,137.35mi View  |  Edit
Pullout Along Rock Creek - near Moore MT - This is a free campsite at the bend in the road on the way to Crystal Lake alongside Rock Creek. A USFS officer came by after we set up and said it was the best spot for a campsite. Crystal Lake is beautiful and offers hiking and camping but the trees in the campground were diseased and dying so they had to completely strip the campground of any significant trees. I’m sure after cleanup it will still be a nice place to camp but we were already established at our campsite when it reopened. We made the happy discovery later that there were trailheads and a bathroom in the parking area across the road. There is hiking, horseback riding and fishing in the area, as well as a hike in to an ice cave from the Crystal Lake Campground. You can either hike 5 miles from the trailhead to Crystal Lake for fun or drive the paved road for an easier day. It is a relaxing or active area depending on your flavor. There are a couple of rock fire pits where we camped and if you explore the area you will find others. The Crystal Lake road leads into the Big Snowy Mountains and is an amazing drive. Have fun and be safe...carry bear spray in this area. There is significant traffic back and forth on the roadway by the campsite we used but you are set back in so we hardly noticed it. 7,138.53mi View  |  Edit
USFS land just above Creede. Large area, good gravel road. Make shift firepits abound. Drove by Aug 2017 and saw folks camping up here above town. It is an open area and you might have neighbors. Lots of jeep FS roads nearby with mining history worth exploring. Creede Repertory Theater is great too. 7,145.44mi View  |  Edit
Itch-Kep-Pe City Park is the bank of the Yellowstone River located in a large grove of Cottonwood trees. Most sites have picnic tables and fire rings and there are bathroom facilities. The shade and the proximity to the river is what makes this free campground special. Many of the campsites can accommodate large RVs. Columbus is about 40 miles west of Billings on I-90. 7,147.29mi View  |  Edit
Close To MTB Greatness in Cibola National Forest near Tijeras NM - somewhat tricky start to a dirt road. Once up the initial rocky section, there are several places to pull over and park for the night of more. Some rock fire rings hidden around. Suitable for vehicles with truck like ground clearance only. Cars would have difficulty. There was a transit van parked near by. That impressed me! The dirt road continues for quite a distance with several pullout opportunities. 7,147.69mi View  |  Edit
San Juan National Forest, CR 302, easy access to Pagosa Springs. 7,151.39mi View  |  Edit
White Bird Fishing Access Site near Columbus MT - About 25 minutes from I90 and Columbus, MT is Whitebird. There are about 10 designated campsites with fire pits and tables. No hookups but there is a public restroom. Right on the edge of the Stillwater River and plenty of fishing. Had full service on my phone. 7,152.15mi View  |  Edit
Bristol Head near Creede CO - USFS land just off of Forest Service Road 510 there are several spots with fire rings. Easy access about a mile off of Highway 149 between Creede and Lake City. In the Rio Grande National Forest with the nearest Ranger District Office in Creede. It's fairly remote because of the distance from town but this road is moderately traveled so you will see other people on a daily basis. 7,156.64mi View  |  Edit
Gunnison National Forest, FS/CR 721, near Curecanti NRA, Spinero, Cimarron, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison. 7,156.73mi View  |  Edit
Near Cody Shooting Complex - Cody WY - Coming from Cody on #120 turn left into road 7WC. There's a sign posting "Cody Shooting Complex." Drive past shooting complex, turn right onto gravel road BEFORE the second cattle guard (private property behind, but also two public lakes). Flat, sandy/grassy space for several RVs. Beware of rattlesnakes! The guy at Cody‘s visitor center gave us directions and told us that fires were prohibited. Are staying here just for tonight (08/11/2019). Editor's note: I believe this location is approx. There appears to be a number 7,158.56mi View  |  Edit
Lake Holloman - Legal and free when gates are open. BLM land off of Highway 70 E towards Alamogordo, NM 88310. On Lake Holloman close to the Holloman Air Force Base. 4wd recommended depending on road condition since the road in is Dirt and 1 mile from a paved road. Open all year round. There are around 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 26. You may stay up to 14 night at Lake Holloman. More details may be found on google by searching 'Lake Holloman NM' 7,158.74mi View  |  Edit
Beartooth/Red Lodge Area - Flat cleared area near creek with mountain views on both sides. Just off Highway, over bridge and in open field. Not secluded, but private enough. Great spot! 7,162.42mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Parking Lot near Sherwood Park AB T8H - Ask permission from the customer service counter. Parking lot camping so no privacy and there is usually a crowd of other RVs. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,164.19mi View  |  Edit
Popo Agie Park, South end of Third Street, Lander WY 82520 - Lander City Park - Free tent camping on the grass at Lander city park. Shaded by mature cottonwoods, you can camp at the south end of the park and be out of the way of local users. Not private but quiet. Some RV parking across the street; no hookups. Safe; no one will disturb your tent while you are out biking or climbing. Easily accessed by car. Old Lander downtown is within walking distance, and nature walks along the river spread out from the park itself. There are flush toilets with sinks (no showers), and some picnic tables with grills. Also a great playground for the kids, a volleyball net and baseball diamond. Drive south on Third Street from Main Street and you will run right into it. 7,167.77mi View  |  Edit
Gunnison or Grand Mesa National Forest, Rd 3100, Hotchkiss, Austin, CO. 7,171.08mi View  |  Edit
Piedra Hunter Campground - First Fork Road - Take first fork road north about 10 miles until you reach a bridge over a creek crossing. The road is mostly gravel and rough but any car should make it. Last time I stayed here it was free to camp in the National Park. This grassy area right next to the bridge is nice, flat and has plenty of water and firewood. Plenty of room for a car, truck, SUV. I wouldn’t take anything larger than a van though cuz the bridge is kinda narrow (about 1 and 1/2 lanes wide) and there aren’t any good places for a large vehicle to turn around. No cellular service in this area and the nearest services are 10 miles away on the main road. 7,172.31mi View  |  Edit
Off grid liveing and free camping must contact me advance to camp here 6 miles from main road email address telephone 5053867754 7,175.12mi View  |  Edit
Park Reservoir - Grand Mesa National Forest near Cedaredge CO - Many sites in this area. First come. 15 day free. Most are accessible by a street car. Dispersed camping in the whole area unless posted otherwise. 7,179.1mi View  |  Edit
Easy access just off the Million Dollar Highway and there are an abundance of good "sites" to choose from, although no amenity's such as picnic table or fire rings.Level ground with lots of trees for shade..There is a creek running along the entire length of the Co Rd 20D. Water is clear but not sure if it is drinkable as the rocks in it seem to have a lot of red iron deposits on them. For those with atv's,4x4's or who like to hike..there are trails EVERYWHERE in this area (Check out Black Bear Pass, and Imogene Pass) Land is almost entirely BLM.(San Juan National Forest) Hundreds of abandoned mines to explore if thats your thing as well.There was a group of seven RV's in one of the clearings when I was there, so if your travelling with others you CAN group up, theres plenty lots of open room for that as well, or you can stay private with no problem. The town of Ouray is 8.3miles to the north,Silverton is 15mi to the south, for shopping and such.Durango is 62.5mi to the south. I was told about this location by a BLM Warden.He said there are several others along Hwy#550 (the Million Dollar Highway) because people misjudge the time it takes to travel due to its extreme curviness and the photo opportunities it provides.When in this area, don't be afraid to ask where you can stay for free because the possibilities are limited only by the vehicle you drive and the people are very friendly and helpful. This area is comprised almost entirely of the San Juan NF (south of Ophir) or Uncompagre National forest to the north. I was there for 2 weeks and came back with a list full of things I need to go back to see because a week just wasn't enough.One could spend months enjoying this area before running out of things to see and do. Enjoy. 7,183.63mi View  |  Edit
Northwest on Hwy 550 out of Silverton, Colorado. For the first mile or so there are turn-outs that lead right to the river, many of them have enough places for probably 50 cars. The local sheriff even stopped in to check on everyone. Recommended for June - Sept. Land is BLM. 7,185.46mi View  |  Edit
Sultan and Anvil Campground In San Juan National Forest - County Rd 7 on the way to South Mineral Campground. Dispersed camping in Sultan which is the 3rd camping lot on right. We are in a 27' RV and had no problems. First come first serve. It is a gorgeous spot & near Ice Lake Basin Trail Head which we’ll be tackling tomorrow! 7,187.48mi View  |  Edit
Outside Las Cruces, NM, Baylor Canyon area appears to be BLM land with plenty of spots for overnight camping. 7,192.07mi View  |  Edit
Alta Lakes, Uncompahgre National Forest - Public - Forest Service (USDA) (Official) Free camping in Colorado's San Juan Mountains of the Uncompahgre National Forest. Alta Lakes is a popular dispersed camping area that offers fishing and camping in a spectacular alpine setting. There are approximately 16 primitive camping spots that are completely undeveloped. The only developed facility in the area is one older vault restroom. The access road to the area is one lane, not well maintained and requires a high clearance vehicle. Fees: No Fee, Open Season: Spring - Fall, Usage: Light, Closest Towns: Telluride, CO, Water: No, Restroom: Vault Toilet (1), Operated By: Forest Service, Elevation: 11,060' Directions: Travel approximately 5 miles south of Telluride, CO on State Highway 145. Turn east on Forest Road #623 (Alta Lakes Road) and climb about 3 miles, pass the town of Alta to the lake. Camping is allowed around the lake. 7,193.42mi View  |  Edit
Water Canyon, inbetween Magdalena, NM and Socorro, NM on US 60. Very Large Array (VLA) Radio Telescope is an hour away or so. There is a free campground with easier access for small RVs and short trailers on the way to this 4wd site. Although named water canyon, there was no water to be found. 7,203.19mi View  |  Edit
Albertsons Parking lot - Camped in this parking lot July 19, 2018. I checked with the service desk because there are signs posted prohibiting overnight parking. I was assured that we were welcome to stay. It was fairly noisy until about 10pm. Then very quiet. Beautiful mountain sunset and sunrise - the view was amazing! Plenty of restaurants and gas stations in the surrounding area to walk to. Employees were very friendly. Editor's note: always check with management before camping at any commercial establishment. 7,209.05mi View  |  Edit
Radium Springs, NM BLM access. If heading North on 185, it's the green gate on your right just past Broad Canyon. Outside of Las Cruces, NM. Open the green gate here near river to access free camping beyond. Some of the short sandy roads are too windy for RV's and possibly trailers. Common BLM practice: if gate was closed, keep it closed. If it was open, keep it open. 7,211.69mi View  |  Edit
Busted Arm Draw Camp Sites - Uncompahgre National Forest near Norwood CO - There are nine designated sites down this road available for free boondocking camping. 7,214.87mi View  |  Edit
San Juan National Forest, Not far from Mesa Verde and Mancos, FS 316 7,215.86mi View  |  Edit
Camping all along the east side of Dolores Canyon. Highway 141 travels the bottom of Dolores Canyon from Highway 50 near Grand Junction down to US491 near 4 corners. Dolores Canyon is the real treasure here. I traveled up 141 and found Divide Road winding its way up the canyon wall. The road is dirt/gravel, but was easy to navigate on my fully loaded Harley, so I'm sure anything can make it. The road is wide enough for safe passing and the campsites (firerings) are all over the place up there, and the sites are of varying sizes, with some very large areas for multiple rigs. Great wildlife; I saw a mountain lion on the road going up. Part of the area is the Uncompahgre National Forest. The co-ords are for the start of the road up the canyon wall. 7,218.94mi View  |  Edit
Truth or Consequences, NM. Right across from town on Rio Grande river, verified free w/police officer Callaway (always ask the locals!), but trashed. If memory serves, easily accessible on graded gravel road. Probably not enough room for an RV though. 7,220.23mi View  |  Edit
Municipal pool park, Truth or Consequences NM - tiny park on the corner of Charles and Clancy. Park on the Charles St side as close to the “fence” (which is made of posts with rope between them) as possible. The park has street lamps all night so if you're in the right spot the trees will block them from lighting up your rig. Park has a swingset, picnic tables and a grill. If you go up Clancy to Sims and turn right, there are public restrooms on the nearest end of town hall, usually open 24-7. Directly across the park is an old private abandoned rv/trailer park... do not park in there. 7,220.26mi View  |  Edit
Rio Grand River - near Truth Or Consequences NM - This site is in midst of large of grassy river bottom of Bureau of Reclamation land on the Rio Grande River. You may have to share site with cattle. In season there may be many mosquitoes. I suggest you camp out of the River bottom if water is raising or could flood. The area is cut with many roads and paths. Area is flat level, unlimited size, no facilities, plenty of fire wood. 7,222.3mi View  |  Edit
Green River Wyoming Great view You Can See For Miles absolutely no amenities but you can get a harvey has any size of the main dirt road as long as you stay close to that road, adventuring further off the main dirt road you will definitely need 4 wheel drive do not drag camper.. North of I-80 on rd 53 approximately 2 miles you'll come to a cell phone tower on your right plenty of places from the cell phone tower back towards town about a miles to pull off and look at the great View any RVs scattered but far away from each other 7,224.18mi View  |  Edit
Gallatin National Forest, just outside North entrance to Yellowstone National Park (NPS) in Montana (MT), near Gardiner. Not very private, and not sure if legal. 7,226.24mi View  |  Edit
Lethbridge Casino - Casino parking lot. Ask at desk and get a card. Great breakfast there. 7,228.65mi View  |  Edit
Walmart Supercenter - Bozeman MT - Camped here last night. Called the manager and checked if it’s ok and she was surprised someone calling as they have numerous RVs parked all night. Got here very easily and the parking lot is well lit and quiet. This Walmart is a supercenter with fresh produce and open 24 hours - great way to stock up!! Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,229.85mi View  |  Edit
Lethbridge, AB - Walmart parking lot - as with any Walmart, check in with the manager before utilizing their lot as policies do change over time. 7,229.94mi View  |  Edit
Joe Skeen BLM Camping. This is easy to find off of 117. It's set up like a regular campground with a host, and everything. Each site has a little awning over a picnic table. There's a pit toilet available. This is a fee free are. 7,230.35mi View  |  Edit
BLM Free Dispersed Camping near Mancos CO - A little tricky in a 12' wide x 28' RV but we managed and got the last spot of 13 ... which was no longer marked. Someone definitely took down the placard. It has gorgeous views and all the spots are huge! Many could have multiple RVs. 7,231.25mi View  |  Edit
Forest Road Overlook - Nice pull off in group with few others. Secluded but easy to get too an close to GTNP. About 8 miles away. Stayed with 19ft TT and was cozy for 4 nights. Coordinates are to our exact site. Couple before. An at least one more down offshoot this one is on. 7,231.47mi View  |  Edit
