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Creekside Spot

Trout Club Public Area - Elk Mound WI 54703 - This is a really pretty public parking area next to a class A trout stream. Mowed grassy area along the creek is set back off the road and there is a concrete picnic table. Fall asleep listening to the creek under the stars! <br /> <br />Submitter says: I’m a neighbor to this property and I’m 99% sure an overnight stay would not raise concerns. There have been cars left there for days before anyone checks on them. During the day, the area might see a fisherman park there once a wk so it’s not typically a busy spot. Perfect for a 1-night stay for anyone traveling through the area. <br /> <br />Oct 2022: Nice little area little tight if you have any kind of full-size trailer you’re not getting in if you have one of those little ones that you pull behind you’ll be safe.

44.827227, -91.656513
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