Road 34 near Mancos, CO - There are at least 6 sites (probably more, we didn’t continue down the FS road) all placarded and with rock fire pits. Camping is allowed by FS signs for up to 14 days and free. Sites were generally accessible by most standard clearance vehicles. The road is dirt and could be muddy during wet periods. We had a 20 foot travel trailer and made it down to the sites fine. These sites are ~1 mile from the Mesa Verde National Park entrance. We had 2/3 bars of LTE on AT&T. 7,231.65mi View  |  Edit
Forest Service road just outside Jackson Lake area. Pullout from paved road over looking a beautiful valley. Within Bridger-Teton National Forest. From Moran Junction take Hwy 26 East to Buffalo Valley Road. Left on Buffalo Valley Rd to location. 7,232.59mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed Camping - Easily accessible great views close to Grand Junction lots of dispersed camping even on the bluff of the Colorado river. I drive a heavy arctic fox truck camper with a Toyota tundra and had no issues getting to all locations just drive slow. 7,237.37mi View  |  Edit
Exit I-70 at Rabbit Valley and head north towards the Walk Through Time trailhead. Turn left and follow the gravel road up a fairly steep ascent to the top of the ridge where there are least 6 sites on BLM land. I did see a large RV up there but I'm not sure it's suitable for an inexperienced driver. Would make a good free stopover between Grand Junction and Moab. Disadvantage is you're still relatively close to I-70 and and get some traffic noise. 7,237.56mi View  |  Edit
Exit I-70 at Rabbit Valley and head south on dirt/gravel road to to Knowles Canyon Overlook, located in Mc Innis Canyons National Conservation Area. About 16 miles. Six BLM sites with a nice view of the Colorado River below. I did see a tent camper trailer out there but it's really not suitable for motor homes. A nice hike is back up the road for the trail head going down Knowles Canyon. 7,238.31mi View  |  Edit
Dyre Mine - Free camping vehicle/rv accessible. 7,240.83mi View  |  Edit
Bridget-Teton National Forest dispersed camping - near Jackson WY - This is a National Forest dispersed camping site. The are several spots to camp. Some ~.7 miles from the paved road, many further up the dirt road. Sites up the hill are more level. Not sure I would take my class A up there. 5 nights maximum stay. Campground "ambassador" on-site. Very close to the Moran entrance to Grand Teton NP. 7,241.33mi View  |  Edit
Grassy Lake Road - Grand Teton National Park Campground, Moose, Wyoming Grand Teton National Park, take Grassy Lake Road west off 191/89/287 and then south. Watch for sites along the road as they are very spread out. Sites are marked. Sites are free. Each pull-off usually has two sites and some okay for small RVs. Tents and RV’s 20ft max recommended. 20 designated sites available on a first come basis May-Sept. Vault toilets and tables. Good maintained gravel forestry road. We did see a large bus drive past our site and then return the next morning. Apparently they found somewhere to stay further down. There are some places where the vegetation encroaches on the road though. I am not sure if they had an issue with limbs scratching their larger vehicle or not. For water, food, possible dump stations - Flagg Ranch Campground and Headwaters Lodge is right off the highway on the same road. 7,241.88mi View  |  Edit
El Malpais National Conservation Area. Right off of 117, just below El Mapais National Monument. 7,244.79mi View  |  Edit
Camp site Mo River Near 6300 York Rd Helna,.MT This is a car camping site near a bridge across the Missouri /River. The road ends about 300 feet from exit on the east end of the bridge. The surface is gravel and above the Missouri river about 20 feet average 40 feet wide. It is medium private. Large enough for a camper and suitable for tent camping. There are no improvements. On east for about two mile there are several places to car camp or tent camp as the road heads east. The view is great in a river bend. Mike 7,245.75mi View  |  Edit
Teton National Forest, just outside Jackson WY (Wyoming) and National Elk Refuge 7,249.68mi View  |  Edit
Bridger Teton National Forest - Curtis Canyon Dispersed Camping - Past the USFS campground. Bumpy road but accessible with our 2WD Ford Transit. Marked undeveloped campsites located along a 9 mile long stretch of road. Fire rings only, no water or toilets. Exposed and windy but beautiful with views of Jackson Hole valley below. 7,250.43mi View  |  Edit
This is a single campsite amongst an abandon City, located on top of a hill. I suspect the hill is where the water tank was located. The area is accessible by paved roads and there are large areas of paved surfaces on which to camp. Additionally there are more secluded sites for other camping. The vista is GREAT. I believe this is Cibio NF land. South of I-40 about 4 miles. Mike 7,254.05mi View  |  Edit
Flat area off BLM road just east of rt.128. Camped here overnight when all the campgrounds along the Colorado River, all the way down to Moab were packed. I was the only soul there and all I could hear was a slight breeze. Set up my own crapper and kitchen, no water available. 7,256.31mi View  |  Edit
Shopko Parking Lot - Helena MT - This parking lot is next to Applebee's and near a busy intersection. Not much traffic in the parking lot except to the restaurant. After it closes it was fairly quiet. I spoke with manager at Albertsons and they confirmed that it was ok to stay the night. Right next to the I 15 exit and intersection mountain Ave and w Custer Ave. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,257.43mi View  |  Edit
Manti-La Sal NF, near Moab, loop rd, barely off of a fairly busy road. 7,257.43mi View  |  Edit
Manti-La Sal NF, near Moab, I recall this being a gorgeous campsite at the base of Mt. Peale, 4wd absolutely required. 7,260.12mi View  |  Edit
Gila National Forest FS150 road. Graded gravel road, but still rough in spots. Tight turns means no RVs and trailers. Tons of areas to camp along this road. This spot had a huge fire reflector. 7,263.81mi View  |  Edit
Red Rock Road, BLM SITE - near Henrys Lake State Park, Island Park ID - There were literally dozens of RVs boondocking in the forest. We were directed there by the rangers at Henrys Lake State Park. There are trails and roads all thru an area at least 1/2 mile long. Many trailers can be seen in the woods on any satellite view of the area. 7,264.44mi View  |  Edit
Cibola National Forest, off of SR (CO 400), not far from Gallup, NM and Fort Wingate Military Reservation. 7,264.83mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: N Ennis Lake Rd, Ennis MT 59740 Name: Meadow Lake Camground Description: Free, single vault toilet, 7 day max. 7,265.6mi View  |  Edit
Grapevine CG in Gila National Forest. Best choice for visiting the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Monument campgrounds are terrible but free also. This one is about 5 miles before the monument where NM Hwy 15 decends (gear WAY down so you don't ride your brakes the whole way) to cross the Gila River. Campground is bounded on the North by the East Fork of the Gila River. Two side-by-side pit toilets but no other amenities. Sites most often have a fire ring made of rocks by previous users. Steep entry road but good large landing for larger vehicles to turn right into campground at the bottom. If your RV is over 35', you probably shouldn't drive NM Hwy 15 in the first place, otherwise you should be confortable with mountainous grades and curves. GPS is for site at the east end of campground. Topozone map is very accurate and helpful. Avoid summer holiday weekends, too crowded. Gila Cliff Dwellings are a minature Mesa Verde that can be toured in two hours or less. Monument is 100 years old in 2007 so lots of history available. Gila Hot Springs is also a tourist destination between Grapevine CG and the Monument along Hwy 15. Convenience store and phone there. NO cell phone service. 7,273.5mi View  |  Edit
Free Gila NF Campground near Gila Cliff Dwellings and Gila Hot Springs, NM. free camping above and on river, with pit toilets. Some areas have very rough rd, but should be accessible to some shorter RVs/trailers if you stay close to pavement. 7,273.69mi View  |  Edit
Palisades Reservoir Center East - Targhee National Forest near Irwin ID - Free, grasslands on the reservoir. Several established sites with fire pits but appears to be open camping. Toilets. 7,276.95mi View  |  Edit
Manti-La Sal NF, near monticello, I think I camped next to an abandoned ski lift 7,278.58mi View  |  Edit
Willow Springs Rd - Moab, UT - Off of the 191. These are official state sovereign lands. Mostly for atv use but has many campsites and is completely free to stay. If you're coming from the I-70, on the 191 it will be on your left side. There is a sign that says willow springs rd, if you pass the "moab under canvas" turnoff, you’ve gone too far. No restrooms, fires ok. Vehicle accessible. About 4-6 miles from arches np entrance. 7,278.85mi View  |  Edit
Papa Joe's Quick Stop & Twilight Zone Shop near Moab interstate turnoff - Several gravel areas just north and east of the I-70 and US-191 overpass. Good gravel areas can be found E&W of The Quick Stop. 7,282.7mi View  |  Edit
BLM near Moab. Closest NP is Canyonlands Needles District, not sure if legal. The Lockhart Rd is still open to dispersed camping. The BLM has a camp ground called HAMBURGER ROCK with no facilities excepot pit toilets. DO NOT CROSS INDIAN CREEK WITH YOUR RV! UNLESS YOU WANT TO STAY THERE - FOREVER! Posted bu Bob on May 1, 2010 7,286.34mi View  |  Edit
Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino - Large parking area adjacent to a hotel and casino, gas station and Tim Hortons Coffee Shop Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,290.29mi View  |  Edit
Wolf Flats - Free Targhee National Forest campsites. Toilet areas, fire rings with grills that come up over the pit, free sites on either side of the road for approx. 8 miles. Very close to Heise Hot Springs and Kelly Canyon ski hill. Beautiful country. 7,295.13mi View  |  Edit
Swasey's Beach Campground, BLM campground, no fees! Awesome camping on banks of Green River for tents or RV's (at least 12 sites available, some for tents only). About 12 miles north of Green River, UT. From town of Green River, head east on Main St to Hastings Rd, turn left. Road is paved until just before Swasey's Beach, campground is on left just past Swasey's takeout; area is often used for day use by those from river rafting. Swasey's accessible with standard auto. Many more free sites further north of Swasey's along the river, though the road can be a bit difficult for RV's during rainy season. 7,295.4mi View  |  Edit
Comb Wash Campground - near Blanding UT - Great off highway BLM camping. Plenty of room, maybe a dozen camp spots. A couple of pit toilets. Loads of firewood. Can be a bit sandy in spots the further you pull in. River running in spring and summer. Indian artifacts and trails everywhere. A fun place to unload your ORV and explore. 7,295.52mi View  |  Edit
This is a camp site in the NF about 1 mile from highway 2 near address 14217 Old Highway 2e. There are several campsite near a creek where one may catch pan size trout. Elevation is 3765' Very quiet 45 dB. Mosquitoes. Near Glacier NP. 7,295.71mi View  |  Edit
Free campground in Canyon de Chelly NM,, facilities include flush toilets, picnic tables and drinking water. There are no shower facilities. No fee is required. 7,298.05mi View  |  Edit
Flathead NF - Moccasin Creek - In trail head pull off, cul-de-sac beside train tracks, hidden, trail head parking, slept great. 7,300.48mi View  |  Edit
Range Creek Trail Head Campground - Paved entry. Gravel camper and RV parking. Fire pit, picnic table and BBQ at every site. Vault toilet. Play ground. ATV, bicycle, walking/hiking trails. Historic buildings everywhere along trails. 7,303.92mi View  |  Edit
BLM campsite near Natural Bridges UT 7,306.92mi View  |  Edit
Valley of the Gods - RV possible. Better with 4x4. Free beautiful sites. 7,308.15mi View  |  Edit
Mexican Hat Rock - Take the Mexican Hat Rock Road (gravel road) and veer left around the Mexican Hat Road. A car will make it but a truck or SUV would be better as there are some bumps and rocks that a car with a low clearance may have trouble with. The gravel road goes all the way to the river with several flat areas for camping. Some already have a fire pit. The ground is fairly flat and level but rocky so tent camping is possible but not recommended. long RV’s and trailers not recommended except as the road is narrow and I don’t think there are any turn arounds (a car could turn around in the flat areas where people camp). If you would like a fire, the shell station in town sells firewood (they are not 24 hours though). 7,311.08mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Forbidden Ln, Condon MT 59826 Name: Owl Packer Camp Description: National Forest Dispersed Camping. Trailhead for access to the Bob Marshall Wilderness via trail 35. Site has lots of horse traffic in season. Editor note: I believe you will need to go past the fee campground to find the free camping. 7,312.3mi View  |  Edit
These campsites are on NF land just across the river from Glacier NP. There are numerous tent and RV sites as secluded as one wants. Grass and gravel surfaces with boat launch. Elevation is 3540'. 7,312.75mi View  |  Edit
Veterans Park - near Lordsburg NM - Veterans Park is a city park just off of Interstate 10 that offers free camping and is also big rig friendly. We had plenty of room to parallel park our truck and fifth wheel trailer (50 feet long combined) next to one of the numerous covered picnic areas. In addition, the parking area was wide enough to open our three slides for the night. The roads are mostly graveled and hard-packed, but there are some dirt areas. Cellular service was awesome. Verizon clocked in at 61.2 Mbps download speed and 45.1 Mbps upload speed. AT&T clocked in at 59.3 Mbps download speed and 11.4 Mbps upload speed. The arched Veterans Park sign over the main entry does not have the height clearance posted, but our 13 feet, 6 inch rig cleared the arch with about a 12 inches to spare. There is another entrance to the park immediately past the main arch entrance with no height restriction. A dumpster is located to the rear of the park. Trains pass through all night, but this park is still a free overnight camping gem for the self-contained traveler. 7,313.65mi View  |  Edit
Owl Creek Loop Rd Boondock - Flathead National Forest near Condon MT - This is a wild campsite overlooking beautiful mountains about 2-3 miles on the left off Hwy 200 on Owl Creek Rd Loop. Slight slope and a firepit. Drive many loops today looking for a disbursed camping site but this is the first we found today. All the organized campgrounds on the lakes were full of water-loving Montanans. Cell service too! 7,314.16mi View  |  Edit
Muley Point on top of Cedar Mesa sits either on BLM land administered by the Monticello Field Office or Glen Canyon NRA, not sure which, but I don't recall seeing any signs or rangers restricting camping. No fee signs or collection boxes were visible. Mulie Point rd off of UT-261, just north of the Moki Dugway. There are many dispersed camping spots just off the main road on some side roads. These are all dirt roads and could be navigated by a passenger car if careful and if dry. With a high-clearance vehicle, more spots are available. This viewpoint does get a reasonable amount of visitors, but it never felt crowded. The number of visitors who spend the night is far less. I don't think an RV would make it on the side roads, but could probably park along the main road or in the wider parking area overnight. Some Juniper trees spread scattered throughout might provide some wind shelter and privacy, but don't count on it. The spectacular views of the Goosenecks and Monument Valley in the distance are just amazing. With generally south facing views, both sunrise and sunsets are beautiful. I have been here for the views 3 times and camped once and plan on returning. One of my favorite spots. 7,317.79mi View  |  Edit
Beaverhead Campground on Clark Canyon Reservoir near Dillon MT - Free. Several sites with covered tables. Some overlooking the water. I stayed in October. Heavily used in summer for fishing. Also ice fishing. Pay camping farther in. Just off the I-15 freeway but noise is minimal. Vault toilets and trash receptacles. 7,327.92mi View  |  Edit
Blacksmith Fork Campground - Wasatch-Cache National Forest near Hyrum UT - Nice site with several along the river. 7,329.84mi View  |  Edit

We found this great roadside spot while vacationing. It is on a little rise and has a nice view of the Sonoran Desert. Unpaved, it is just a roadside pullout with a nice view.

There is easy off easy on pullthrough access. Enough room for the largest rigs. Slightly off camber.

Be aware you are near Mexico and may enounter illegals hitchiking along the road. They are harmless and only want water or food.

7,331.16mi View  |  Edit
Temple Mount Rd - San Rafael Swell - Large flat area on the left soon after the entrance to Goblin Valley State Park. Room for several RVs or tents. Pit toilets available, but didn’t use them. Found a place for our 36’ fifth wheel near the far side looking over a shallow ravine and large rocks. Beautiful! Not too windy. There were about 8 other campers there, but it was very quiet and they had plenty of room to space out. We stopped at the BLM office in Hanksville and were directed here. 7,332.02mi View  |  Edit
Lefthand Fork - Wasatch-Cache National Forest near Hyrum UT - Lots of spots available for RVs and ATV. 7,335.03mi View  |  Edit
Ashley Lake South Campground - Free camping. 5 or 6 available spots. Right on the lake. Very nice spot. 7,337.66mi View  |  Edit
Middle Fork Campground - Wasatch-Cache National Forest, near Huntsville UT - No hookups but free to all staying 5 days or less. Camper, RV, Motorhomes, Tents all are welcome! 7,343.77mi View  |  Edit
Pocatello ORV Blackrock Canyon BLM near Pocatello ID - Wide open parking lot with a pit toilet. Free dispersed camping. Open April-November. I was the only person here. 2 bars of service. 7,344.62mi View  |  Edit
South end of Petrified Forest National Park. The Crystal Forest Trading Post offers free camping if you don't use hookups. Not sure about the toilet/bathroom situation. More information is here: From website: This very clean and tidy RV park is right at the intersection of Ariz. Route 180 and the south entrance to Petrified Forest National Park, 19 miles southeast of Holbrook. There are about a half-dozen level, gravel pads with 30-amp electric hookups, plus additional space for boondockers. The trading post is next door. Boondocking is free, but hookups cost $10 a night. This would be a pleasant place in the winter season, but would be very hot in the summer. There is no shade anywhere on the park. I saw no time limit posted, but I would assume a few days would be appropriate before taking advantage of the hospitality. A trading post across the street also offers a free stay with a purchase of $20 or more. 7,347.46mi View  |  Edit
Cherry Creek Rest Area near Malad City ID - One night vehicle camping is allowed at all rest stops in Idaho. Welcome center has lots of information about Idaho. Clean restrooms, WiFi (did not reach out to my van but worked well inside), plenty of room for Skoolies and RVs. 7,352.08mi View  |  Edit
Near Chiricahua National Monument, Coronado National Forest off of FS42 Pinery Canyon Rd, no trailers or large vehicles. Lots of gravel road. This particular spot is a little pulloff, but there is likely more up the road. Warning: Near an active area of the Mexican border. 7,353.7mi View  |  Edit
Coronado NF near Rucker Canyon. Lots of gravel rds in the area for boondocking. There are some pay campgrounds up the road too. 7,356.37mi View  |  Edit
Haekel Rd BLM near Safford AZ - About 7 miles East out of Safford AZ on Highway 80. Turn right (south) on BLM's Haekel Road. In about 1 mile, the pavement makes a sharp curve left, a gravel road continues strait. Some people were camped in a clearing off the pavement after the curve, but we camped in the gravel/grass/scrub brush area on the right hand side, right at the beginning of the gravel road. This spot is easy to find and easily accessible even for a 35' class A with a load. Safford is close if you need anything and yet it is a quiet spot with a beautiful view of Mt. Graham. There were 5-6 other campers there at the time we camped. Everyone was well spread out and I did not hear any noise... but this was during the week. It may be different on the weekend. Hot Well Dunes (an OHV area with hot spring spas) is about 25 more miles down the road. BLM Safford Field Office 928-348-4400 7,357.72mi View  |  Edit
Haeckel Rd BLM - Desert site with beautiful views. Very quiet BLM site. Good cell service. A great find. 7,358.35mi View  |  Edit
Near Indian Bread Rocks Campground - Lots of nice Boondocking places before and after Indian Bread Rocks campground. A few hikes from the campground also. 7,359.21mi View  |  Edit
Near Capitol Reef, Fremont River BLM lands. There are many spots, some big enough for RVs and trailers. Some roads may be impassable when wet. This is off of the road to Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef. 7,359.74mi View  |  Edit
Near Capitol Reef National Park, BLM lands, Hall Creek/Brimhall Arch overlook, gorgeous views, sunsets, and sunrises, incredible but difficult hike from here into Capitol Reef NP to Brimhal Arch. Very rough gravel road to overlook, but plenty of camping available on the graded roads nearby. 7,360.12mi View  |  Edit
Payson Lakes Primitive Campground - near Salem UT 84653 - This is a primitive camping area that is in the National Forest along the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop and is designated as a formal camping area. It is just a little North of the Payson Lakes day use area and on the opposite side of the road. There are no services available there, but depending on the season etc you may be able to access water and/or a pit toilet at the day use area or the formal Payson Lakes Campground. However, you may be charged a fee to enter the day use and formal campground areas. The whole area is wooded with lots of pines and aspens. The entire camping area is unpaved with an initial incline down into the area. If it is rainy and wet it may be slippery and difficult to get in and out of. This is an especially beautiful area in the fall when the aspen turn bright yellow. There is a lot of wildlife here as well, so you may see or hear deer, bear, wolves, moose, squirrels, etc. There are hiking trails available close by and the Nebo Loop is a beautiful drive. 7,361.66mi View  |  Edit
Challis National Forest, if memory serves, this is a grassland more than a forest, very steep road to get to it, but nicely gravelled. Recommend 4wd. I think it is near a radio tower. Other than that, it was fairly desolate and beautiful. Not far from Arco ID (Idaho) and Craters of the Moon National Monument. 7,363.63mi View  |  Edit
Kimberley City Parking For The Platzl - near Kimberley BC V1A - Public parking. Signs say limit 24 hours. Nowhere is there a reference to no overnight parking. Very easy access for car or RV with some spaces 30’ deep. 7,364.24mi View  |  Edit
NPS Capitol Reef, first come first serve, NPS calls it Cedar Mesa, but my mapping program shows it as Costa Mesa, Pit toilets, picnic tables, and fire grates are the only facilities available 7,364.53mi View  |  Edit
This camping location is on a Powerline road. Exit off NM 266. It is near another Boondocking location but more secluded. On the way to the location there are many opportunities to camp. DO NOT camp in a dry wash. Be sure to close any gates you may open. This is BLM land. 7,367.39mi View  |  Edit
Site is beginning to a powerline road on BLM land. It is 1 mile south of highway 266. One has to go through a gate and several nice level places to camp in the scrub brush. If one wants privacy one can follow the Powerline road several miles. The powerline road is suitable for High Clearance vehicles. Additional campsites are west along 266 on north side, just east of dry wash suitable for RV. 7,369.62mi View  |  Edit
Gillespie Wash - Coronado National Forest, 2 week limit, Good quail and dove hunting. 7,370.31mi View  |  Edit
NPS Capitol Reef, first come first serve, Cathedral Valley, Pit toilets, picnic tables, and fire grates are the only facilities available. We were the only ones there one summer night. 7,371.63mi View  |  Edit
Mountains On All Sides near Salt Lake City UT - Parking at this location is both free and legal to our knowledge. No signs indicated otherwise. Remote but easy car access. We stopped here around 7pm on 3/21/20 and decided to stay the night. Felt very safe the entire night with zero interactions with others throughout the night. A couple different hikers parked next to us for an easy hike at adjacent trail head in the morning. This is an access road off of I-80. We turned near “Great Salt Lake State Park” and continued down the access road parallel to the freeway. Thankfully the noise from the freeway was not a disturbance. This is not a friendly RV spot. Perfect for car camping/ van camping. The views of the mountains are absolutely stunning on all sides with picturesque sunsets and sunrises. 7,372.25mi View  |  Edit
Burraston Ponds: Free Camp Ground with a rope swing and seasonal pit toilets. Fishing. No running water. UPDATE 9/5/2015: Temporarily closed: 7,375.42mi View  |  Edit
Honeys Park Free Camping. Private campground, absolutely free. Free dump station and water nearby. Electricity, wifi, firepit, friendly host with a beer fridge usually on site. Does not require or even like reservations, never closes but becomes sometimes impassable in January or February due to location above 5300ft in Idaho mountains. Sits just off the road leading to the local KOA campground down a dirt road next to an LDS church, which is in itself just 500 feet from a state highway that is low use but leads across the Idaho plains. Honeys Park - 2436 N 3000 W - Arco, Idaho 83213 - (208) 309 1678 7,375.8mi View  |  Edit
Free Camping Area - Crown land/government designated free camping area with signage. Right beside highway 40. You can atv from this area up the beaver dam road. 7,378.76mi View  |  Edit
Saddleback blvd/Flying J Travel Center - Street side parking just outside Flying J lot - large dead end street with huge turn around and nothing on it. I have a 37’ w. Car dolly no problem turning around, police don’t care if your on a street side - just no slide outs. truck stop traffic can be heard slightly. Flying J has RV amenities easy in and out even got after shower after fueling up RV w 75.00 of diesel. Felt safe got a great 8 hours sleep w no hassles. 7,380.2mi View  |  Edit
Dixie National Forest - OHV trail site. There are several campgrounds with fire rings. Not RV friendly, but accessible by car. This is USFS land and free to camp on. Gently sloping, sandy soil and if you travel further in 4x4 or other off road vehicle recommended. 7,380.56mi View  |  Edit
Apache-Sitgreacves National Forests near Heber AZ - Easily accessible and secluded. Not sure how it would do in the rain. We were able to take a small RV off the gravel a bit and find the perfect spot. 7,382.15mi View  |  Edit
Trailhead Secluded Camping - Lolo National Forest, Thompson Falls MT 59873 - This is a very nice secluded camp site, located near Gold Rush Campground (which is also fantastic) on forest service road 352. Looking at a map, this site is just past the fork in east fork dry creek and Knox creek. It is not marked so to find it I suggest just head toward Gold Rush Campground. When you pull in there is a campsite at the trail head entrance but if you turn left there is a more secluded spot about 50 feet away that you can drive up too. 7,387.38mi View  |  Edit
Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument - Overlook - Easy access off of Hwy 12, on a sandy/dirt road which is compacted and accommodates 2wd rigs. The view to the West is worth the stop and the trail traffic was almost nil when I was here in late May. 7,388.19mi View  |  Edit
Xpress Fuel & Flying J Truck Stops - Xpress Fuel has a big lot with overnight parking if you buy fuel there. Not crowded at all. The Flying J across the street has a similar set up but more crowded with trucks at night. (Editor's note: as always, check with management before setting up.) 7,389.44mi View  |  Edit
These are campsites on NF land are off US 2 then off NF 508, a gravel road carved out of side of hill. Several wide spots pull outs level with fine gravel surface. I had no traffic along road. In mixed confer and broad leaf forest. Elevation is 2888'. Road is good, no high clearance vehicle needed. Smaller RV friendly, limited places to turn around. 7,389.78mi View  |  Edit
River Side Camping - Location has lots of camping space even for an rv or truck and trailer. Half a dozen fire rings. Easy access up a dirt road. 2wd no problem. We camped early July mid week. Nobody here. 7,391.36mi View  |  Edit
Noxon Community Park - Kaniksu National Forest near Heron MT - $10 night for electric. No sewer. Free of no hookups are used. Water spigot in park. Quiet, safe, always open. Mercantile & cafe with great food across the street. Views of mountains & Clark Fork River. Also a boat launch in park and a large covered pavilion. ATV trails are up Pilgrim Creek road into the Kootanai Forest. Any size rig can get across the bridge into noxon, semis cross it all the time. There are 2 back in spots, good for 36 under feet rigs. One sideways for any size. 7,395.64mi View  |  Edit
Chehalis National Forest - Near Lost River, ID - There are several Boondocking sites between the Chehalis/Antelope Guard Station and the official campsite (about 2-3 miles past GS). This is a large pull through at the side of a hill a fire pit and granite chunks surrounding it to sit on. Near ATV/dirt bike trails so not completely quiet or private but you can go further down towards the campground for that. Also a site just next to the Antelope GS with a picnic table next to a stream. Wind is blowing today so prepare for that. No water or toilets. 7,395.92mi View  |  Edit
Boondocking in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest near Vernon UT - Great boon docking site. Less than 8 miles to the nearest convenience store. During the week you will see very few people. On weekends you'll see a few drive by on the dirt road. Verizon is smoking fast. 160mb down 25mb up. Other cellular services are acceptable. 7,402.87mi View  |  Edit
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Page AZ - This is the entrance to the BLM land. We took our 24foot GD travel trailer and hit a few dirt berms on our way inward. It’s a little rough getting in. There were quite a few locals out walking dogs off of a leash, but weren’t bothered by anyone. 7,405.52mi View  |  Edit
Late Nite Boondocking Camp - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Page AZ - Last minute camp decision. Turned off of 89 to the right coming from Page, AZ. Went about a mile and there was a little pull off on left. We roof top tented and had the stars to ourselves. Perfect stop on our trek across country. This is BLM land out here and we were told by park rangers we could stay anywhere we wanted as long as it was 1/4 mile off the hwy. 7,406.24mi View  |  Edit
Multiple places to park truck,camper, or van off of Lightning Creek Rd in proximity of the river (Lightning Creek). Privacy is so-so, depending on the location you select. Some of them are back into the trees, others are pretty close to the road. Not suitable for large RV's. You're on public land (USFS) once you go about 6 miles up the road from the city of Clark Fork. Dispersed camping, no facilities. 7,407.11mi View  |  Edit
Old Gravel pit - near Grantsville UT - Hastings Cutoff BLM road 7,408.17mi View  |  Edit
Two Guns - I camped here June of 2018, I believe the area is abandoned and there were no signs saying I couldn't enter. Lots of stone structures along the canyon. I set up a tent inside a structure in the back. No graffiti or signs of destruction unlike many other spots around Route 66. I drove back to this spot in a Cadillac Fleetwood so just about anyone else should be able to reach it just follow the dirt road. Close to the highway and you can hear trucks at night, I built a fire but put it out because I was afraid it would draw to much attention. This is an awesome spot with great history. Please respect this site. 7,409.76mi View  |  Edit
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, AZ - FR 171 Camp Area - Many camp spots along this road and on FS 181 road across globe-young highway nice places for tent or RV. Free and year round camping. 7,410.33mi View  |  Edit
Clark Fork River Free Camping - near Clark Fork ID - Open parking for RV’s and boat launch adjacent to parking lot. Probably room for several RVs. No trees so fairly open. Good Mountain View’s and you are within a few miles of Clark Fork for groceries, gas, and beer. 7,411.01mi View  |  Edit
Badger Creek - near Marble Canyon AZ - Enter through gate off the side of 89A, but make sure to close it behind you, and proceed down under-maintained road to numerous excellent campsites. 7,414.89mi View  |  Edit
Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument, UT - Rock Springs Bench Road - BLM road #410 approx. 2 miles past entrance to Khodachrome State Park off Cottonwood Rd. Easy access in 2 WD pickup with slide in camper. Stayed one night early October 2018. We were the only ones there. 7,420.52mi View  |  Edit
Begbie Falls - Begbie Falls Forest Service Rd, BC V0E - This is a quiet spot at the end of the FS road, most suitable for small RVs and tenters. Do not use the FS road (where it turns to gravel) if you have a trailer or larger RV as there is nowhere to turn around. There are trails to the falls and Columbia River. 7,423.27mi View  |  Edit
Sawtooth National Forest - Dispersed Free Camping - Great sites in serene valley within 15 min to downtown Ketchum. Follow Main st out of town north, turn right on lake creek dr and follow it through the swanky neighborhood, when it seems to end at the circle keep left an it’s a lovely quality forest service road. Sites begin after sign an are mostly marked with fire rings. No other amenities. Good cell coverage tho being close to town. Took our 19ft trailer down there an stayed for the max 3 nights quite nice. 7,423.5mi View  |  Edit
Redington Pass (Coronado National Forest) Completely free and legal. Regularly patrolled by sheriffs department. East of Tucson. You take Tanque Verde until it turns into a dirt road. There are several RV friendly flat spots available at the beginning of the dirt road, and another 10 or so spots available on the mountainside. Smaller campers, vans, and tents frequently use these spots. Washboarding and steep climbs from the mountainside up, but you can easily back into the spots. Tanque Verde Falls is easily accessible from this area, as well as several top notch 4WD trails a little further back. 7,423.61mi View  |  Edit
Kanab UT BLM - House Rock Valley Road - is a long dirt road that connects Rte 89 to the wave. I would not recommend unless okay driving on long dirt road that is not well maintained. Along the road we saw several boondocking sites - some with fire pits. Avoid if rain or bad weather! The road specifically states for fair weather use only. Enjoy! 7,427.24mi View  |  Edit
Dixie National Forest near Hatch UT - Multiple beautiful large campsites. Dirt roads. Good condition. Several large campers. Off Hwy 12. Forest Road 117. Turn down smaller roads both sides. 7,428.4mi View  |  Edit
Kearny Lake City Campground - About 12 sites with flush toilets and fresh water. Free! 7,428.57mi View  |  Edit
BLM land, we pulled a 35 foot trailer in and camped a night. It was a bit muddy because of the rain but manageable with 4WD. Peaceful and quiet and the closest neighbor was over a half mile away. 7,429.89mi View  |  Edit
Spacious flat dispersed ponderosa forest camping up to 2 weeks on Forest Route 82E off of Lake Mary Road south of Flagstaff Arizona. 7,429.97mi View  |  Edit
Dixie NF, FS 087, not far from Bryce Canyon NP 7,430.01mi View  |  Edit
Multiple dispersed camping areas along Baldy Mountain Road. Suitable for trucks, campers, vans and I've even seen class C RV's in there, though access would be tight. All of these little logging roads that branch off of Baldy Mountain Rd have potential camp sites on public land - no shortage of options. Gravel roads surrounded by miles of forest and mountains. No services, though some sites are in proximity to small streams. Access is recommended from the west (Eastside Rd or Peninsula Rd+Eastriver Rd), headed up towards Priest Lake). Take Big Creek Rd, which turns into Baldy Mountain Rd. Baldy Mountain Road goes all the way over the mountains and down into the city of Sandpoint, but the road gets narrower and tighter the further you go and requires 4x4 and high clearance up at the top of the pass where it's been largely washed out and has large rocks protruding. This washed out section may be repaired in 2020, discussions ongoing with govt agencies (I'm involved in those discussions). The road is closed by snow in the winter. Most of the land up here is owned by the State of Idaho (Idaho Dept of Lands). Nearby points of interest are Priest Lake, snowmobiling, hiking, xc skiing and snowshoeing, hunting. Nothing is particularly close to this area though - you're a ways out there. October is the busiest time of year as all of these sites have hunting groups camped out in them. 7,430.29mi View  |  Edit
Las Cienegas Natural Conservation Area(Empire Ranch) BLM Land Free Take I-10 East from Tucson and turn off at Exit 281 (Route 83 Sonoita-Patagonia Highway South). Travel south on Route 83 for about 19 miles and watch for the green and white milepost 40 sign along the right side of the road. Approximately 1/4 mile past milepost 40, turn left into Las Cienegas(Empire Ranch Road). The road is dirt and has some "washboarding" so don't go too fast. At about the 2.9 mile point there will be a fork in the road. Stay to the right. When the road ends in a "T", take a left. You will cross a concrete section of the road down in a wash. Just up the hill from the wash (about .2 mile), turn left. Just ahead of you (.1 mile) will be the end of an abandoned airstrip where the most level sites are found. NOTE: edited 11/17/05 by Andrew Koransky, orig lat/lon was 31.47/-110.37, but this pointed into the middle of Fort Huachuaca! My location may not be exact and is unverified, but should at least be closer based on directions above. 7,431.59mi View  |  Edit
Oak Flat Campground - Tonto National Forest near Miami AZ - Free camping up too 14 days. Pretty secluded and shouldn’t be bothered. 7,433.54mi View  |  Edit
Coconino National Forest, AZ - Marshal Lake - Disperse camping all around the lake. Stayed for 3 nights 7,433.76mi View  |  Edit
Granite Lake, Athol Idaho, primitive camping, no water,porta potty on site, rock fire pits, very little signage till you get there, car, truck and small rv friendly 7,434.84mi View  |  Edit
Payette National Forest, middle of no where, right near Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area 7,434.92mi View  |  Edit
Near Arizona Snowbowl and Humphreys Peak. Coconino National Forest FS 522. This site is number 6 of 14 designated free sites. Rough rd, not level. Be sure to approach from the paved Arizona Snowbowl Rd (NF 516) or have 4wd high clearance and lots of patience on some very rough roads. 7,438.99mi View  |  Edit
Sullivan Creek, WA - Four campsites alongside the Sullivan Creek below the now removed Mill pond. Popular site for gold panning. This is In the Colville National Forest. Limit of 14 days free camping. I last stayed at this site for 10 days September 2018. 7,441.66mi View  |  Edit
Mammoth Creek - Primitive camping. 7,443.07mi View  |  Edit
Forest Service Road - Nice little pull out on a Forest Service Road. Don’t see a FSR number though. There is a road block (April ‘19) down the dirt road just a bit, but just before that, there is a graded dirt lot big enough for a Class A, If you did a three point turn to get out. We had a Class C and it was a comfortable level spot for the night. It’s one large parking area. Not individual spaces. Close to the road. Pine trees. Decent spot. Saw some locals park here to hike and run their dogs. We found many of the area Boondocking spots had a road block currently preventing us from using them. On a nearby reviewed spot I saw a sign posted that said no camping between March 1 and I think November. If you find nearby spots blocked, check out this site. The roadblock is up past the graded camping area. 7,443.41mi View  |  Edit
Grandview Lookout Tower - near Williams AZ - Free legal 14-day dispersed primitive campsites in Kaibab National Forest. Multiple sites along nearby forest roads. Pit toilet and trash receptacles at tower. The turnoff is near mile marker 254. Travel south on gravel road until you cross the cattle guard into the National Forest. 7,443.72mi View  |  Edit
Coconino National Forest, Wet Beaver Wilderness Area, Montezuma castle NM, Lake Montezume, Rimrock. No crap! That's the name of the wilderness area! 7,445.69mi View  |  Edit
Kaibab National Forest, near North Rim Grand Canyon. Area is fairly heavily used, but easy to find a spot nearby. 7,447.22mi View  |  Edit
North Cedar City - near Cedar City UT - Great camping spot 0.7 miles off the I-15 Frontage road. Secluded spot right off the road, all spots around here should be good, everything is BLM land. 7,447.25mi View  |  Edit
Free camping in Tonto National Forest near Apache Junction AZ - Free Camping open. Cactus galore. 14 day limit. Cars can get through, beautiful lake 3 min away. 7,448.75mi View  |  Edit
Kaibab National Forest Tusayan District. Approaching Grand Canyon National Park on rt 64 first right turn after first traffic circle entering Tusayan route 302. Sites past 302a-e more private. 302 wide, graveled, smaller side roads vary, most good. Wouldn't need 4-wheel on most unless really bad weather. Could get big rigs in some spots. Ranger station just past second circle. 6-7 miles to GC visitor center. Mile or less to Tusayan, which has free shuttles to GC in season. Fly in ointment -- right under tourist helicopter flight path. Also, enter Park, continue toward Desert View, turn on rt 310, just past Grandview Overlook. Will exit Park, re-enter Kaibab NF. Lots of sites. The Arizona Trail crosses nearby. 7,450.72mi View  |  Edit
Coordinates are approximate. Follow directions. Box Canyon Area - This is a wide open area for off roading while camping completely free. NOTE from AZGFD.COM: "All OHVs made by the manufacturer primarily for use over unimproved terrain and that weigh 1,800 pounds or less are required by law to display a valid Arizona OHV Decal." Take US 60 E towards Globe. Take the Florence exit Rte 79. Go south approx 6 miles. On the left, visible above the trees is a flag pole. On the right side of the road there is a small sign for E Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Turn left an you will immediately see a staging area on your right. If you hit Florence you've gone too far! The road is frequently traveled and well maintained. We have 4 WD but I see plenty cars on that road. Take that road and keep your eyes out for any spot on the left or right to camp. To find off road trails galore, with your 4x4, dirt bike or quads, just stay on that road and you can't miss them! 7,452.38mi View  |  Edit
FS 121 Coconino National Forest near Rimrock AZ - Pull out off FS121. Fairly level. We parked our 25’ Winnebago view nose in for sun exposure (awning on passenger side). Cars come by about 1/half hour. Not sure if that’s because Soda Creek rd is closed and this provides access to Lawrence crossing campground. A lot of the dispersed camping on FS618 have been turned into day use only. :-( Was hoping to be closer to the creek. There is a great spot for high clearance vehicle about 400 feet north of 618 on 618h (1st rd after passing beaver creek) short walking distance to creek. Editor's note: location doesn't appear to be exact, but pull-offs evident nearby. 7,452.55mi View  |  Edit
Fairfield City Park near Fairfield ID - Wonderful city park with trees, playground, picnic tables, bathrooms, water, dump station and areas around the park to camp overnight for free! There is even a barn for animals. Nice people and safe enough to leave trailer unhitched. 7,453.44mi View  |  Edit
Kaibab National Forest Fire Road near Williams AZ - I got a 25’ travel trailer in here. Free, not far from Grand Canyon. 7,453.6mi View  |  Edit
site is between deer creek, utah and swaines creek. It is just off of hwy 14 off strawberry ridge road. we spent a couple of weeks at this spot through the summer of 2009. the road is a well traveled ATV trail so it can be dusty if it has not rained in a while. 7,454.49mi View  |  Edit
Near Montezuma's Castle National Monument, Camp Verde, AZ, Coconino National Forest, High clearance needed. 7,454.52mi View  |  Edit
Public Land Camping near Apache Junction AZ - Large Area right off the road outside Lost Dutchman SP. 14 Day camping limit. Plenty of spots to tuck into. Many signs saying CAMPING. Easy access, quiet, and lots of brush for privacy! 7,456.74mi View  |  Edit
Sedona Cottonwood BLM - Popular area for campers and RVs. Mainly used for 4wd rec..14 day stay limit for nearby services available..paved road turns to a very well maintained hard packed dirt road ... pulloff to the camp sites can be muddy during rain..but during dry weather yr ok. Lots of hiking and exploring in the Mountainous desert.. take forest service road 761b “loyd butte road” just a couple of miles.. and start looking for a spot.. 7,458.83mi View  |  Edit
BLM Site Near Sedona - Great spot on the north side of 525. We’ve had a lot better luck with privacy on the north part of 525 vs the south. Plenty of room for more campers, but we’re the only ones here this time of year (Jan 2020). Location very near Sedona. Lots of hiking trail heads nearby but also able to just hike from where we’re parked. Great views. Don’t want to leave! Also, great cell service. I work remotely and have had no issues connecting to my phones hotspot for calls and video conferences. It’s a dirt road in overall good condition. But drive slowly and be cautions or washing out from flash floods. Ground is dry while we’re here but I could see some issue if it’s super wet for a long period of time (ha, doesn’t happen in AZ very often). 7,458.92mi View  |  Edit
Lions Club RV park - near Milford UT - This site is free. Has water access and sewage. Can accommodate large rigs. Approx 15 sites I would say. It’s leveled and has some medium size trees that provide some shade. It’s the perfect overnight location between Zion and Great Basin. We stayed one night on 08/02/2019 and we were the only ones there. Quiet spot, maybe some ATVs circulating in the morning from the locals but that’s it. 7,459.28mi View  |  Edit
Near Sedona, AZ, Coconino National Forest USFS. Off FS 525, high clearance, probably impasable when wet. Note that around the high-traffic area of Sedona, no free camping is allowed. Hit the National Forest visitor center in Oak Creek, AZ for free maps detailing where boondocking is allowed. 7,459.36mi View  |  Edit
Rest Stop / Overnight - This is a large dirt lot directly across from the lower level parking to cliff castle casino. The casino staff says it city land and it’s a known rest stop. Anyone can park and sleep in there vehicles. 7,459.56mi View  |  Edit
Hidden Gem - Coconino National Forest near Cornville AZ - There’s several spots for camping, RV, tent etc. Between Cottonwood and Sedona off highway 89A. Take N Oak Creek Valley rd, make a left on E Willow Point rd (796) and you’ll find several spots off this road. 7,460.2mi View  |  Edit
Coconino National Forest USFS, near Sycamore Pass Rd, flat parking spot. Been a while (1999), but if I recall, it was near the end of a small spur road. Not far from Sedona. Shrub trees provide moderate privacy. 7,460.57mi View  |  Edit
Old Hwy 89, UT - BLM just off 89 south of Mt Carmel. Easy access with 2WD hauling slide-in truck camper. You can hear traffic from Hwy but out of eye shot. This seems to be a working gravel pit. 7,461.99mi View  |  Edit
Mt Carmel, UT. BLM Camp off US 89. A number of spots available in the area on the copious amounts of BLM land in the area, some accessible to RVs. Inbetween Zion, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes. 7,462.04mi View  |  Edit
Public land by a river. A bit sandy but pretty flat land. 7,462.81mi View  |  Edit
Brian Head Utah, I'm the independent owner of the lot between the Kristi Condominiums and the cabin behind it, in Brian Head, UT. Enter from South Snowflake lane. Feel free to camp as long as you leave it in the same condition you found it or better. 7,463.25mi View  |  Edit
Kaibab Lake BLM - No services available.. 14 stay limit..just north of the lake on highway AZ64 , cross a bridge to a unmarked dirt road on the right.. pine tree wooded area. Several spots to choose from..idea for smaller rvs and trailers.. would not recommend larger RVs or trailers, but probably is possible if your for overhanging tree branches and mud pits from recent rains. 7,464.64mi View  |  Edit
Arivaca Lake. This spot is definately worth the trip. It seems to be a forgotten state park. It is clean and there is fishing here. We heard it gets busy on the weekends, but very quiet when we were there on Sun. night. The road is gravel, 4 wheel drive isn't necessary, but it would be difficult in a big rig. There is one camping spot in the first valley, but is worth going to the lake (almost 3 miles). The lots are level and great views. 7,470.1mi View  |  Edit
BLM Free Camping - accessible by RV - Dry Camping allowed for 2 weeks per spot. Great desert vegetation, hiking and nice views of Ragged Top Mountain. 7,471.66mi View  |  Edit
Payette National Forest camp spot, near McCall Idaho on the way to Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. 7,473.08mi View  |  Edit
Name: 701 Grange Rd , Enderby B.C. Description: Welcome Travellers! We have 24 acres of space and a pond. You are welcome to come and put your feet up here for the night. Please call or email first and we'll see you soon! 250 803 5965 or applesigns@ 7,473.13mi View  |  Edit
Cactus Pete's Casino Jackpot NV - Truck parking near street is always free. Nice casino with steakhouse or buffet restaurants. Sign up for players card at no cost and get one night free in campground; lower campground has big pull through spaces with trees and lush lawns, upper campground nearest to casino was more crowded and more compact sites. Big rig friendly and pets welcome. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,475.56mi View  |  Edit
Sloan's Gulch - Accessible by car and four-wheel-drive. NO RVs. Great spot to camp and fish and swim has a fair amount of bees. There are no services no cell phone service and no Internet. 7,476.05mi View  |  Edit
Power Lines View - Kaibab National Forest near Williams AZ - Off NF road 6. Rough road. Van, truck, tent, small rv. 7,476.35mi View  |  Edit
Boise National Forest Off Road 418 - Boondocking spot in Boise National Forest. Off Hwy 55 and Forest Road 418. About .25 mile up the hill, 418 forks; take the road to the right, which is still 418, and the site is about .25 miles up the hill on the right. It is just off Road 418 so people may drive by, but we have only seen 1 vehicle since we got here, so while it is just off the road there is privacy. Enough room for several tents/ vehicles. Fire pit on site. Bring bug spray! 7,476.78mi View  |  Edit
Bass Pro Shops - Free overnight parking. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, please check with the management before setting up. 7,477.81mi View  |  Edit
Rotary Park - in Kettle Falls WA 99141 - The Park has 3 spaces with electric and 5 or so more spaces plus an acre of grass for tents. No charge. It is behind the welcome center, block and half to good dinner, Little Gallea and Northern ales brewery, both within walking distance. Five of the beers I tried at brewery were good and well made. Most popular beer is one of their IPAs. Coffee group meets at 6:30 AM daily, second table on left as one walks in. 7,478.69mi View  |  Edit
Agua Fria National Monument Dispersed near Black Canyon City AZ - Dispersed camping on BLM lands within Agua Fria National Monument. Per the BLM website, camping is allowed for up to 14 days in a 28-day period. Tent and RV accessible; signs along the dirt road recommend 4WD but the road is in good condition and most passenger vehicles would be fine unless there have been heavy rains. On I-17, south of Cordes Junction, Bloody Basin Rd exit. Follow the signs east into the area (there is a cattle guard at the entrance). Crown King Rd to the west is also BLM dispersed camping. 7,478.95mi View  |  Edit
Dalton Wash - Heading toward Zion NP on SR 9, Dalton Wash Rd. Is the immediate next left after Kolob Terrace Rd. Head up the road about 5 miles and you come across a bunch of primitive campsites. BLM land so it is all free. Road is easy for any vehicle, and the views from here are absolutely stunning. If you’re near Zion and want a wonderful place to stay for free, this is it. Editor's note: road conditions may vary. 7,485.18mi View  |  Edit
Wild Horse Pass Casino (south of Phoenix) Free RV camping in the RV lot around back. No registration necessary. You're parking with the big rigs, so it might get a little noisy. 7,485.97mi View  |  Edit
BLM Camping near Virgin UT - Definitely BLM land. Camping free, limited to 14 days. Large open are suitable for large rigs. Dirt road is moderately rutted, and be muddy after rain. Area is interspersed with medium and large sized rocks, stone fire rings are in place. Decent shade trees. 7,487.2mi View  |  Edit
BLM free camping SR9 near Zion NP, very busy though, right on river. I would be surprised if this were still open/free due to overuse. 4wd recommended, very sandy and narrow road. Update: I stayed overnight at this free BLM campsite July 28, 2009 and loved it. Look for mile marker 24 on Utah SR9 about 8 miles from Springdale, UT (entrance to Zion National Park). It does get busier on some weekends but it was great. I swam in the Virgin River and drove my Prius (very slowly) through the sand to a spot 20 feet from the river to pitch my tent. There were some rocks that I had to dodge at the entrance to the campground, and I was very careful to drive in not to soft of sand. My only complaint was the millions of ants in the sand. 7,487.28mi View  |  Edit
Kolob Rd near Zion NP, not sure this is legal. 7,487.33mi View  |  Edit
Near Zion South Entrance - near Virgin UT - Free blm spot unmarked dirt path off kolob rd, camping on both sides of creek, fire pits made of rocks already exist, some decent tree shade on some sites. 7,487.67mi View  |  Edit
BLM Near Zion National Park - This is a BLM road with dispersed camping along the road. To get to it turn south on Sheep Bridge Rd in Virgin, pass the bridge and keep going up the road. You will start to see turnouts where you can camp. Was very easy to get here with a Ford Focus. The sites are mostly close to the road and the area is a big plateau so it was a little windy but was private. 7,492.55mi View  |  Edit
Sheeps Bridge Rd - BLM Land near Virgin UT - Huge spots with fantastic views 20 minutes from Zion National Park. We made it with no problems in a 12’ wide c 27’ RV. Absolutely loved it. No hook ups but so awesome! 7,492.66mi View  |  Edit
BLM Campsites near Hurricane UT - Posted campsite nearest hwy 59. Several more smaller turnouts along road. 59 heads into Hurricane. Nearby Maverick station has free dump station. Further up the main gravel road is hwy 9 that leads to Zion park. 7,493.59mi View  |  Edit
Ak-Chin Casino - Maricopa - Great place to boondock - Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,494.38mi View  |  Edit
Nisqually John Landing General Information Type of Recreation: Day-Use, Boating and Primitive Camping State: Washington County: Whitman Administering Office: Lower Granite Natural Resources Office Location: Lower Granite Lake, Snake River Mile 123, North River Bank. Acreage: 8 Acres Highway Directions: 15 miles west of Lewiston, Idaho, on state highway 193/Wawawai River Road. Fire Restrictions: No wood fires June 10 through October 10. Charcoal and propane gas fires are acceptable. Nisqually John Landing on the Snake RIver about 15 miles west of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. It is on the north side of the river on State Highway 193/Wawawai River Road. Is a free site. There are Covered Picnic tables and fire rings with grates. There is a pit toilet available. No potable water nor sewer dump. It is easily accessible off the highway by all types of vehicles. Charcoal and propane gas fires are acceptable year round. Wood fires after October 10 and before June 10. Facilities Camping areas for tents and RV's. ADA Accessible, 1 lane boat launch ramp (no launch fee). Season and hours of Operation: Year round, with no specific hours of operation. 7,495.89mi View  |  Edit
Very beautiful location on on the the road heading up to oak grove campground. It is on the base of Pine Mountain in the Dixie National Forest. There are several primitive campsites along the road with no fees. There is enough room for a small RV and a couple other vehicles at this particular site. Not very far from I-15. Just take the Leeds exit and then turn on the road that has a sign to Silver Reef. Continue following the road to the site. only 30 minutes from St. George. Lots of beatiful hiking and scenery abound. 7,498.93mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Westside Rd N, Central Okanagan BC V1Z Name: Quiet Spot With A View. Description: Up above the road theres a small gravel road that goes a couple of hundred feet. Its private and you wont be bothered there. 7,503.04mi View  |  Edit
Vekol Wash BLM near Maricopa AZ - Easy on / off I-8 at Vekol road exit. Just past the cattle guard turn left on gravel. No set camp sites just pull in to what ever will fit your set up. The areas in the wash not recommended during rain periods. Not anything worth recreation but is good place to stop the night while traveling. Be wary of alien foot traffic as people put out water in this area for migrants. Very quiet despite the proximity to Interstate 8. 7,508.6mi View  |  Edit
Freeman Exit Blm Land near Sonoran Desert National Monument, near Gila Bend AZ - Couple parking spots, take the exit south onto dirt road, at T take a right and spots will be on left. 7,512.53mi View  |  Edit
Weiser Old Highway - The drive onto the end of this road will reward you with a quiet place to camp for the night. Natural water is available. 7,516.75mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Allendale Lake Rd, BC V0H Name: Forestry Site Description: Dirt bike country , but nice campground. 7,519.67mi View  |  Edit
Cow Lake - Great spot to see the "channeled scablands" and do a little fishing. Easy access for RV's, but maybe not bigger rigs... quiet and secluded. Watch out for rattlesnakes during the hotter summer months especially along the shore. Note from user on March 26 2019: Road in very soft in spots. Single lane and not good for big rigs. 7,520.23mi View  |  Edit
There are campgrounds along the main road here. I believe the campgrounds are provided and maintained by the Forest Service though they are primitive. A creek does flow along the campgrounds, though the water level varies dependent on the time of year. I was there in early July and the water in the creek was just a trickle with areas of pooled water. 7,522.51mi View  |  Edit
Rainwater Campsite - Scenic campsite on the Touchet River. Flat, grassy campsite overlooks the river. Location is about 20 miles S of Dayton,WA. The road is paved most of the way. The final few miles are good gravel road. There is a small creek crossing (winter, spring) that reasonable clearance is needed. Small RV OK. 4x4 is NOT required. Part of the Rainwater Wildlife Area. 14 day max stay. 7,535.07mi View  |  Edit
Saddle Mountain Forest Service Camping - Tonopah AZ - Free right off of the paved road. Many open spots that have been set-up for boondocking. Nearly all have a fire pit constructed of rocks. Super quiet, I think I’m the only one here! The road is pretty rocky, but nearly any SUV will be able to navigate the road. I have an off road edition teardrop, so no worries here. It’s June, but there is a nice breeze to keep you cool. 7,544.35mi View  |  Edit
Silver City Road - Numerous camp spots on BLM land. Notice the standard BLM 14 day limit sign when turning onto the Silver City road from highway 78. Just look off the side of the road from numerous camp sites. 7,544.72mi View  |  Edit
Gunsite Wash BLM - Ajo AZ - Just outside of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the town of Why, Arizona is the Gunsite Wash BLM. Road noise and lack of natural beauty generally detracts from the appeal. Small and medium size rigs have many more campsite options. There are about six good spots, fairly level, for a big rig with easy access in and out. All of these sites are either to the left or to the right immediately after passing over the cattle guard into the BLM area. Verizon cellular service clocked in at 6.68 Mbps download speed and 5.71 Mbps upload speed. AT&T cell service was 3G and unusable for a speed test. There is a border patrol checkpoint approximately 2.4 miles south of the BLM site entrance on Arizona Route 85. This BLM site does provide easy access to the Organ Pipe National Monument, but the lack of recreation/hiking trails on-site, road noise, and the nothing spectacular setting detract. My related YouTube video is here: 7,545.86mi View  |  Edit
Near Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Why, AZ. Plenty of free camping just outside the park. Registration is required if there is a camp host around. This particular spot is the Wild Woman campsite, one of the nicest free spots I've been in, right under a beautiful old ironwood tree. Requires some clearance, but other sites in the area are easily accessible to RVs and trailers. Good dirt roads, but could be dangerous during flood season. - Andrew Koransky ( 7,546.87mi View  |  Edit
Fish Lake - near Tonasket WA - Fish and Wildlife campground with boat access and a small campground with mostly level campsites and nice concrete outhouse. There are multiple locations the length of the lake. 7,547.25mi View  |  Edit
Lake Owyhee Road near Nyssa OR - Many, many spots on this road along the Owyhee River between this spot and the Owyhee dam. Many large enough for multiple large rigs, some with stone fire rings. All BLM land. Trout fishing in the river. There is a day use hot springs further down the road. There are no Boondocking spots past the dam, but there is a state park campground with a free/donation RV dump. NO CELL RECEPTION IN THIS AREA. 7,557.86mi View  |  Edit
Illipah Reservoir Located about 38 miles west of Ely 43 miles east of Eureka, NV on Highway 50. The road in is well graded gravel any RV should be able to make it this is another great free BLM campground The campsites are large fairly level and will accommodate the largest travel trailer or RV Campsites have fire rings, covered picnic tables with wind breaks and a couple of restrooms are located around the site There is no water or dump station. The camp sites are larger and well separated and many overlook the reservoir If you have your pole and tackle with you the reservoir is stocked and feed by a natural stream. You will need an NV fishing License If your tow vehicle is a SUV or you have a toy hauler with ATVs the White Pine Ghost Trail is right there You can visit several ghost towns and mining camps within a few miles of the camping area. There is a 14 day limit. 7,564.81mi View  |  Edit
Located a few miles north of the east entrance to Valley of Fire State Park on 169, this huge mesa is known as "Snowbird Mesa" or "Poverty Flats" depending on your point of view. There is some debate as to whether it is BLM land or belonged to a defunct mining company, but there are no signs limiting stays and there appear to be some long term residents. There are a few stone fire rings and plenty of stones to make more. There can be dozens to hundreds of rigs depending on the season. There are several roads in to the east side which goes back a good ways. There is only room for a few rigs on the west side but some people prefer that view enough to put up with the proximity to the road. The town of Overton is a few miles up the road, with a Mavericks gas station, fast food, supermarkets and bars and so on. I had great ATT 4G service there but no TMobile at all. 7,569.81mi View  |  Edit
Trail 7307 - A little bit off the paved road once you enter the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, there are signs for trail 7307. About 1.5-2 miles up a gravel path, there is a clearing intended to be a horse trail head that allows overnight parking. Very peaceful, had no issues. Would not recommend for larger RV's due to narrowness of path. 7,572.55mi View  |  Edit
Relay Tower Camp near Chloride AZ - Flat place 50' x 50' decomposed granite. 200 mile view, no improvements. High desert vegetation. No RV. Vans maybe. Higher clearance recommended. I would camp here again just for the view. Several campsites on way. 7,573.57mi View  |  Edit
On Way To Mural, AZ - East of Chlordite, AZ on Mural Rd - This is a site on the way to Windy Point Rec area off Mural road about 300 feet to the south. It is a turn around area about 75' x 75' of decomposed granite and sand. It has a small incline of about 5 degree, suitable for car camping, tent or small RV. Road to area is single lane, rocky but passable. There are no improvements. The only light pollution is some sky shine from Las Vegas about 100 miles away. There are other campsites along way. 7,573.96mi View  |  Edit
Go through town heading North on Main Street to Old Bridge Road. It is across from the A&W over the railway tracks. As you go down the hill you will see the Fraiser River on your right. You can see a big open area just past the trailer park. The land is owned by the city of Lillooet. Met some nice people walking there dogs there & fishing and enjoied the River. The best place to eat is Dina's Place (Greek)and there is a good bakery across the street from the ESSO gas station. Very Interesting History, Nice folks. 7,578.24mi View  |  Edit
Wallowa - Whitman National Forest - Edge Of NF Free Spot - Just north of Sumpter literally at edge of national forest. At sign for national forest as heading north make right onto dirt road. Level spot for rv with fire ring (check local posting first) on left (headed out from town) and another site for tent only on right. Short stretch of road lets out both ends so easy to access for all. Was there with 19ft trailer. Sounds of stream outweighed being close to road and convenience was incredible. 7,582.99mi View  |  Edit
Willow Creek Reservoir. This is a great place to go camping and fishing. There are no "improved" campgrounds here. Only primitive camping. I've seen tents set up here and fire rings. The road to the reservoir is a dirt road in decent shape. Any type of vehicle should be able to make it here in good weather conditions. I wouldn't try it in foul weather as the roads can get very soft very quickly. 7,583.43mi View  |  Edit
Malhuer River near Westfall OR - Pull offs along the road, perfect free sites. Camped here in a roof top tent several times on the way to Montana. There are several locations on either side. Grey rock and maintenance by the state. Remember that semi trucks sometimes park along these sites and they normally leave their trucks running if you want peace and quiet. Safe travels! 7,587.77mi View  |  Edit
Costs $10 for up to 7 days in the park. Lake Mead, LaMe Callville Camp, 4wd required, not sure if legal. A few spots after rough 4wd sections of road. There are 2 more areas just west of this area. Lower government wash and 8.0 Road. Both have tons of boondocking. 4WD recommended, but not entirely necessary. 7,590.65mi View  |  Edit
On Way To Tikaboo Peak - Badger Valley Rd near Alamo NV - This is a flat spot by the road to Tikaboo peak. It is 75x50 with a stone fire ring about 2 miles from US 93. It is flat close to level and decomposed granite, RV friendly and although near the road, the road is not well traveled. On a Saturday night, I had one pickup go by. Road may be called Old Corn Creek Rd. 7,591.78mi View  |  Edit
Near Alien Research Center near Hiko, NV - Off extraterrestrial highway - BLM land - It is classic desert with many places to camp. There is an ancient rock fire ring with plenty of firewood. Small RV friendly. Turn from road is obscure and difficult. 7,593.11mi View  |  Edit
Oatman Area - Route 66 near Mohave Valley AZ - Confident Boondocking is allowed. Right along old Route 66 about 10 min from Oatman. There are a few good sites nearby as well. Gravel sites about 50 feet off road. Felt safe. Nice spot. 7,594.67mi View  |  Edit
Lone Tree BLM Campground near Lake Havasu - Just off Hwy 95 with site host. Level, safe, and beautiful views. Absolutely free. 7,595.88mi View  |  Edit
Camp In Creosote near North Las Vegas, NV - on hwy 93 between I-15 and Hiko on east side - 0.7 miles to end of road from highway. Several campsites on way to end of road. Small RV or car camp. BLM land. Area flat with many camp areas. NO infrastructure. 7,595.94mi View  |  Edit
Historic Route 66 Oatman, AZ - Great overnight stop. BLM 10 miles south of Oatman, AZ on east side of Route 66. Hike the wash and view the lights of distant towns of Mohave Valley and Mesquite Creek to the west at night. Reports of wild Burros roaming the area. No traffic and VERY quiet. 7,596.58mi View  |  Edit
Lake Mead Recreation Area Lower Governtment Wash It's $10 for entry to the park, but that will get you up to 7 days. $20 will pay for a year. Take Northshore Road/ NV167 to Lower Government Wash Road. It'll end at a big parking lot with bathroom facilities. Go through the parking lot to get to the dispersed camping sites. There are tons! Waterside to secluded spots... Tons of them! Lake Mead should provide lots of entertainment, but Las Vegas is only a 40 minute drive. Endless entertainment possibilities are readily available. Oh, and every time I've been, the fish are begging to be caught. 7,596.95mi View  |  Edit
Rome Launch BLM near Jordan Valley OR - Four sites next to the Owyhee river. Mostly a launch place but camping also. Free! 7,599.99mi View  |  Edit
Lake Havasu City AZ - Needle Mountain Road Exit 2 - Take a right off Exit 2 and follow the dirt road and and there are several free BLM spots. 7,600.3mi View  |  Edit
Plomosa Rd - About 5 miles north of Quartzsite on Plomosa RD there is dry camping on both sides of the road for a few miles. 7,603.16mi View  |  Edit
Southeast Section Scaddan Wash. BLM 14 day limit area Free and legal Quartzsite, AZ off of I-10 exit 19. South on 95 until it comes to a dead end. Turn left and drive for less than a mile. Scaddan Wash is on the right. There are other BLM camping areas throughout the area. Maps are on boards at the entrances. With easy access to Quartzsite, and miles of flat, open land. There are a few shade trees, but they get claimed quickly. It gets brutally hot here. Come prepared. You can see the highway. The noise is very reasonable, though. 7,604.34mi View  |  Edit
Boondocking Vantage Overlook near Beverly WA - Good partially hidden boondocking off hwy spot for 4wd or lighter RV vehicles with Columbia River views. 7,604.65mi View  |  Edit
Palm Canyon near Kofa National Wildlife Refuge near Yuma AZ - Follow signs on US 95. Northbound turn right, south turn left on palm canyon road. Approximately 1 mile to info kiosk then about 2.5 miles to palm canyon. From kiosk to canyon there are approximately 15 - 20 primitive sites on both sides of road. Fourteen day limit , no permit required , first come, first serve. No facilities or water, must be self contained. Moderate level short hike up the canyon with other nearby hiking available. Perfect place for night sky enjoyment. 7,604.85mi View  |  Edit
Hi Jolly Campgrounds - This is a 14 day limit free camping area near Quartzsite. 7,605.19mi View  |  Edit
Crystal Hill, Kofa National Wildlife Preserve, AZ Free area, 6 miles east of US95, south of Quartzsite. Watch for signs on highway. Good camping sites, no services. 7,605.74mi View  |  Edit
Quartzsite AZ Miles of free BLM camping in the area around Quartzsite. A Huge RV and rock festival in Jan. A lot of flea market type suff all winter. Close to nothing here in the summer. Water in town, no designated sites. Camping East, West and South of town. I was surprised I didn't find it on this site. 7,606.84mi View  |  Edit
Van Creek - Two fairly large camp spots on USFS land, on the Wenatchee National Forest. On a creek with towering pines, but no potable water, or toilet facilities. Dispersed or primitive camping only. Easily accessible with non-4WD, but not Class A RVs. 7,607.84mi View  |  Edit
This is a great location south of Vegas. Its in the middle of an old dried out lake bed and just of highway 95 that leads into Boulder City and Vegas from the south. We stayed there for nearly 20 days while we sorted some stuff out in Vegas. There is also very good 3G cell coverage if you have a wireless modem. Absolutely no water, drainage or facilities! Update Jan 2010: Recently, Vegas got more rain in one week than in ALL of 2009. So the dry lake bed is under several inches of water. Still acres in every direction to camp - but with a better view. Also, note that on some weekends this area is a dirt bike / ATV playground. 7,607.87mi View  |  Edit
Chimney Reservoir. The roads to this reservoir are in good repair as long as you are traveling in good weather. There is an "improved" campground here with grills, restrooms, and picnic tables. The campgrounds are completely free though. The reservoir is supposed to be good for fishing for largemouth bass, walleye, crappie, channel catfish, and carp, though I didn't have any luck when I fished there. The water is not very clear. The visibility is probably about an inch or two. 7,611.15mi View  |  Edit
Open "14 day limit" camping with hills and offroading and expansive flatland available for any kind of camper. It's called The Dome Rock Mountain Area, in the La Posa LTVA. Way to hot in the summer reaching 110 fairly frequently, but the other 3 seasons are optimal. Anyway, it's free and super easy to get to off the Dome Rock exit off of I-10. You can see it all from the highway! 7,612.84mi View  |  Edit
Rest Area and Truck Parking near Prosser WA - Easy pull through for large RVs. Popular truck parking spot next to freeway so a bit noisy, but lots of restaurants and a grassy area for pets. 8hr max stay. 7,615.88mi View  |  Edit
South Ave 29 East Blm Land near Wellton AZ - Follow south ave 29 East all the way till it ends turns into a dirt road then you go into the hills. There are roads that go up into the mountains and fire rings everywhere. Must be completely self contained no water, no toilets, just freedom. 7,618.53mi View  |  Edit
This secluded dead-end road is not always well maintained. I get in with my 25' box van, but large vehicles could find low branches a problem. The gate at the bridge west of the open area is usually closed. There are nice tent spots on the other side of the bridge. To the north along Nason Creek are several primitive campsites, some more accessible than others. The area is rarely occupied. I usually have my pick of sites. The water in the creek is potable, but I boil it or add a few drops of bleach to each gallon just to be sure. The ranger may check this area occasionally during summer months. The fall sees in influx of local hunters. 7,622.36mi View  |  Edit
Water In A Dry Land - This is about .3 mile off highway 375 ( extraterrestrial highway between Rachel and Tonopah). The corral and windmill can been seen from the highway on the south shore of a playa. One may have to pump water with windmill. On this BLM land there are unlimited places to camp. No amenities. If stock are not in area, there may not be water in trough. Water is very soft. Turn off is at the livestock on road way sign and or north about .3 mile. Be courteous. 7,626.42mi View  |  Edit
Levee Road - This site is on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. It is a neat little tributary of the Colorado River. Very calm water and perfect for paddling around on an SUP or fishing from a kayak or float tube or the shore. 7,627.48mi View  |  Edit
Jean,NV. Exit 12, I-15 and hwy 161. 30 Miles south of Las Vegas. My NV atlas says there is a Rest Area / Visitor's center in Jean. Apparently, this is it. This is a large, maintained, gravel, semi-official parking area across from the Shell station. Semi trucks park in the lot nightly and it's large enough to hold 50 semis, although most of the trucks park at the nearby casino. Great Verizon 3G signal, a couple TV channels, and safe enough for city folks, with the Sheriffs stopping by the Shell station for coffee every few hours. You can also park at the Gold Strike without being harassed, although I feel obligated to partake of their decent $5 lunch buffet (M-F) if I use their space. This not a "camping" area but, if you need a place to park the RV for a day or two, it's fine. if you want to camp, head over to the dry lake bed spot off 95, just north of 165 turn. 7,629.99mi View  |  Edit
This trailhead is not a secluded area, with WA State Hwy 2 just a few yards away. There is no fee but if you stay more than a night, you may want to acquire a recreation pass to avoid any problems (available at any FS Ranger office.) I never saw anyone checking for it, however. The Golden Age pass works fine for seniors. The altitude is about 4000 feet so nights are cold and windy. Winters are snowy in this pass, so summer is the best time. The Cascade Crest trail is behind the A-frame hut on the North side of the parking lot. Some backpackers park here for weeks at a time to hike this trail that goes all the way from Canada to Mexico. 7,630.45mi View  |  Edit
Pine Sap Camp - Up in the Humbolt-Taiyobe national forest about and hour out of Las Vegas Nevada on the 95 n towards Tonapah. Take a left AFTER exit 99 on to Lee canyon road then a right on forest road 073 JUST AFTER. The Sawmill trailhead. There’s 4 miles of dispersed camping mostly on the right of the Forest Road. It's Rv friendly ish right at the front and the road can be rough but I got my Prius up pretty far. A few of the sites have established fire rings. I wouldn't build new ones but we didn’t get hassled for using one that had a ring already. It's pretty secluded. I camped close to the gravel road and every now and then we had people drive by but the sites are pretty spaced out so my neighbors weren't bothered by us or vise versa. 7,636.38mi View  |  Edit
Whiskey Pete's Casino - There is a parking lot with many trucks, campers & RVs spending the night. Not particularly quiet or private with generators running and trucks coming and going. It will work in a pinch if you want a place to sleep one night. There are a number of restaurants and fast food, gas station, etc. We spent the night 4/17/18 with no troubles. (Editor's note: as with any retail establishment, check with the management before setting up!) 7,636.38mi View  |  Edit
Hippie Hollow / Hippie Hole near Ehrenberg AZ - On the Colorado River 7,638.19mi View  |  Edit
Palo Verde Park - Small area off the side of hwy 78 just before palo verde.. Stayed one night in a tent but there is approximately 8 to 10 spots.. There are remnants of old RV hooks ups but they are no longer in service. There is a public Restroom. Also great area for viewing wildlife. Plenty of room for RV or Tent campers. 7,638.87mi View  |  Edit
Yakima WA Walmart - Was told we could stay for up to 3 days. Nice place. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 7,641.66mi View  |  Edit
Wenatchee National Forest - approx location for camping near Cle Elum and Ellensburg, WA. Don't think there was room for RV here. 7,642.06mi View  |  Edit
Mojave National Preserve, near NOTHING, hour and a half from Las Vegas, nearly ran out of gas! No privacy, but plenty of dry camping in the area. Enough room for RVs I would guess in the area. 7,643.12mi View  |  Edit
Near Indian Springs, NV - FS RD 553 - First camp spot on south side of road. Flat 50’X25’ . Highway about 200 yards. Road is rough but passible with SUV. There are several camp sites up the road west. Tent sized to RV sized sights. Most are passably level. Elevation 3557' 7,644.56mi View  |  Edit
Wiley Wells - open Desert Camping. This is BLM land and there are 2 long term BLM desert campgrounds out this road or you can pull off anyplace and setup if you choose.. This area is a rockhound's paradise with several geode beds you can access to dig. 4x4 recommended to get to the geode beds but not required we did it in an suv. Check this link . The link will give you directions to access the hauser geode beds and many others in that area if you look around on the website. Water at the 2 mentioned campgrounds was not potable according to posted signs. First BLM campground is Called Wiley Wells and Further out the road is Coon Hollow both BLM. 7,645.54mi View  |  Edit
Roosevelt Park - Free Camping up to 3 days. Barbecue pits, restrooms, gazebo and playground. View of river and a beach. 7,648.1mi View  |  Edit
old Spanish Trail - near Jean NV - BLM land. Turn off highway to south at 36.03002 -115.80495, follow road about 3/8 miles to end of "road" There are good unimproved site for up to small rv. At end of road is an flat place 150x150’ behind a 25 foot ridge masking you from the highway. A small fire ring. Good privacy. Desert area with long views. Snow capped peak to the East will be beautiful during sunset. 7,650.86mi View  |  Edit
Alvord Desert A huge desert dry lake about 6 miles by 12 miles. Awesome views. Hot spring nearby. Cold drinking water spring nearby. On BLM land. The road going down to the lakebed from the main road is a bit rough. You can use the driveway that runs by the only house you'll see, it's much smoother. 7,651.08mi View  |  Edit
This is a large BLM dispersed camping area. It is near the center of the earth at Felicity, CA. Area to camp in is as large as one needs. RV friendly. 7,651.64mi View  |  Edit
Pilot Knob Long Term Visitor Area - free camping for 14 days during the off season (summer). (or if the link is bad, do a web search for "Pilot Knob Long Term Visitor Area") 7,651.7mi View  |  Edit
Front Sight Firearms Training Center camping Area near Pahrump NV - Mostly used by FSFTC students in RV’s. 7,654.92mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Copper Dr, BC V0N Name: Brittania Description: Immediately after you cross the second bridge there is a gravel patch on the right where people park to go mountain biking. I have overnighted there many times and other than the rushing water it was quiet and peaceful. 7,662.15mi View  |  Edit
Britannia Beach just before Britannia Mine Museum, Big highway pullout on hwy 99. View of Moutains and ocean. Have to cross hwy and railroad tracks to walk on a beach with drift wood. Traffic noise early in the morning but relatively quiet during the night. Public road, no signs indicating no camping. Easy access when heading North. No privacy. Best suited for RV. Not suited for tenting. 7,662.35mi View  |  Edit
Saulsbury Wash Westbound US-6 Rest Stop - East of Tonopah on 395 - Rest stop with non-potable water - 300 x200', gravel, shade, four grills, three tables, trash cans, pit toilets in Toiyaba NF. Forest access. 7,662.84mi View  |  Edit
Cinder Cone in Mojave National Preserve near Nipton CA - At the base of a cinder cone in Mojave’s National Preserve. Flat area with enough room for several vehicles. About 100 feet from the road. Very quiet. No one else around. There’s a .8 mile hike up to the top of the cinder cone. 7,664.63mi View  |  Edit
Starlight Casino - New Westminster, BC - Overflow parking area. Furthest from the casino closer to the road. editor's note: with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 7,665.82mi View  |  Edit
On the street outside of Walmart. There are lots of RVs parked here. No water or dump here. You must follow city bylaws but over night should be no problem. Editor's note: as with any Walmart, best to check with the store manager. 7,666.46mi View  |  Edit
Lone Tree Mesquite Valley - near Death Valley CA - This desert campsite on BLM land is at the only tree for 50 miles+-. Area is flat, about 2 acres with no amities. Large RV could use the site. It just off a seldom traveled road on the back road to Tecopa. There must water near because of livestock signs. Nights, sunrise and sunset will be peak experiences. 7,667.37mi View  |  Edit
Jackrabbits Leg - Free dry camp in Mojave National Preserve, CA easily accessed off I-15. Flat and level, only a few hundred feet off paved Kelbaker Road but far enough to be quiet especially at night. Great stargazing even though the lights of Baker are visible on horizon in distance. One fire ring. Sort of on a little rise with views out over the desert. Not amazing but good for a night. Best for small RVs, vans, and cars. The dirt access road to get to the site heads north off the sharp bend in Kelbaker. 7,670.27mi View  |  Edit
Rufus Paved Free Boondocking - Free overnight boondocking on paved area off Hwy20/Hwy 84 outside Rufus, OR 7,671.15mi View  |  Edit
Rufus / Rockbeach Sandbar Free Parking With Restrooms - Free boondocking on the sandbar with restrooms right off Hwy20/Hwy 84 outside Rufus, OR 7,672.76mi View  |  Edit
the famous (infamous) SLAB CITY ... Free boondocking camping on abandoned military property ... Water and Dump locations in small town of Niland, CA (2 miles) ... lots of very nice RV people, (and scattered pockets of lowlifes) ... 7,673.83mi View  |  Edit
Small Tub - near Tecopa - This is a large area of boondocking on BLM land that is very popular some times of year. This exact location is at a small concrete hot pool. Any rain will make this location impassable. The pool would be great at sunrise and sunset. Temperature is in the 100 range. I was here on Sunday and there were several campers, some with children. 7,676.24mi View  |  Edit
Priest Hole Rec Area - No fees for camping or floating on the 1 mile section of John Day River. Vault toilet on site. Pack out own garbage. There are 2 large gravel lots along the river that are camp accessible as long as the water level is low enough. Info board on site specified that up to 14 days of camping are allowed. Big enough for trailer turnaround. Can be accessed by non 4WD vehicles. More info available if you google Priest Hole. Close to Painted Hills. 7,676.52mi View  |  Edit
Soda Spring Campground is a small, rustic site located at the end of Forest Road 4510.052 in a stand of Douglas fir, western hemlock, and silver fir. The Campground has 6 sites suitable for tent camping, pickup campers, or smaller trailers. Summit Creek is nearby but not visible from the site but there are a number of dispersed sites along the creek in the area. Sites have moderate screening and are not crowded. There is one old-style double vault toilet and an information board. All sites have tables and fire rings with grill feature. This campground tends to be lightly used and quiet, with minimal local traffic. The access route is moderately steep single lane with occasional pullouts. Larger trailers are not recommended. 7,676.7mi View  |  Edit
A flat spot next to the road into the Painted Hills unit of the John Day Fossil Beds Nat'l Monument. Pickup campers, small trailers won't have problems, but might not be too easy for big rigs. Next to a small creek, and is 1 mile from main highway via paved road. No facilities of any kind. 44 deg 36.763 min N 120 deg 12.656 min W 7,677.07mi View  |  Edit
Tecopa, Community Church This location is in a sleepy town on the edge of Death Valley at the Community Church. I was not bothered by people, traffic, no one complaining about camping. I was out a bit after sunrise. One may go to Brewery then make ones way to campsite and not have to drive. It is easy to find after dark. There are other opportunities to stealth camp near and in Tecopa Hot Springs at the Communithy Center with facilities. DO NOT drink the water in Tecopa Hot Springs, it has Arsenic and Borax. it will kill you. Remember there is no pathogen in beer that will harm you. Mike 7,677.21mi View  |  Edit
East of the south end of Death Valley National Park. BLM (I think). Furnace Creek Wash Rd. The area isn't used very heavily, so I used/created a little pulloff on the rd, very little traffic. Road is passable for RVs, but large vehicles might have a hard time finding a pulloff big enough without doing lots of destruction. 7,682.76mi View  |  Edit
Celilo Park near The Dalles OR - Celilo Park is owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is a small, well established park on the banks of the Columbia River. Celilo Park offers free camping for RV camping and tent camping with a 14 day stay limit. The park offers flush toilets but no showers. The mature trees offer plenty of shade on summer days and picnickers are often found at the park. On windy days Celilo Park is typically crowded with wind surfers. A paved public boat ramp is available at the west end of Celilo Park and the park is close to convenience store shopping, fast food and gas in Biggs. Open year round but reservations are not possible. Tracks border the area, so expect to hear some trains. 7,683.18mi View  |  Edit
Celilo Park - Stopped here to let my dog out. Saw other tent campers on what appears to be state land. No signs said no over night camping. Parking lot is big enough for rvs, lot is paved and there are bathrooms. Right on the Columbia river off of I 84, 30 mins from the Dallas. 7,683.29mi View  |  Edit
This is a camp site off I-15 at exit 219 at Zzyzx RD. It is on the edge of the Mojave National Preserve. I believe it is just outside of the preserve. Sign indicates no camping in the preserve. I-15 is near so some traffic noise, this is more than compensated by the view east over the alkali flat and the mountains 100 miles away. Great place for Friday night popcorn and beer. The site is not secluded. 7,684.78mi View  |  Edit
US 95 Near Beady, NV - BLM - Near highway, popular with large RV about 10 ac with pond. Some sites are secluded. elevation 3200' 7,684.97mi View  |  Edit
Outside Death Valley on Rt 190 near the 3000' marker on the left side of road headed toward the National Park. There's be a gravel turn around by the road that leads to a gravel road slightly downhill. You'll see the slabs everywhere. Pick one and start boondocking. This used to be an RV park with concrete slab patios and 25? sites. It's been abandoned. State Hwy Patrolman recommended it to me and called it "Slab City." They haven't had one police call for a problem at this location in the 12 years he's patrolled the area. We stayed 3 nights here at end of Jan, 2016 with about 3 other RVers. It's a short 18 mi. drive to Furnace Creek (60mph) in Death Valley NP (3000' descent), 12-14 mi. drive SE to Death Valley Jct. out of the park, or 33 mi. drive to Pahrump to Walmart & other services. No services at slab city, but great patio, quiet, privacy, and great views in all directions... AND FREE. 7,687.57mi View  |  Edit
Free dry camping behind George S. Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit (exit I-10 at Chiriaco Road). Gas, minimart, and restaurant nearby. Look for sign "Free Dry Camping" at east edge of museum parking lot directing you to BLM area behind museum. WWII tanks and armored vehicles stored nearby. Visit museum for huge topo map of area and history of WWII Desert Training Center. No facilities, look for multiple camp sites areas along several east-west dirt roads. Dirt roads OK for cars/RVs. Some freeway noise, but site is out of sight of service road. For other choices, BLM land stretches along both sides of freeway going west past Cottonwood Road. 7,689.96mi View  |  Edit
Joshua Tree National Park, NPS has a number of free campgrounds in J-Tree. Joshua Tree NP no longer free. 7,693.43mi View  |  Edit
near Joshua Tree National Park Cottonwood Springs. BLM lands Within sight of interstate, but road noise not too bad. RVs and trailers should be fine, but flat lands on the bajada (sloping desert floor) aren't easy to find. 7,694.37mi View  |  Edit
Joshua Tree South Entrance - Easy access just before the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park on both east and west side of the road. Lots of mostly level hard packed sand/gravel. Lots of rigs there when we were but still lots of space. Flyer for the park says it is OK to camp there. 7,694.46mi View  |  Edit
Glass Butte - near Christmas Valley OR - Surrounded by wilderness study areas, this is a beautiful little spot off of Highway 20. Along highway 20, approximately 35 miles east of Brothers and/or 30 miles west of Riley, you will find a dirt road on the south side of the highway. The gate is in need or repair but you can get it open. Just be sure to close it back up and use the rope that is currently (June 2019) helping it stay closed. There are several off shoots/forks and you may want 4wheel drive as the road is rough in spots. It was dry weather when we were here but there were still a few mud spots. Our Toyota Tacoma with a heavy XP Camper on it did just fine. Once you are through the thick sagebrush there are several dispersed camping areas- some with fire rings even (though we rarely bother with that). It is a beautiful spot with obsidian scattered about. Loads of junipers, sagebrush, and wildflowers. If you continue along the road it will loop you back to the hwy closer to Riley (so you can come in that way as well). 7,696.34mi View  |  Edit
Center Road WA - Dirt pullout. Ugly but no one will bother you. 7,698.01mi View  |  Edit
Tortoise Rock Casino in Twentynine Palms CA - Free RV camping for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Permits issued by security staff. VERY nice people. Camping is in a designated area of the north east parking lot. Seems secure. Brightly lit at night. Blackout shades would be nice. Casino restrooms and all facilities are available. No RV hookups of any kind and they have a short list of common sense rules that they give you when you check-in. We pulled in very late (1 AM) on a Fri night/Sat morning (6/8/2019). The security guard walked to our rig as we were parking and took down our plates and vehicle description and asked for photo ID. Then gave us a permit we displayed in our window. We had a 35 ft 5th wheel and large pickup truck. Plenty of room. 2 other smaller rigs were already camped. As you pull in the East entrance of this small casino you can see any trailers parked in the far north east corner of the lot. This is the designated area for overnight camping. Good Verizon coverage. Writing this review from the trailer at this spot. 7,699.86mi View  |  Edit
Near Superstition Mt. in California this is a locally well known spot for Jeepers, dirt bikers and campers. This is in the desert and there are no facilities of any kind. There is no charge of any kind. During the weekend, especially on holiday weekends, this area can have a lot of people, then again, there is a lot of room. On the week days it is usually empty. Watch for the Blue Angels practicing overhead. They can be spectacular and are a treat to see. The location is west of Huff Rd. 7,703.41mi View  |  Edit
Outside Death Valley National Park on BLM lands near Scotty Castle. Some areas on this road are passable to RVs and trailers. 7,707.97mi View  |  Edit
Located near the Salton Sea this camp area overlooks a desolate area with some spectacular views in the evening sun. There are no facilities. This is outside of the Anza Borrego desert. On the week days this is usually deserted. Several areas for camping are along the ridge and on the other side of the road are more opportunities. 7,715.54mi View  |  Edit
Christmas Valley Dunes - Dispersed free camping, great base camp for dune riding. No facilities at all, pack it in and pack it out. May not be suitable for a large Class A as it can be soft sand, but trailers and 5th wheels pulled by 4WD ok. 7,718.82mi View  |  Edit
Take Boone road for 4 miles. This is a dirt road that is well graded and easy to travel. You'll not find a much starker place than a dry lake bed. If you like the desert and like exploring, there are many roads, some quite rough. Weather in the high desert can change dramatically, be prepared. 7,719.98mi View  |  Edit
Skull Hollow - Dry country, climbers stay here when climbing at smith rock. Camping is past Skull hollow campground on BLM land. GPS to campground and **proceed up dirt road**. I am told the road goes for miles with camp spots here and there. 7,721.64mi View  |  Edit
Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA - NF-83 Dispersed Camping - Gorgeous sight with about 1-5 camping spots. This is off the paved road so you may need a 4x4 vehicle. It’s remote so not very many people have visited, I’ve never seen anyone else when I have camped. It’s 100% free. 7,724.47mi View  |  Edit
Trillium Lake Airstrip - Long dirt road in between spaces to pull or back into. Also room for larger Class As. Trillium bike trail at one end that takes you to Trillium Lake. All total about 2.5 miles of easy hiking. 7,727.73mi View  |  Edit
Fish Lake Hot Spring - near Dyer NV - This camp site is on a 50' rise above Fish Lake Hot Springs and 100 yards from the spring. Pit toilet trash cans, and a sink. There are unlimited desert camping spots. Bring something to sit on in the soaking pool. 7,729.1mi View  |  Edit
Inside Death Valley National Park, on the Racetrack Road at Teakettle Jctn. Nice large area for a vehicle or two. Very few pulloffs available though on this road. High clearance is required. You'll need a stout vehicle to make this trip. Heavy duty short trailers might be ok, but RVs would not. This road has the WORST washboarding I have ever experienced. I blew out my shocks on my Toyota Tundra. I saw a new Volvo XC-90 with a broken tie rod end (tire fell off) on this road. Bring plenty of water in case you are stranded. Also, plenty free camping at Homestake Dry Camp at the end of the road. Homestake has pit toilets. The racetrack playa is pretty cool though and worth the trouble. -Andrew 7,729.19mi View  |  Edit
Vancouver Island on the way to Hwy 14 Victoria BC on the way to the Shipwreck Trail in Pacific Rim National Park. I suspect this is private land and probably NOT legal. No room for RV. Be careful!!! 7,733.06mi View  |  Edit
Zig Zag, Oregon. A large open space next to the Subway Rest. The folks at the local market directed me there. "Saying that where everyone stops." On highway 26 from Portland that goes through Sandy, Government Camp on to Madras and central, eastern and southern Oregon. 7,735.28mi View  |  Edit
Walmart in Barstow CA - Very large parking lot with many RVs and Tractor trailer combos. There is a large dirt area to the extreme south of the lot if you prefer. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,737.13mi View  |  Edit
Tween Valleys - Exposed but remote site on BLM between Fish Lake Valley and Big Spring near Big Pine on top of a hill. Campsite is 30x20 with fire ring up a steep .3 mile from Ca 168. Site may be on a power line road. View of Sierras. Dry camp, no shade. Mike 7,737.42mi View  |  Edit
Middle Waddell Campground in Capitol State Forest. Not always open. Click here or here for status. 7,738.52mi View  |  Edit
Culp Valley Anza Borrego CA- Free campground in Anza Borrego State Park. Dispersed camping. Pit toilet. Slightly higher in elevation than most surrounding campgrounds so a bit cooler. 2WD accessible. 7,738.79mi View  |  Edit
Coon Creek yellowpost sites. I didn't stay there, but close by. Ranger recommended these for boondocking. Roughly 4 sites with fire rings. Free. Easy access off forest road 1N02 from Hwy 38. 7,738.79mi View  |  Edit
In the Anza Borrego desert, this is an out of the way place. Be sure to see the old deserted homestead. Follow the dirt road to the end where a hiking trail leads up the mountain to the homestead. Camping is allowed anywhere in this general area. Pit toilets are near the road. Otherwise no facilities. 7,739.52mi View  |  Edit
Slash X BLM Land near Barstow CA - This spot is right hit before the slash X bar. It’s BLM OHV area but you can get to the close camp spots in a regular vehicle. Bit Whoopy but people tow in trailers all the time. Dump station few mile back down the 247 towards Barstow. 7,740.58mi View  |  Edit
Apple Canyon - This area has four yellow post dispersed free camping sites. This is a very quiet area off the beaten trail. Paved road to within 1/4 mile. 2 sites on both sides of pavement. Hurkey creak turn off. Dump station and water at Lake Hemet 2 miles away. 7,742.17mi View  |  Edit
Trona Pinnacles - Trona CA - Approximate location for the Trona Pinnacles. I camped here in the Spring and no one bothered us. Enter off the main highway and follow the signs. The road is a bit bumpy but doable with even a sedan. Truck/4wd would be recommended though. 7,742.36mi View  |  Edit
East Barton Flats Dispersed Camping Area near San Bernardino National Forest, Angelus Oaks CA - Free, legal camping @ 6,780 ft. Nights barely above freezing in early May, spacious, paved access to camp area, some flat sites great for RV, others more tricky to get to at this time due to some erosion of dirt road further back - no problem for high clearance and 4WD. Paved access from San Bernadino, Redlands, Yucaipa on CA 38, left at East Jenks Lake Rd. Unmarked, but near the turnoff to Camp Nawakwa. I stopped at Mill Creek Ranger Station at entrance to Forest - this area was pointed out to me on a map as fine for dispersed camping. Really nice! (Let’s keep it that way!) My cell phone gets fine reception here - can stream music and videos! 7,742.88mi View  |  Edit
Travel America - Barstow CA - Large RV Spaces - the night manager confirmed we could stay for the night. There is also free potable water on the commercial islands. I did not see a dump station. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,743.02mi View  |  Edit
South Ridge Trailhead - San Bernardino National Forest near Pine Cove, CA- 4WD access recommended but we made it up in a Promaster and a sedan. There are several pull off sites and an area with a picnic table. Hiking trail up top requires wilderness permit. Excellent bouldering and views. Free! 7,743.15mi View  |  Edit
Deschutes National Forest - Large Turnaround Space With Fire pit - Great spot to set up camp! Fire pit, lots of options and wilderness, close to the road. 7,743.63mi View  |  Edit
A dispersed camping area just off the paved road (China Hat) on Forest Service land. Just a couple miles south of Bend. Primitive, but very convenient and accessible. 7,743.77mi View  |  Edit
Morongo Indian Casino & Bowling Alley off US HWY 10 near Cabazon CA - This is very good overnight parking place & free. Get there early before six or seven and you’ll be on pavement on front lot. Back lot is dirt, but fine... we stayed there. The back lot is huge and mostly 18 wheelers. There must have been 30 RV in front lot. THIS AREA IS NOT NEAR CASINO they will ask you to leave. Take exit for Morongo Trails/Casino and go under bridge, take first right in around-a-about on north side of highway. Go down the frontage road going east to just past Morongo Indian casino bowling alley. Take a left and drive to very back. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,744.55mi View  |  Edit
Canyon lanes Bowling alley near Cabazon CA - Semi truck and RV parking behind the bowling alley. Free as long as you wish! Casino will come fetch you with a shuttle with a phone call. Can hear freeway but is set back from the road enough to not be terribly noisy. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,744.58mi View  |  Edit
Large Lot - Cleveland National Forest near Pine Valley CA - One of many cleared area available for camping. The PCT is nearby. High clearance vehicle recommended. Lots of trees for shade. 7,745.69mi View  |  Edit
Nice little primitive camping area just outside of Sisters, OR. 100% legal and free as part of the Willamette National Forest, as long as you stay fewer than 14 consecutive days. I constructed a rock fire pit, plenty of flat area for 4 or 5 tents. The logging trail and winding trail through the forest are not maintained, but are in great condition. Easily accessible by a small non-4wd vehicle, but likely not an RV. There is a hiking/ biking trail about 30 yards North of the site. You see bikers pass by maybe once /hour, but otherwise site is extremely private. To get there, take Three Creek Road (S. Elm St.) south out of Sisters for 1.2 miles from the St Helens Ave/ Elm St intersection in town. At 1.2 miles turn left onto B-S Logging Road (NF-4606). Travel 0.3 miles on the logging road until you see a small dirt road on the left that cuts back to overhead power lines. Kept left instead of following to power lines and the trail 'Y's in 0.05 mi. Hang left again, and the site is right near the corner. There is a 3.5ft tall stump of a tree remaining next to a little pull in for your car. If you plug the coordinates (44.269640,-121.543780) in to Google Maps you and turn it to Satellite View you can clearly see the dirt roads needed to take, as well as the small clearing which is the site. 3 bars Verizon LTE service at site. And just a quick 5 min jaunt to town if you need beer, or water, but mostly beer! ;) Enjoy! 7,746.95mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed camping near Bend, OR - Deschutes National Forest - Just a few minutes from Bend and a very easy to find place and camp for free. This place has a variety of primitive sites along the dirt road for tent camping, vans, 5th wheels, and big rigs. Sites are pretty spread out and along a few dirt roads as you drive through. Saw many people riding bikes on dirt trails and there is a paved trail at the entrance to the dispersed area. Many of the trees are scorched from a fire a while back, but there are enough left to allow for shade in most areas. Didn’t travel the full road, but there were still a few open spots in the front on Labor Day weekend. 7,747.03mi View  |  Edit
4610 Forest Service Road in Deschutes National Forest near Sisters OR - The forest road is off of Skyliners Rd. The most convenient place to camp here is immediately when you turn left off the paved road go about 40 yards and the space is on the the right. Road is quite at night due to Skyliners is a dead end road, although in the summer tourist head down to see the waterfall at Tumalo. If your a MTB rider there is some awesome trails just in front of you. The dirt road has a lot of camp spots on it as well if someone is in this spot. I live in Bend and camp here often for a quick over night. I would also suggest heading into town and try some Shrimp Tacos at Taps and Tacos located off Wall St. Dtown. Cheers! 7,747.53mi View  |  Edit
Near Nixon, NV - Several dispersed camping areas level with petroglyphs near. All sizes RV or tents on BLM property. 7,753.2mi View  |  Edit
Wagon Wheel - Lots of motorcycle riding in the area, and rocks to climb on. Some outhouse bathrooms as well. A lot of old motorcyclists know the area as "Charlie's Place" because of a building that was there. Neat sunrise and sunsets, and Ridgecrest is nearby for supplies. 7,753.71mi View  |  Edit
Wanoga Sno-park Play Area - Deschutes National Forest near Sisters/Bend OR - During off season (April-October) there are no fees. Accesible by vehicle. Plenty of room for all Kinds of RV’s but only at the parking lot. Tent camping not recommended. Toilets available maintained by the USFS. No hook ups. No motorized vehicles allowed in trails since they are used for snowmobiles during winter. We stayed there two nights and you could barely hear the highway traffic. About 25 mins away from downtown Bend. Good free location. 7,754.74mi View  |  Edit
Lake Abert Wilderness Viewing Area - Lake view huge turn out. There is a great view of the lake and you can walk down a path to the shore. BLM lands - was a great place to stop for the night. 7,755.29mi View  |  Edit
Dispersed camping off of the forest service road (Paulina-East Lake Rd). Easily accessible, primitive and free. 7,756.09mi View  |  Edit
Minnie Peterson Campground. Outside Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest. 2019-11-21 - still free! 7,757.91mi View  |  Edit
Viejas Casino - Viejas Casino & Resort near Alpine CA - Allows 24 hours free overnight with registration. No other RVs here... in a remote employee parking lot with a shuttle to casino. Nice quiet stay. Editor's note: As with any commercial establishment, always check with the management before setting up! 7,759.29mi View  |  Edit
Ridgecrest CA Walmart - Called ahead and confirmed that trailers & rvs can camp for free for a 24 hour period. We stayed overnight with no problems. Store Manager asked that we parked as far from the store as possible. Editor's note: as with any commercial establishment, check with the management before setting up. 7,759.42mi View  |  Edit
Unnamed Forest Rest Stop - Deschutes National Forest, La Pine OR - Off Hwy 97, go east on Finley Butte Rd - on your left hand side 2.3 miles from Hwy 97. A little turn out rest area. Accessible by car and RV. No signs or gates. Private but near road. Dry camping - no water, bathrooms, or fire rings. 7,759.61mi View  |  Edit
Mt. Bachelor Ski Area near Sisters OR - Mt. Bachelor is an awesome place to camp. Power hookups are available, check with Mt.bachelor ski area for details. Bathrooms, heated, available. If you don’t want to ski, there is tubing and a restaurant and bar. There is a camping area available for overnight camping, but DO NOT post up just anywhere in the parking lot and expect to stay all night. During the snow season crews will maintain parking lot and tow, or ask you to move. During the summer it is awesome you can access all the hot spots from their parking lot. Check with officials for rules and regulations. 7,760.43mi View  |  Edit
This campsite is on Olympia NF 2257 200 feet off hwy 101 at 339' elevations. It is a wide spot in the road. I suggest one drive about .3 mile deeper in the woods to a "T". The forest is deep and full of birds, frogs and other furry woodland creatures. I suggest one take precautions for encounters with Big Foot. There are grassy spots for a tent. Elevation 339 feet Mike 7,760.49mi View  |  Edit
Searles Station Off-roading area Lots of motorcycling in the area on long weekends, local town of Ridgecrest not far away for supplies 7,761.11mi View  |  Edit
Volcanic Tables BLM - There's a few sites that can accommodate a small RV, there's one site that can fit a large RV and there's plenty of sites for Vans or tents. I would say 10 places total. Very convenient to Bishop Ca. For all your supplies and laundry showers and Groceries. Not much shade here but it’s clean and peaceful. Dry camping only... We stayed here 14 Days in May of 2018. 7,761.26mi View  |  Edit
Gravel Quarry - Lightly used quarry. Top of a hill or on lower road. Several good spots, solid ground, gravel with really decent view from top of hill. 5(?) miles from Denali Park rd. State trooper drove through a couple of times and never stopped. Directly across from commercial RV Park. Stayed three nights and would definitely stay again. 7,761.83mi View  |  Edit
Division Creek Rest Area - Independence, CA - Small rest area with bathrooms and large parking spaces. 7,762.09mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Whitney Portal Rd, Lone Pine CA 93545 Name: Alabama Hills Description: Dry camp boondocking. Locations for many old time, and newer movies. Check out the museum in Lone Pine. Unbelievable sunrise and sunset pictures against the High Sierras. Check the weather. Spotty cellphone service. 7,762.61mi View  |  Edit
This area is near Lone Pine, Ca in the Alabama Hills. There are other Boondocking location near in a much more developed open setting. This site seclude or hidden site is on BLM land at the end of 300 yard two track suitable for tent, car or small RV camping in a small grove of trees. Should be cool and shady in summer. Elevation is 4718. See other listing in this area for more details. Mike April 2019 7,763.37mi View  |  Edit
Fossil Falls Dry Lake Bed - Go North on US-395. Look for Fossil Falls exit. Turn right on Cinder Road. Proceed about 1 mile mile on Cinder Road. When you reach the right turn to Fossil Falls Campground, continue straight ahead about another mile. This is BLM land. 7,764.13mi View  |  Edit
Travel Trailer Meadow - Willamette National Forest near Idanha OR - Gorgeous open meadow. Plenty of room for several tents or a travel trailer. Look for a side road going up a hill off the main road. You may need 4WD to climb the hill. 7,764.34mi View  |  Edit
Pyramid Ranch Hot Springs - This seems to be on BLM land. There is a warm spring (96 degree) with lots of camping area near. It is near Surprise Valley Rd in Nevada west of Gerlack, NV on way to Susanville, CA. The pool is improved 10'x10' and 2 feet deep and a stone fire ring. Not very private. Maybe additional hot spring across road. 7,765.37mi View  |  Edit
Approximate address: Onion Valley Rd, Independence CA 93526 Name: Dry Camp on Pinyon Creek Description: Couple of spots to the right or left off the Onion Valley Rd. Some shade, babbling brook, great view of the mountains. Check weather. 7,767.27mi View  |  Edit
BLM Off Highway 58 near Boron CA - Off highway 58 you’ll see a small plot of BLM land, all open, dispersed camping. Turn right off Boron Ave on any dirt road and camp anywhere tucked away. 7,769.71mi View  |  Edit
This campsite on BLM land is behind some mounds of sand and rock. It is somewhat secluded. I did not have any traffic on Indian Wells canyon Road all night on this week night in Jan 2020. It is level and flat of Decomposed Granite. No fire ring or other indications of use by others. A large diameter water line runs near and its access road may offer more secluded camping. Mike 7,769.8mi View  |  Edit
Stock pen and tank This is BLM land with cattle pens and beginning of a trail head. it may have traffic sometimes. It is flat but not level surface of decomposed granite. Sign says Owens peak. There maybe more and better camping spots near on this very large track of BLM land. See nearby campsite. Mike 7,771.16mi View  |  Edit
this in a saddle over looking the US/Mex border on BLM land. It has a great view of San Diego 3300 feet below. The east entrance is almost always open,